Peter Facinelli: The Delivery

Amanda Bell, The Twilight Examiner, interviewed Peter Facinelli about his upcoming movie The Delivery:

“Basically, it’s about an angel and a demon who are brothers, and they come together to try to save humanity because it’s the last hour on Earth. All the other angels and demons have come together to end humanity, so they want to release the Antichrist who’s trapped inside this twelve year old girl, so we kidnap – my brother and I – this twelve year old girl and are trying to release the Antichrist in a positive light so that humanity can survive. So, it’s a huge action road trip that ensues where we’re being chased by every angel and demon. And it’s not heavy; it’s not religious … It’s more along the lines of an Indiana Jones or a Die Hard, where it’s got comedy to it, so it’s like an action/comedy.”

See the rest on Twilight Examiner.


  1. is he the angel or demon?

  2. i hope he is the demon! hehe we get to see a different peter! or he could be the angel. which ever one will work for me

  3. wow. sounds like a strange movie. lmao

  4. This plot makes me think of Supernatural.

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