Twilight Cast Hits the Toronto Film Festival

The Toronto Film Festival opens today. The festival is the early buzzmaker for films with Oscar potential. Slumdog Millionaire walked away with the best film prize last year.  This year who knows?  In any case a number of Twilight actors have films at the festival and are going to be in attendance.

Michael Sheen: Is in The Damned United, and was cited as one of the top ten films to watch at the festival by USA Today. According to USA Today, “This sharply humorous fable of British soccer manager Brian Clough, a real-life specialist at propelling underdog teams to unexpected glory in the ’60s and ’70s, is not just another inspirational sports saga. It’s a cautionary folly of Shakespearean proportions as Clough (Michael Sheen of Frost/Nixon, oozing puddles of pride and over-confidence) takes over onetime rival Leeds and infamously runs the club into the ground in just 44 days. Timothy Spall works his charms as Clough’s less volatile coaching sidekick, while Jim Broadbent and Colm Meaney make blustery foils for the slick-haired Sheen.”

Xavier Samuel:Larry from ProNetworks first broke the story that Xavier wold be at the festival in the film The Loved ones. Larry writes, “So I’m especially thrilled to pass on the news that the Toronto Film Festival has confirmed that Xavier will be attending and I’ll be there to report on the festivities for the International premiere of The Loved Ones. Lovers of genre films generally attend every screening in the Midnight Madness section so this one is sure to sell out quickly. In this debut feature from Aussie director Sean Byrne, a troubled teen’s prom dreams are shattered by a series of painful events that take place under the mirrored disco ball, involving syringes, nails, power drills, and a secret admirer.”

Anna Kendrick: Anna is appearing with George Clooney (George has three films at the festival) in Up in the Air. We talked a bit about that film yesterday and linked to Slash Film, who got a peak a couple of months back, review. Well, it seems that Slash Films isn’t the only outlet that was impressed. According to Thompson on Hollywood, Anna has potential to walk away with the best supporting actress prize.  In a piece of trivia for Twilight fans, Anna is the second youngest person ever nominated for a Tony Award.


  1. Rachelle is gonna be there too! Although I think she’s just attending, not premiering a movie. She tweeted about it 🙂 Hope I see some of them there! 😀

  2. love xavier!! what a cutie 🙂 and its a plus that he’s aussie too! finally an aussie in twilight! yayy. go AUS!!

  3. Wow – its great to see Anna getting some respect. Being on screen with George Clooney, now thats impressive, im jealous!!!

  4. Michael’s movie The Damned United sounds good, I bet his performance is very interesting. About Anna’s movie, I saw that same pic on the imdb front page and thought that the woman looked like Anna but I didn’t bother checking it out. Silly me! This is going to be so great for her career, I’m so excited that she gets recognition! Even a nomination is such an honer.

  5. Wow! Congratulations to Anna Kendrick! I hope she continues to get bigger & better roles.

  6. Does anyone know what Theatre & Venue Locations they are going to be at? also on what days? My friend is a big fan of twilight and would love to meet them, so i’m trying to help her out…anything you know would be of great help. thanks =]


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