Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner To Debut Expanded ‘New Moon’ Trailer At VMAs

Check out the details over on MTV’s Hollywood Crush:

“Are you sitting down, Twilighters? I’ve got some big news. If you’ve been craving more “New Moon” footage before the movie’s November premiere, you’re gonna want to hear this. Stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be on hand at the MTV Video Music Awards September 13 to premiere an exclusive, expanded trailer for “New Moon.” SQUEEEEEAL!…The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards will take place September 13 at 9 p.m. ET. Additional celebrity presenters and performers will be announced in the coming weeks. To be the first to find out the inside scoop, follow the Inside MTV Twitter account at”

Check  out the full story on Hollywood Crush.

The awards are again being presented by Russell Brand who was widely acknowledged among fans to have been something of a disaster offending Twilight Fans by cutting off the cast, The Jonas Brothers and Jordan Sparks for making fun of their promise rings(in fact Jordan is wondering why Brand was invited back), and political humor that just fell flat. Let’s hope it gets better this year. Will you be watching?


  1. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to see the extended trailer… But, are they really bringing Russell Brand back? He was more annoying than funny to me at last year’s award show. Hopefully he’ll be backstage when Rob, Kristen, and Taylor are premiering the trailer.

  2. THIS IS SO EXCITING! i didn’t really watch last year so i don’t know what russell brand did, but he better not ruin this for us!

  3. I’ll probably watch just to see the trailer

  4. Can’t wait!=) Are we sure though that they are indeed present at the awards and not just some tape they recorded earlier? Will they really fly accross the country because of a couple of minutes? Well, if they do, let’s hope we get some interviews too.. Wonder if this trailer will be the official theatrical one, I don’t think the previous clip where Taylor talks about NM can be even considered a trailer.. I hope we get a decent trailer this time!

  5. I will be recording the awards on my trusty DVR, then fast forwarding through as much as I can. I haaate awards shows, and I haaaate Russell Brand.

  6. My heart stopped! I remember there was a scene for Twilight in the VMA’s. I am so excited and I can’t wait!!! Is this okay to be the official trailer? I hope so!

  7. i personally liked russell brand. =))

    and i cant wait to see robsten presenting the trailer 😛

  8. not sure yet. His humor is really crude and I’m not sure if I’ll be in the mood to stand his bashing of Twilighters…

  9. I’m so excited about this ! And extended trailer awesome !!! Yea Russell is pretty funny but he was rude to the Twilight stars and it won’t happen this year for sure.

    And I think it’s a video recording and their just making us watch it.

  10. Ugh…I really don’t wanna sit through the VMAs.
    Hopefully someone puts it up on YouTube.

    • yeah if u don’t want to wait for the trailer u could always watch it on youtube….u know someone will put it on.I wonder if there will be anpther new moon trailer fan reaction some were actually funny,like this guy started screaming like a girl when he saw jacob turn into a werewolve….funny!

    • viariousfun says:

      I second that.

  11. Ahem…WOOOOHOOOOO!!! I wasnt going to watch but now I SO am! thank you MTV, thank you!! =)

    However MTV…I question what was going through your “heads” when you decided to bring back *chokes* russell…he totally ruined it for me last year. I doubt he’s changed that much.

  12. YEY! I´m so freaking happy!

  13. let’s just hope they present it with a bit more enthusiasm, at the movie awards they sounded bored.

  14. i’ll proly record it on the DVR and fast forward thru the crap and if i see anything twilight or jonas related i’ll stop but thats pretty much it : ]

  15. LaTuaCantante says:

    Probably not, but I’ll be waiting for the post here 😉

  16. omg im soooo excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

  17. i could hardly watch the awards before cuz of russell brand. idk why they brought him back. but i will probably be watching. maybe itll go better this year.

  18. Yah I’ll watch regardless of Brand I love all awards shows. Its just one of those things like I barely knew half the ppl at the emmys but I loved it anyway. If anything I will watch it just for the new trailer and of course a glimpse at Taylor =)

  19. oh btw I think the only reason they invited Brand back is because he’ll generate news with his crude humor like last year with the promise rings and of course the Rob incident

  20. Russel Brand is a train wreck. He’s famous for what? Yeah.

  21. My calendar is already marked! I’m definitely watching! Just 2 more months people…2 more months!!!!!

  22. I actually have cable this year, so I shall watch this. plus, i have all day off every sunday. 😀

  23. If I can’t watch, I know I’ll find the trailer right here. Thanks for doing this, Lex!

  24. Its so appropriate that its coming out on Bella’s birthday!!

  25. BlueStarlight says:

    Heck yeah, I’ll watch! Twilight is going to sweep the awards…it should! Seriously, Russell Brand AGAIN!? Ugh, he totally ruined the show last year! Surely there were other options…oh well. I’ll just ignore him.

    • i’m not sure if twilight would actually get nominated for vmas because this is not for movies it’s for music maybe if it’s the movie album then yeah maybe!I think they’re just there to saw everone the new trailer for twilight!

  26. BlueStarlight says:

    Okay, I just realized that this is for the VMAs, duh…VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS! I feel like such a goof saying that Twilight would sweep- hello! Yes, I “read” VMAs, but I “thought” Scream Awards…goodness. Just blame it on my preggo mush-brain!

  27. cant wait to see it! russel b aint that bad its just that he has a certain type of brit humour which doesnt really match anything that most americans and such get, but hey just ignore him its worth it in the end

  28. So excited now! I can’t wait to see the New Moon trailer and to see Muse perform!

  29. Ahhh Russell, I love him but it’s probably because we come from the same place and lived on the same road. Having said that I really don’t think he does well presenting awards shows, his stand up is hilarious but I don’t think it translates at these types of events.
    I also totally think this ‘extended trailer’ will be a mash up of the first trailer and the one before Bandslam and maybe one or two clips we haven’t seen yet, all cut together into an actual trailer and without Taylor talking!!

    • OK, I just watched that bit on last years VMA’s where Russell cut them (Rob) off, although I think it’s pretty funny people got annoyed with that, I can totally understand how him as a presenter was annoying. I think I’ll DVR in case and I can fast forward through him! Sorry Russ, it’s just cringworthy to watch you fail on live TV!

  30. Russell Brand doesn’t tell jokes, he just insults everybody and makes fun of things that aren’t funny(like a teenager’s virginity…?!?)

    • how does he even know that joe jonas was a virgin…i mean i’m not a jonas fan even though i think they have great songs but those stuff are private!if he wanted america to know he’s a virgin he would probably say it out loud on an interview or something

  31. yayy excited about the trailer!! YEAH idk why russell was asked back??? I didn’t think he was funny at all, and I thought everyone else felt the same.

  32. I guess this will the the OFFICIAL official trailer! As in, the one they will promote on TV and at the movies. I thought they might release another one, because Twilight had three trailers as well.

  33. nette.marie says:

    i’m only watching it for the trailer and muse!! (:
    can’t wait.

  34. Hmmm. Can’t stand Russell Brand. Love to see Kristen and Rob but I’m on Taylor overload. I wish I could be excited but I’m losing my enthusiasm for this movie with the ongoing Jacob lovefest they call promotion. I DESPERATELY need to see some Edward and Bella in this promo! Can you imagine a Romeo and Juliet trailer that focuses on Paris, Paris and more Paris? I NEED to see ROMEO!

    • viariousfun says:

      don’t worry it’ll get back to Eaward and Bella- New Moon really is about Jacob and Bella so how can they not focus on that? plus I bet Rob is grateful for a break from the media focus.

      • I hope you’re right about seeing more Edward and Bella soon because from the way they are promoting New Moon, they are not in it. I do disagree with you on the point that New Moon is about Jacob and Bella. To me, New Moon was “about” Bella and her depression, loss and growth. Jacob was a part of that but so was Edward. Bella was the focal point.

  35. Rosalie's pain says:

    Am I the only one who is sick of Taylor. NOthing personal against the kid, but seriously, he is overexposed. This whole thing with New Moon is starting to feel like Snakes on a Plane. LOL. All the hype might kill it. Sure, sure, Edward is gone for most chapters of the book, but Jacob is a friend to Bella. Bella was never in love with Jacob, she simply wish she could have been. She hated herself for hurting someone so bad. I’ve been there, where I can’t love someone who is so good to me back adn I just could not comprehend why it was imposible for me to love someone who wanted nothing more but to love me unconditionally. I know many peopl criticize the saga for not showing to much character development, but if you think about it, the events all ahppened in less than 2 yrs. Most was concentrated in Bella’s last semester of her junior year and her senior year.

    • what r u talking about she was in love with jacob in new moon stephanie meyers said it an interview!! and this is coming from a girl who is on team edward…i don’t find anyone in twilight annoying just those crazy fans!I’m a huge fan of twilight saga too but i wouldn’t stock those poor cast

      • viariousfun says:

        I agree, huge fan of the books, won’t even admit how many times I’ve read the whole series, it’s slightly pathetic, but it would be nice if the fans could calm down. If nothing else think of what you’re putting the actors through. and just in case Stephnie is surfing any of this, I love The Host too, since she doesn’t take fan mail.

    • You made me laugh! Snakes on a plane! This really is true. I feel like Taylor is everywhere and I’ve lost interest. Too much Taylor, not enough Kristen and Rob. I hope next month, they bring Kristen and Rob out for a bit so I can at least remember that they are in this movie too. It is suppose to be the Romeo/Juliet of the saga and all we see is Paris. So not working for me.

  36. I personally find the Brand hate hilarious. Because he interrupted Rob, he’s a Twilight basher? Brand tells anyone who will listen that the moment the subject turns from him, he becomes uninterested. It’s no excuse, but it shows that what happened last year has nothing to do with Twilight or Robert Pattinson.

    And I find his comments regarding the Jonas Brothers’ victorian-like use of sexual repression and chastity rings to bring their sexuality to the forefront fascinating. I think the moment you become a celebrity, you become a target of scrutiny. Brand embraces it, and uses it in his stand-up. People need to lighten up. Granted, I felt his humor last year was attempting to be way too topical and relevant, and I wanted to ask him why a man who is supposedly anti-government and who has preached not voting to his listeners made political comments, but oh well. He’s actually a very intelligent man, and preaching hatred because of a single event is even more ignorant than what most are accusing him of being.

    • Russell is a very crude very rude person. I’ve seen him in other things and even hated him in Bedtime Stories (a movie for KIDS), he just grates on your nerves. He gets his kicks from bashing on other people and half the time it doesn’t even make sense or is lame. I had to fast fwd through most of it last year watching it with my daughter b/c i didn’t want her to hear him, she loves the Jonas Bros so I was letting her watch for them and a couple other artists. Sad when the HOST is who I’m having to censor. There are plenty of “comedians” that make fun of others out there but they do it tastefully to where it’s funny, Russell does not. He’s just nasty and rude and crude and overall disgusting. Oh and this has NOTHING to do with him interrupting the whole Twilight thing, though THAT was annoying b/c it was just annoying, esp since it was the only time he did it.

    • I think that Russell Brand is hilarious – I mean you probably need an English sense of humour to understand it or something!

  37. I don’t like it when they do that!They have the same host from last yr and they have them host it again the nxt yr!!I want different host for stuff like vmas…movie awards…teen choice awards and kids choice awards all those stuff.It’s no fun when it’s the same host….
    And i just hope this will be the last clip they’ll show us because i feel like i won’t enjoy the movie if i already saw too many scenes already, i want to be surprise!!

    • viariousfun says:

      true, the last trailor made me excited for the movie- the one they put in front of Band Slam- I went in for the trailor and then caught a different movie. but if they show too much it kind of ruins the movie and having to wait so long is getting on my nerves too.

  38. I will only watch for the trailer. Russell Brand is a jackass.

    • viariousfun says:

      I’ll wait to see it on youtube, it’s not worth sitting through all the garbage coming out of the host’s mouth.

  39. I’ll watch it just to see him screw up again.

  40. Now I’m definitely going to see it.

  41. This stinks. I can’t watch this, Brand is just TOO offensive and I know any trailer will be more of the Jacob love fest. Just. not. interested. If I thought we might actually get EDWARD or some Edward and Bella, I would be all over it but I know Taylor will give us the teeth and the script from Summit (seen way too much of that lately) and stand between Rob and Kristen while they don’t get a word in. No thanks. If we do get Edward and Bella, I’ll catch it on Youtube.

  42. Yes.

  43. oh God…
    he was so not even remotely funny last year
    ill probably still watch just to count how many times rob is on the camera but still…
    grr, to quote jake

  44. Kristen is a beautiful woman and talented actor. She was amazing in Adventureland and I cant wait for the next Twilight movie!


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