Relax The Volvo is Still Silver—or “Black Sapphire Metallic” or “Saville Grey Metallic”

There was this flood of inquiry and angst in our inbox and Twitter when set pictures were taken by a bystander that showed Robert Pattinson standing in front of a black/blue Volvo.

So here is what we asked and here is the answer:

Lexicon staff:
“There are pictures of Robert Pattinson standing in front of a Black Volvo. Is that Edward’s car or is it a background vehicle? If it is Edward’s car, will it be recolored in post production? For most fans, making Edward’s Volvo anything but silver is kind of like deciding that the Batmobile is purple :)”

Summit Answer:
“Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in NEW MOON.”

So rest assured, anyone who was wondering, Edward is driving his iconic car. We saw Edward’s silver Volvo with our own eyes during our set visit. It was parked in a lot next to (Just looked at my pictures and realized that we didn’t get a shot of the Volvo. I would have sworn up and down it was there. Apparently not. Woah, goes to show you how eye-witness testimony can be wrong.) Bella’s house along with other vehicles like Bella’s red truck, Carlilse’s black Mercedes, forks police cruisers…you get the idea.

IMPORTANT: David Slade did not Tweet anything in regards to the car. There is a spoof twitpic claiming he did. It’s obviously a spoof: 1) Would David Slade seriously use “squee” in a Tweet, and 2) Check his account, nothing there about the car

EDITED: Looking at the Volvo website, there is a dark silver color available. We’re wondering if that is what they went for instead?

EDITED: More emails back and forth, the color is a dark silver/gray

EDITED: 17 emails later…this is the car(the S60R described by Stephenie is no longer made, that’s why the car in Twilight was differnt too) and the color chart would have the color at either “Black Sapphire Metallic” or “Saville Grey Metallic” both of which seem to read “black”on screen.  As we just said on Twitter we now feel like we’ve been run over by the Volvo…it seemed like such a simple question at the time…*headddesk*!


  1. okay seriously, if it’s been discontinued so what? is it a sin to use an old vehicle? it would’ve been better if they had used another silver sedan, instead of being so ridiculous with the hatchbacks and suvs. ugh

  2. or a diff volvo model?! i’m sure the fans would not have cared if it was a diff model like the s80 or the s40 or even noticed! they stick with the model, but not the style or color. confusing…

  3. I don’t know if anyone else noticed that, but the registration plates on the darker volvo we saw edward come out of are the same they used on his silver volvo c30 in Twilight..

  4. Ok please! Are you kidding me? Do they really thinke we are all stupid? COME ON!

    We’ve SEEN the picture from the Eclipse set it is DEFINATELY an XC Volvo (a SUV incase you were wondering) and it is BLACK BLACK BLACK!!!! The picture is CLEAR AS DAY. So don’t even think that we don’t know its been changed! ALSO the LISCENCE PLATE is the same exact one used in Twilight. Think about THAT!

    Further more WATCH THE NEW NEW MOON TRAILER… Edward walks from the driver’s side around the front of a BLACK XC volvo….

    Volvo does not make the s60R that is true but they DO make the s60 still. How do I know? My neighbor JUST BOUGHT ONE 3 weeks ago (in red Grrroww!). This whole arguement that Ohh the same car isn’t made anymore…is pathetic! I know that volvo would be HAPPY to hand over either the C30 (hatchback) OR an s60… this is purely “director’s vision” aka MESSING WITH THE SAGA

    We’re not stupid we know whats going on

  5. Should have just skipped all the research and went here:

  6. The batmobile has officially gone purple… *headesk* Why, Summit?? WHY?!?!?!?

  7. hmmm.. silver.. are u sure? because in the new official trailer of new moon the car that Bella sees in a vision (at the school parking) behind Edward is darker than silver.. maybe black.. so.. it isn’t wrong to say that the color will be the same that the one in new moon if the car is effectively black..:((

  8. Silver, dark gray, black… bla, bla, bla… I couldn’t care less!!! It’s still a volvo brand, isn’t it? So, why all the drama? NM will be great… don’t worry ppl!!!!! 🙂

  9. crepusculo1993 says:

    pero van a cambiar el modelo?
    o van a seguir con el volvo c30

  10. I was just texting a friend about this, WTF with the black volvo in the trailer?? Ok they up graded from the C30 ok i guess, (not really i think they should of keep it) but whats done is done, but to change the COLOR come on! Edwards car is Silver! is specific in the books people. and if they were going to change it in post production, the color i mean their slacking!

    Is not a big deal? Yes it is a big deal details people make things unforgettable

  11. latuacantante says:

    Definitely is the XC60, which is a smaller SUV/crossover. I’m pretty sure the coupe he had in Twilight was the C30R. I’m kind of a Volvo dork, previous to Twilight fame. It’s a big change…I don’t get it at all. Both cars are still available for 2011, so it can’t be a deal between Summit and Volvo to get more sales. Plus, that would be pretty pointless marketing on their part, being the demo for Twilight is younger…not likely to drop $35-45K on a new car.

    Hopefully it’s one of the VERY few pointless changes they feel the need to make. Fingers crossed. At this point, they should know better what this fanbase will notice and hang on to…it’s a small detail, yes, but one that means a lot to the fans.

  12. Good grief, reading these comments makes me wonder what planet some people are on.

    What is the big deal, is it THAT important they changed the car Edward drives, and besides didn’t they give his car from Twilight away to someone that was in the audience at the Tyra Banks show?? Yes they did.

    Relax it’s not the end of the world, goodness.

  13. Well, if they hadn’t given one away on the Tyra Banks show a year ago, they might still have one! LOL!

    I don’t care what colour it is…as long as it has Edward behind the wheel and it’s a Volvo.

  14. I think its all about product placement. At the beginning of the year I was looking into buying an XC60. 2010 is the first year of production on them so it would make sense for Volvo to use it in such a highly anticipated movie to boost interest and get people talking about it. After NM comes out, how many people are going to want Edward’s XC60??? Probably a lot…..

    Its just a thought. I like that Summit is using the XC60…its an awesome car. 🙂

  15. Summit Answer:
    “Edward is driving the exact same car he drove in NEW MOON.”

    The image is taken from New Moon (volvo black), then the answer they wanted to say: …the exact same car he drove in TWILIGHT.”!?

  16. OK, it’s a black Volvo. I saw the latest trailer and the iconic silver Volvo becomes black.

    I know it’s a small detail but so are many things. Like Edward’s hair colour for example, I can only imagine what people will say if they got his hair colour wrong.

    Details are to be paid attention to. Oh well, batman’s car has gone purple…

  17. Having finally seen the extended version of the New Moon trailer, I have to agree with the dismay at the new car. The “shiny silver volvo” is driven throughout all 4 books. (remember, Bella drives it to meet J.Jentks in book 4) When they made the switch in the first movie, the least they could have done was remain consistent though the next 3. Yes, it’s a small detail, but one of the simplest I would have thought to keep.

  18. Wow, epic car fail. The hatchback in Twilight was fail, but at least a silver fail. This is epic fail on a previous fail. The premise that this change is anything other than business justification is preposterous. Volvo wants to market their new toy, Summit let it happen. Fail summit and fail Volvo. I’d say it will have the opposite effect on marketing of that model. Who wants the New Moon failsuv? Certainly not I.

  19. does anyone know how to get in contact with summit?

  20. I still think S80 would of been a better choice, not to metion its the most powerful sedan Volvo makes. Does anyone seriously believe Rosalee is hopping in the back of hatchback, squeezing inbetween Emmett and Jasper, to go school everyday? The C30 was a HORRIBLE choice by Summitt. Edward would never a weak car like that.

  21. Seriously, has no one on that set ever heard of There are 7 silver C30’s and I don’t know how many silver S60’s. DUH!

    • Oops. I hit send too quickly. Obviously they don’t understand the importance of Edward having a sporty silver car. It would be not different than having Alice steal a BMW and claiming it’s still a luxury car. LISTEN UP, SUMMIT: THE FANS WANT THE CORRECT CARS. GET IT STRAIGHT!

  22. Zookie Monster says:

    They shouldn’t have given away the car to that girl on the Tyra show. It wasn’t charity, which if it was, I wouldn’t be as mad. Now they’re stuck with a dark grey color that looks almost black. Way to go Summit. Not.

  23. I *highly* hope that they use the new 2011 S60 concept in silver for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be eternally badass.

    a Volvo S60 driver/fanatic.


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