Emma Roberts, New Moon Fan

Apparently Emma Roberts has been sucked into New Moon. She’s been carrying it around on the set of her movie Valentine’s Day, which happens to co-star Taylor Lautner,  and reading it in between takes.

Her co-star, Carter Jenkins, even tweeted, ““Finally wrapped. My co-star @RobertsEmma wasn’t so fun to hang with 2nite cuz shes addicted to reading Twilight! Ha!”

Literally, she’s carrying it everywhere. There is a huge photo gallery. Check it out on Just Jared.

Welcome to the obession, Emma!


  1. Almost jealous, remember the fever to read, read, read. She’s lucky to have it in front of her instead of behind wishin, wishin, wishin that Stephenie would continue the story….

  2. it’s so funny to see celebs going through what we went through, because we all remember the first time reading them when you truly couldn’t put the books down..

  3. That’s interesting bc Entertainment weekly quotes her as saying she hasn’t read them or seen the movie on page 66 of the Sept 4th issue.

    • Maybe they interview her a while ago…rather be late than never however. I didnt get hooked until..March-April of this year by then the first movie was on DVD..

  4. She doesn’t look happy. She must be Team Edward.

  5. Yea it is funny when celebs get obsessed like we do hehe .. I JUST LOVE AND ADORE THOSE BOOKS AND I CAN SEE WHY they would too.

  6. it must be freaky for taylor to see her read this ha ha.

  7. i bet taylor suggested it to her. lol

  8. Yisel Cullen says:

    Oh yeah..I know very well that feeling…I used to carry my books everywhere…EVERYWHERE…and when I finished them all…I used to take with me one of them all the time (Eclipse usually)…like my cellphone…I felt incomplete withouth the book…I need to know that it was handy and that I could read my favorite parts anytime in anyplace…
    I know…it’s a bit insane but hey! I’m not the only one hahahahaha

  9. i wonder how dissapointed she will be when she read breaking dawn..

  10. Maybe she is cathing up to get a part in Breaking Dawn.

  11. I long for the time when Twilight series wasn’t mainsteam… *sighs*

  12. Welcome to the universe of Twilight! I hope she becomes Team Switzerland.

  13. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    haha yeah welcome to the club Emma 🙂

  14. My favourite book is Breaking Dawn….loved, loved, loved it. I’ve read that one over and over.

    Love Emma, so great to see stars reading them too. I think it’s a crack up how much Jennifer Love Hewitt is Twilight, Edward obsessed…good taste 🙂

  15. this is making me happy 😀
    welcome to the Twilight Universe, Emma 😉
    i wanna see Emma & Taylor reading books together haha… even though Taytay’s read them already 😛

    i wonder which character she likes (mine’s Jake!)…
    and which book she’ll have as her most fave when she finishes the saga (mine’s Eclipse! 😛 )

  16. LOL she has twilight face. The expression you have while being sucked into the series.

  17. lol wow that’s great. But if I was reading that and Taylor was around I’d probably slip and call him Jacob a couple times just to see if he responded, it would be funny if he did. Loved New Moon by the way prob my second fav after Eclipse

  18. Wow, like reading the other comments on how they miss the feeling of like eagerness to see what happens next, and we can’t put the book down. I really miss that too. but now it’s like over ya know? after like reading the last 2 words on the last page “the end” I was like “what am I going to do now?…”

  19. lol, emma. Join our club of obsession.
    ‘N it’s not fair! 🙁 she can go and like hang with taylor lautner if she wants! errrg

  20. Seeing that picture really makes me wonder what page she’s on…..

  21. Hmmm. She looks like she’s near the end, so maybe around the cliff jumping scene. *shrugs* she looks confused if you ask me.

  22. Yeah, she’s done with New Moon and says she wants to go get Eclipse. I was pretty psyched until I read she felt like a loser…NOT COOL EMMA, but whatever I guess kids don’t think reading is cool anymore. I agree with all of you that miss reading the books for the first time. I really miss that feeling of not knowing what is happening next and I really hope Steph decides to write more about the Cullens. I know it’s a long shot….

  23. You’ll all kill me for this, but I think she would have made a great bella! I see innocence in her face. Oh, well…

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