Twilight Tattoos On the Rise

The Aneheim Examiner checks out the latest body art craze: Twilight tattoos.

“Got ink? Twilight Movie Tattoos are the latest rage prior to the Twilight Saga New Moon Movie. A Robert Pattinson Face. Twilight symbols and words spoken by characters to display devote loyalty to this Movie Series. Tattoo parlors around the Los Angeles area have indicated Twilight is one of the top five themes being inked in preparation for the Twilight Movie New Moon…

Now the twilight tattoos aren’t going on people who usually wear tattoos (and we all know someone who wears a tattoo because it fits their personality.) The ink is being put on Twilight fans who are getting a tattoo for the first time to show their loyalty to the movies. Plus the cost of these cuties are anywhere from $70 for an inch to the hundreds for a full color ink spread.”

Check out the full story here. So, do you have a Twilight tattoo?


  1. I have 2 Twilight tattoos! And I’m proud as heck of them! And to show them off…I feel like giving out links so here ya go! AND

    • Wow that’s super cool! Thanks for sharing them with us. Very nice!

    • i quite like the “be safe” one. its subtle and pretty.

    • I was curious. Actually pretty nice… compliments to you. The cullen crest is pretty cool. Not something I would put on me but if it means that much to you, you know what it means and it doesn’t scream twilight outloud. Sweet!

    • Carinae L'etoile says:

      A very nice set there. I’m not a fan of the crest, but I like the subtlety of Be Safe.

      At least your tattoo isn’t awful like that one on the woman’s back with the messed up apple and lettering for Twilight. Poor soul…at least she doesn’t have to look at it everyday. ><

  2. Err, don’t people realize that this is permanent? *sigh*
    20 years ago they probably would have been sporting a Def Leppard tat.
    People need to realize a trend when they see one.
    Yes, Twilight is a great story. Sure, R. Pat may be hot to some. But we don’t tattoo our trends on our bodies. Geesh.

  3. did anyone else realize just how bad quality that tattoo was? That is very poorly done; the apple and flower especially. I feel sorry for the person who will have that perminatly enscribed on their skin.

    • i know!!! its so bad. at firts i though someone drew it on with sharpies, then i realized it was real! yeesh some ppl really take it too far.

    • I was thinking the same thing! If you are going to do it, get someone who is an experienced tattoo artist, that can do things right and make them look good. This tattoo is flat, esp. the apple and flower! I, as someone who has a couple of tattoos myself…strongly discourage anyone from getting any type of trendy tattoo. I know it seems that Twilight will be a huge part of your life forever, but serriously, in time it will mean little to nothing and is not worth the permanent scar! The only person who it would make sense for is Stephenie herself. Tattoos should not be taken lightly.

      • i will add that the ones i see that are words..they aren’t so bad, as long as it has a deep meaning for you personally. But no trendy pics for petes sake!

      • Yes, that tattoo is not very good and no i wouldn’t want that quality of work on me. I have 5 tattoos and one of them is a twilight late… it is words in the font that is Edwards handwriting, and I wouldnt have done anything different. Even if i am not “into” twilight the rest of my, it marks a phase. I would agree that people should definitely think about their tattoo decisions before they get them. This goes for any tattoo though because whether it is a twilight tat or a random butterfly just makes sure it means something

    • I live in a state where there are indigenous peoples. Tattoos are more than art for them; they are a history of their geneology. So that I understand. And I also understand someone getting a tattoo that has a reference to something very personally meaningful (which will last until death do they part). But getting a tattoo that’s a fad or because it’s ‘cool’ is just crazy, as far as I’m concerned. This particular one shown here is just horrid. I think it’s ugly and so unfeminine. Ugh! Well that ought to scare the vampires away!

    • I was thinking the same thing! It’s awesome they had the balls to get a twilight tattoo of that size done, but man it sure sucks it was so poorly executed. To forever have a maple leaf instead of a flower on my back is truly unfortunate.

    • I completely agree.—twilight-tattoos—sandy-willie_115940471582.jpg_tn_gallery.jpg

      Going from the one pictured to the one linked is night and day. I personally wouldnt go for a twilight tattoo but if you’re going to get it done, get it done right.

  4. CourtneyCullen says:

    i agree! that tattoo looks horrible!!

  5. man that creeps me out

  6. Woah….


  8. I am actually getting a tattoo that says “Without the dark, we’d never see the stars” I absolutely LOVE that quote from the books and I would never get a tattoo for a MOVIE

  9. I have one. “Death is peaceful; easy. Life is harder.” written around my wrist, in Bella’s handwriting. it’s my 6th tattoo and I love it so much!

  10. ooo ouch, thats a terrible tatt!! someones gonna regret that in a few years, not only because they’ll grow out of it but because its so badly done, the shading the apple and the lettering its all off.
    seriously, its a great series but buy the merchandise watch the movies and read the books DONT permanantly ink it on yourself.

  11. The one shown here is hideous! I would be outraged if I had paid all that money and permanently had THAT on my back. Some of the other ones shown on the article are very nice, though… especially number 4.
    Personally, I think this is overdoing it, though. But, hey, it’s their bodies to screw up!

  12. I love twilight, and I mean I really love it. But I don’t love it enough to get a huge tattoo like that. I want a few tattoos, but simple things I can carry throughout my life. Like a treble cleft on my foot, to represent my love for music. Something simple that will never go out of style, rather than the name of my fave band of the moment.
    I had never actually thought of getting a twilight tat, but now I’m thinking I might, if I still love the series in 5 years or so (I will always love it). I may get a small one like the Queen chess piece, or an apple. Simple things that I probably wont grow to regret.

  13. WOW twilight tats?? Really??? Well i mean as long as they know that it will stay with you for forever…

    By the way this tattoo looks really bad….it just looks someone drew on it with markers or something !!! sucks for her…

  14. ok i love twilight but i would never go that far

  15. Pretty In Plaid says:

    WOW… I adore the twilight saga, but i wouldn’t go as far as to permanently mark my body with my current obsession… hmmm

  16. I’ve had one for over a year now. It wasn’t my first, and I got it because I thought it was pretty, not because Twilight is the love of my life. I have the flower from the New Moon cover and the the ribbon from Eclipse wrapped around the stem. My tattoo artist is a genius and it looks awesome. The nice thing about mine is that it’s not something that I’ll look back on and regret because it’s a flower and a ribbon. Power to those who go all out and actually get “Twilight” tattooed on them….hopefully they don’t regret it down the road.

  17. Bellasguardian says:

    I have a Twilight related Tattoo…but it isn’t Twilight. I have a dove, who is carrying the flower from NM in it’s beak with the inscription Plus Que Ma Propre vie – which is french for More Than my own life.

    I actually got this for my mom who died 15 years ago when I was 12. Twilight effected me profoundly, as did, obviously, the death of my mom. I don’t feel I’ll ever grow out of it and I love it as much as the day I got it.

    • This is beautiful. The meaning is special to you and that’s what makes it so great. Very pretty too.This is what Tattoos are about. i like the way you didn’t just go all Twi-crazy with it. When people see it, it doesn’t scream out Twilight…which will be good twenty years from now. Love it!

  18. I can’t wait until these people find a new obsession, or realize all of the flaws in the Twilight saga, and wish they’d never done something as idiotic as that.

    Besides, the tattoo shown is HIDEOUS. Horrible, terrible work. The only semi-nice one is the one on the original article page, 4/5 in the slideshow. That’s genuinely pretty, and hopefully in 20 years, people won’t recognize those as being symbolic of Twilight. I’d actually be pretty ashamed. It’s not like Twilight is a great work of literature. It’s just an enjoyable story, and that’s all.

  19. I’m a big fan of Twilight. But I don’t want it covering my body, no offense.
    I think the quotes, if done tastefully, are really nice. But pictures? No.

  20. well this is just plain ridiculous. and not to mention that tat is horribly ugly, and bad quality.

  21. Wow…too far this time people, too far.

  22. As a bona-fide tattooed freak (I have 10) I can say that I will NEVER get a Twilight tattoo. Tattoos are PERMANENT! When you get one it has to really mean something to you and not be a fleeting emotion or obsession over a series. I love Twilight, and it speaks to me in a way that no other book series has, but that is just absurd.

    Rule #1 – the tattoo has to mean something to you, something that you will want with you FOREVER.

    Rule #2 – Get a good artist. That tat is one of the WORST quality tats I have ever seen.

    Do your research before you permanently scar your body with something that will take more time and money to either remove or cover up.

    • i was thinking about this, because i am a tattoo enthusiast myself (working on a back piece and wrists). i have a friend who got a beautiful tattoo from another book i love and i never ever questioned his choice, because the book spoke to him. my husband has a hannibal lecter quote tattooed on his back, above surgical scars (“our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real”). i think if someone finds an image or a phrasing in twilight or any of the subsequent books, they are welcome to their own remembrance of them.

      but the bad art really should be left behind. remember, you always can tell an artist “no thanks” if they draw something you don’t like. they should be putting transfers on you first, which you should inspect and then really… i know we are all nice girls here, but if there’s something off, have them re-draw it. but, again, to each his own. that tattoo definitely isn’t the worst i’ve seen. a bit literal, but maybe she’s a very literal girl. or a librarian. we don’t know her. and it isn’t the best angle to take a picture of the tattoo, she’s slouching.

  23. mercedesfrk1121 says:

    I don’t have any twilight’s tattoos yet but my appointment to get the flower and ribbon is on Sept 23.
    I understand how people can say “i wouldn’t go as far as to permanently mark my body with my current obsession” but my only response would be that THESE people don’t understand the passion people can feel towards books, music, movies, art or basically anything at all; and not just as fleeting trends. I have a passion for these stories and for getting tattoos, so i am going to intertwine my passions.

    I will be proud to have a tattoo from the twilight series on my body. The story has brought happiness to my life. The story has spiced up my marriage! I have reconnected with old friends,connected with new ones and my sister and i have an even closer bond. I’m getting these tattoos not only because i feel the pictures are beautiful, but as a reminder that my life is happier and more passionate because i was able to read this series. And I’m not ashamed to admit that my life has changed because of Mrs. Meyer’s teen book series! Thank you Stephanie!

    I just hope this post helps people get a glimpse at why people feel the need to get these tattoos. That’s my story and I’m sure there are countless others!

    • I think it’s presumptuous to say that just because people don’t go for these types of tattoos that they have no feelings or passion for the books or art. It’s insulting. Whatever you decide to do, that’s your decision, and I hope that ten years down the line you feel the same love for your tattoos as you do now.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I already have one tat, but I am shopping around for the perfect Twilight one. Yes, there are many people hopping aboard the Twilight “trend” but for many of us, it is more than that. Twilight changed my life as well and I will never be ashamed of it. One thing that bothers me in the article is the idea that this is all due to the movie, I think people who REALLY love Twilight, are in it for the books. The movies will be great, but they will never compare with the books. If you think the books or movie were crap or just okay, why are you wasting your time here? Art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, to many of us, Twilight is both beauty and art.

  24. i like twilight but not that much but that’s just me..i thought about getting a The Crow tat but i cant decide..prolly wont happen

  25. lady_dragonmoon says:

    As tattoos go they are (atleast to me) an expression of one’s inner truth and the soul’s experience.
    If something rings really true to you throught Twilight then who am I to judge. Good for you. 🙂

    I love the books, and never say never to anything, who knows maybe in 10 years I’ll be walking about with a memory of this part of my life with the help of words or images from Twilight.

    Love. 🙂

  26. I already love tattoo before Twilight, and now thinking about having one too. I’m spoilt for choices. Hmm..what to choose..?

  27. that’s so cool! i wonder what should i get?

  28. i have the twilight logo tattooed on my wrist 🙂

  29. the reason i got mine is because the books helped through a really difficult part of my life. seeing the logo every day on my wrist reminds me of what got me through every day…reading those books. i re-read them to find solace

  30. Whoever did the tattoo on the back in an attempt to depict the four books did not do a great job… I researched the best shop in town and met the artist before I got mine. I am older so not like you young ones in love with the actors in the movies. The books are my heroes and I was inspired by the volturi and had il tuo cantante tattooed on my right forearm. The t’s are music notes and the C in Cantante wraps the entire word by half (to resemble a half bite mark and forms the letter D, which is my husbands first name). His other two initials, vn, are tattooed above the D part. I love it. He is my singer, my soulmate, and that is why I had it done. Love twilight and SM to death. Just not silly enough to put meaningless art on my body that is permanent.

  31. I have to agree with most of you when you say that the majority of those tats are absolutely horrid. I do have a Twilight tattoo myself and am more than pleased with it. Keep in mind too I did my research and thought long and hard before getting it. I went and met with my artist prior to the big event, really discussed exactly what I was looking for not too mention getting to know my artist and his portfolio. I then made the appointment for two weeks later. I thought if I back out between the consultation and when I was supposed to get the tattoo, it wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t back out and 8 excruciatingly painful hours later I ended up with a tattoo that means something to me and doesn’t scream Twilight unless you are indeed a fan and to others it’s a just a really cool looking tattoo and a great conversation piece. It really is all up to the individual and how they want to show their love for something…fad or not, but please, for the love of Edward, be smart about it!

  32. creepy! and poor quality. and it lasts a long time. and it makes me sad and makes me wonder why? why?

  33. Let me just get one thing straight: you say that tattoos is highly personal, but that you never would get a twilight tattoo? I’m I the only one detecting the double standards here…?

    I personally have a Shakespeare quote (from Romeo and Juliet) tattooed on the inside of my ankle that says “I deny you stars”. This is also from a book (or play, or movie if you will) and I chose to get it because it actually means something me.

    Is there really so much of a different? If people find that twilight represents something to them, they are very much entitled to get a tattoo I think.

    • Well said Tora!!

      I have a Harry Potter tattoo and I got it not just because I love the books, but because it has a deeper meaning to me.


      • TWIFRIENDS!!Ya know tatts are a personal thing. I have seen most of these tatts already as well as potter. I think they are a great and if u truly love something than why not get it and enjoy it. A tatt is a form of artwork and its very important for u to connect with the artist and make sure u have the same vision. Some of u guys just take the fun out of stuff Just chillax. JODIE Knew u were a wildwoman from across the pond LOL.. rock on TORA!!!

        • Hey LJC, Well said to you as well my Twifriend!
          People are making this into something its not, no ones telling them to go and get one done themselfs!

          And I’m only a wildwomen on a monday and a friday as its to much work to be one all week. LOL. 🙂

    • A perfect example of the dangers of tattooing. The line from Romeo and Juliet is meant to be “I DEFY you stars” not “I DENY you stars”.

      • That actually depends on which edidion you read… Believe me I did my reaserch, and found that the older versions, like the one from 1892 which I have, says “deny” so I whent with that. =)


    • That sounds cool! I like the Cullen Crest 🙂

      I have a Harry Potter tattoo on my ankle and I love it. I’m a true HP and Twilight geek (and darn proud of it) .LOL. 🙂

  35. Angela ^_^ says:

    man that’s one butt ugly tattoo. i would’ve cried if that’s what i had to look at at the end of it. i wonder if she’ll think twice in the future

  36. Oh wow… I can’t imagine what that tattoo is going to look like in twenty or thirty years when her skin is wrinkled.

  37. ILoveAliceCullen says:

    I never thought of a tattoo, but a small one seems nice to me.

    I would never take the cullen crest, because it’s so BIG. Even in a small form, it’s big!

    I don’t take a tattoo, but if I were it would be a text. Not ‘be safe’ but another small one. Dunno which one.
    Something like that.

    I like ‘you are my life now’ but that’s pretty ‘big’.

  38. I have a Twilight tattoo! Here is a pick of it.

    This was not my first tattoo. I do have one other that is not Twilight related.

  39. God, this is stupid. Well, at least they are branding themselves now so I know who not to talk to.

    • Well with that sort of bad attitude it properly a relief to those people to know you wont be talking to them!

      Why be so mean?

  40. Personally I think it depends on where you get it. My tattoo can only be seen when I want it to. I am a business professional and nobody at work has ever seen it or my other tattoo. I did them for me. If I want to show someone I do otherwise it’s like I don’t have one. Suprising I am sure since I have one on my back, but the only time you see it is if I am wearing a camasole or backless shirt.

  41. That tat looks like it was drawn with bic pens during a boring math class.

  42. I have 2 twilight tattoos. The twilight logo on the back of my neck. and the quote “Look after my heart-I’ve left it with you” around my neck (like a necklace). The twilight saga books are the best books I have ever read and I don’t regret, for one second, getting the tattoos. I love them and I know in 10 years I will still love them. I have a total of 9 tattoos.

  43. wow i agree with everyone! the tattoo looks Horrible i personaly would probably never get a tattoo because they hurt to much! if i ever did get one it would be small n idk if it was about twilight i wouldn’t get a picture of it mabe a qoute but thats it imagine when ur all wrinked n ur grandkids see u with the tattoo lol wow i mean i am a huge twilight freak but no.(p.s. i can draw a much much but picture of th flower!)

  44. I could never pick what to get, there are so many amazing quotes in the series. It would just be way too hard.

  45. First, when I saw it I was like “Oh, wow! That’s so cool!”. But then I looked closely and immediately changed my mind. It’s really poorly done, especially the apple. I wouldn’t want something so ugly to cover my skin. And I’m way too afraid to get a tattoo anyway.

  46. Although I consider myself Twilight OBSESSED I don’t think I could actually brand myself permanently with something as graphic as an apple or a ribbon.

    What I did get tattoed was a quote ‘inspired’ by Twilight and something that works for me even 20 years from now.

    Check it out here! and let me know what you think.

  47. wow it looks like someone drew that

  48. i have a twilight tattoo!!! and i do realize its permanent! i got it because i like the twilight series but more importatly because the quote meant something to. it is dedicated to my son.because when i had him it completly changed my life and the way i did things. that is why on my left wrist i have the words “more than my own life” with 10 16 in the corner..its his birthday. theres a little more to the reason i chose to put it there but its kinda private.

  49. BellaNicole says:

    I have my daughter’s name which is BellaNicole tattooed on my shoulder. She was named after Twilight =)

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