Meet Me on the Equinox: New Moon Soundtrack Video Shoot

Death Cab for Cutie talks about their music video plans for their New Moon Soundtrack song”

“Their first idea was to go big, as in “cameos by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.” Of course, that was mostly just wishful thinking, so they went with option number two: make a smart, stylish clip with the directorial tandem known as Walter Robot, a pair of guys known for making smart, stylish clips (including DCFC’s VMA-nominated “Grapevine Fires”).”

Read it all here.


  1. It would be awesome if they did makes cameos in the video. I can’t wait 2 c how it turns out.

  2. There is a 40 second clip floating around somewhere…I need to hear the whole thing cause so far..Im not too sure..but as far as cameos..that would be too good

  3. Here’s the clip.

  4. Their description of the video sounds cool, I can’t wait to see it! =) About the 40-second clip, I’m not going to listen to it yet, I don’t want to form an opinion about the song based on that. Fortunately we don’t have to wait for the complete song for that long anymore!

  5. Ah! I’m so excited! I love Death Cab, and this video sounds VERY cool. It’s pretty sweet that Ben Gibbard is from the Pacific Northwest and that that is where he is getting his inspiration from, it seems like such a beautiful area. I do wish he would read the books though. With Twilight, it was so cool knowing that Hayley from Paramore was such a big Twilight fan, and did an amazing job of basing the song and video around the book. So it would be nice if Death Cab was the same way, but oh well, it’s not for everyone and I still think it will be awesome! So excited for the VMAs!!!

  6. When is the video going to premiere? i havnt seen or heard anything about the video

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