New Moon Cast in Filmink

The Australian magazine Filmink gave Pattinson Online the exclusive look at their upcoming issue featuring New Moon. Pattinson Online has the exclusive on the scans so we thought we’d tempt you with the below picture we got from Summit. His res, full sized version here.

Check out the six pages of scans on Pattinson Online!


  1. this picture has already been posted on yahoo with a couple of new ones too

  2. Just checked out the scans from the magazine, there is a quote from Krisen Stewart that there will be 4 movies!!! Has this been confirmed from Summit??? Can’t imagine them not making them till the end.

  3. LaTuaCantante says:

    Very nice. I like Robert’s analysis of Edward’s mindset going into New Moon. His world with Bella felt doomed since the introduction of James, Victoria, and Laurent but he was just in denial and desperate to be with Bella. Great observation, Rob!

  4. How do you get to the article on filmink’s website? I am not able to find it.

  5. Rob is so hot! I love this picture!

  6. It is unbelievable how RP put himself in Edwards place… seriously, he’s really got it!!!! & KS too!!! I can’t c nobody else playing these roles… MUST TO BE THEM!!!!! After seeing this pic… Oh Hell!!! I’m dying to c NM… Could DECEMBER come faster???? LOL!!!!!

  7. What’s up with the weird silver tank top that Kristen is wearing in this photo?

    • It’s probably her pjs. In the book she sleeps in a tank top and shorts. I thought it was a picture from the night after her birthday party, but she doesn’t have any bandages on and her hair is different. Maybe it’s from when they come back and she won’t believe that he’s really there.

  8. Awesome pic! And great interviews with everyone! But Rob’s hair is brown/blond, not red! I just wish they’d brought back his awesome Twilight hair. Not that it’s so important, but I really liked it hehe

  9. Zoom in on the article and you can read what the other poster referenced to. I LOVE how RPat looks, I’ve read in interviews that the make-up/hair was getting a makeover. He looks even more Edward-ish. I’ve very happy to hear the actors talk about the story, like they actually get it, and want to get it. I would love to get this mag for the story! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I think I know when this scene takes place. It must be at the end of New Moon, when Edward proposes to Bella for the first time.

    • You might be right. I remember Chris saying that the first proposal (at the end of New Moon) would be done in an unexpected and sudden way.

  11. Heart Song says:

    RP’s make-up looks ten times better too. He’s pale not chalky.

  12. def thought that was an engagement ring…its not wrong finger

  13. Gorgeous picture. I think it’s the best movie still yet.

  14. Ooo New photo never seen this shot =)

  15. Great article! Most of the stuff we have already heard but there was a few new things that make me even more eager to see the movie. Again, I got to say that I love Chris Weitz!=D I’m so excited about his vision. I wonder what the beginning of the film will be like, I don’t quite understand what he means when he says that it’s gonna be different from the book. The book starts with a dream sequence and apparently the movie starts with one as well. Could it be that the dream is different? And what Chris said about the camera movements sounds cool, all the clips we’ve seen have been so beautiful that I can’t wait to see the entire thing!

  16. I can’t wait for the movie. This scene seems… incredible! Just how it would happen between Edward and Bella. Look at his face, the way he looks at her… I’m melting…

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