Rachelle Tribute Video

Em and Shez, who do the comics spoofing Twilight, put together a fan tribute video for Rachelle. Check it out and if you are a Twitter person or if you contributed, Em and Shez ask that you alter Rachelle by sending her a tweet like this @RachelleLefevre Tribute Video- Fans from around the world! http://bit.ly/1ZlVqQ


  1. I will miss Rachelle very much! she has done a great job so far. But we also gotta give the “new” Victoria some love too, I’m sure she knows she is going to be greatly critized by all the fans and all the “I like the old Victoria better” comments-or mabye not, mabye she’ll rouck the role.

    • That’s the most mature comment I’ve read about the situation. But, considering the fact that people want to believe crap gossip columnist tell (Because we know how honest they are), I know there will be people that will always have a negative attitude towards Bryce.

    • I’m sure that Ms. Howard will do a good job but there is one fact that I’m aware of, coming from the mouth of Twlight director Catherine H.: Ms. Howard was the first choice to play Victoria. She immediately turned Summit down because she felt the role was “too small” for her. Since then, Twilight has literally exploded & cash/fame is bursting upon anyone who is even remotely associated w/the franchise. Now all of a sudden, she’s replacing Rachelle. In an instant, she’s the new Victoria & it comes at a time when Victoria has her biggest part in the saga. No matter how it happened, to me her character is suspect. No matter what part she plays in the future, Oscar performance or not, her integrity will always be in question for me. In my opinion, she cheated & stole the part from Rachelle who is solely responsible for bringing Victoria to life. To the person who said Rachelle only had a few lines so no big deal, I would like to see you attempt to breathe life into a part w/out words. Not an easy task. To the makers of the tribute, thank you so much. It was beautifully done & I truly enjoyed it.

      • Yisel Cullen says:

        Pamela, my feelings exactly….I agree 100% with you. Rachelle is and will always be Victoria in my heart…and after seeing her in Twilight I can’t picture anyone else as Victoria…if someone was well cast…that was Rachelle…and worse…we are going to see her again in New Moon to add more awfulness to the feeling of seeing Bryce as Victoria in Eclipse. I just can’t get over with Summit decision of recasting the role and worse Bryce had the opportunity to be Victoria from the beginning and Miss Big and Famous actress rejected it.
        I’m seriously hopping she does a great job portraying Victoria…in my opinion that is the least she can do for the sake of the movie.

  2. I adore Rachelle Lefevre “the old Victoria.” Her wicked expression was totally awesome and perfect for the part of Victoria. It is going to take more than a “Red Wig” and imitating Rachelle to get Rachelle’s trademark Victoria look. Bryce looked down her nose when the part of Victoria was offered to her in Twilight, but when the movie became a success she was ready to jump on the bandwagon. At least Edward finishes her off in “Eclipse”.

    • I totally agree with you, Chole. Rachelle not only played the role well, but she showed through her interviews that she really cared out the book series and the characters. That she isn’t just an actress, but she’s also a fan. Bryce’s initial rejection and now acceptance of the part turns me off. It’s just a shame that Rachelle doesn’t get her chance to really shine in the Twilight series. I’ll miss her presence in the film.

    • I was mad enough as it was that they were replacing Rachelle in Eclipse, but then it just made it worse when I heard Bryce turned the role down before. It does upset me that she obviously found Twilight to be too small for her, but then all of a sudden when its popular she changes her mind. I would have been way more understanding if Rachelle wanted to leave the saga and try other things, but that wasn’t what happened. Rachelle had the part of Victoria and Summit shouldn’t have had the right to replace her so suddenly. Bryce is going to have to do a pretty good job, as Victoria, to be accepted by us fans.

  3. I will miss Rachelle SO much. She will always be the Victoria of MY heart. This video is a great tribute for her.

  4. silver-swallow says:

    Will miss her so so much!!! Rachelle really was the one and only Victoria! She was one of my favourite members of the cast as well!!! Bryce dallas howard has a lot to live up to. Well done to the makers of the tribute.

  5. Rachelle was a great Victoria, although she really didn’t have much opportunity to act (the part was so small in Twilight, I wish she had had her opportunities in the others, but alas, the choice was not ours and it it a done deal. I saw the Bryce-Xavier pics the other day. No petition can help now. Bryce is an awsome actress, give her a chance.

  6. Pamela, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bryce Howard lacks integrity, she has her own way of stealing other actor’s roles and that is… “Whose Your Daddy?”

  7. We love you Rachelle. You’ll always be the one with the wicked curve ball.

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