New Moon Tickets On Sale At Select Theaters

Screen Rant did the legwork on this one. Earlier in the day Reuters talked about certain Carmike chains starting to presell New Moon tickets. We were having trouble figuring out which ones, and now it’s Screen Rant to the rescue.

“Alright all you Twilighters out there, for those of you who are already preparing your trip to the movie theater to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon this November, you can now do so safe in the knowledge that you’re guaranteed a seat. Tickets for the midnight screenings of New Moon have now gone on sale more than two and half months in advance.

Carmike Cinemas are offering tickets for midnight showings of New Moon on November 19th, at 63 of their 247 theaters. This “early sell” campaign is happening much in the same vein as the (WAY) advanced sale of tickets for James Cameron’s Avatar. Early word is that the Avatar pre-sales are being described as “healthy.”

Get the exact rundown on Screen Rant.