New Moon Tickets On Sale At Select Theaters

Screen Rant did the legwork on this one. Earlier in the day Reuters talked about certain Carmike chains starting to presell New Moon tickets. We were having trouble figuring out which ones, and now it’s Screen Rant to the rescue.

“Alright all you Twilighters out there, for those of you who are already preparing your trip to the movie theater to see The Twilight Saga: New Moon this November, you can now do so safe in the knowledge that you’re guaranteed a seat. Tickets for the midnight screenings of New Moon have now gone on sale more than two and half months in advance.

Carmike Cinemas are offering tickets for midnight showings of New Moon on November 19th, at 63 of their 247 theaters. This “early sell” campaign is happening much in the same vein as the (WAY) advanced sale of tickets for James Cameron’s Avatar. Early word is that the Avatar pre-sales are being described as “healthy.”

Get the exact rundown on Screen Rant.


  1. MrsLautner09 says:

    first commenter!!!!!!! This is awesome. (both things)

  2. Check the times carefully! They are for midnight Thursday night going into Friday…not Wednesday night going into Friday like you would assume. The movie will already have been out for a day. I called Fandango to confirm and they said it is in fact true.

  3. mschicklet says:

    Wish tickets were available where I live. Can’t wait for the midnight showing.

  4. hold on hold on!! ttheres not a carmika near where i live..but there still will be a midnight showing in other theaers right? it will ruin my whole plan if not…for Twilight it was

  5. is there any more news about the new moon premier in knoxville??? like how to get tickets or anything?

  6. GittaKierwen says:

    I work at a Carmike Cinemas in GA and I could have told you about the tickets last weekend =] I can’t wait to see it!! And as for P.J.’s comment, they are for the midnight premiere, not after it has been out for a day. They wouldn’t be that stupid. Idk how you would have a ticket for wednesday night going into friday….

  7. I was just checking if we are having advanced ticket sales in Australia – and every cinema near me is already sold out!!

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the only time I know of when we get to see a movie before the US, so that’s an opportunity that no fan could resist!

    Guess I’ll wait until morning like everyone else. At least I won’t be in danger of falling asleep!

  8. You’re right GittaKierwen, I meant Wednesday to Thursday, but check out the dates on the website at theaters where you CAN buy tickets and it is in fact for Thursday NIGHT…the movie will have been out a day already.

  9. PJ, What are you talking about? The movie doesn’t come out until Friday, Nov 20th. The midnight showing is Thursday night. I think you are a little confused.

  10. Well…where i live tickets are not on sale yet..i subscribed on fandango though to buy mine as soon as they start to sell them cause i don’t wanna go the first day and find out that everything is sold out

  11. What? Nothing in Hawaii? What’s up with that?

  12. She’s worng about the actual “days” but right about the late premiere of a midnight showing. This is what I copied directly from the Fandango website regarding tickets to a midnight show:
    Date of Show:Friday, Nov. 20, 2009
    Time of Show:12:01 am
    Note: You have selected a late Friday night (Saturday morning) show
    It WILL have been out for an entire day by then.

    • Actully in Utah for megaplex theaters they are on sell for November 19 for Midnight.We just came from the box offices and did it online first! Our tickets all say Nov.19th @ 12:30 AM! which is actully the morning of the 20th! so well be getting are popcorn Thursday night and eating it Friday morning!

      FYI They told us at the box office that they are waiting to see how many theaters sell out. And that they then will most likely open more and have more times. So like megaplex 12 at the gateway as of now has only 5 theaters but they could end up using all 12!

      Hope this helped now go get tour tickets!

      • If I were you I would go back and check with your cinema. If your tickets are for November 19 at 12:30AM you need to be there before midnight on November 18.

        The date clicks over at midnight.

        In Australia the movie premiers at 12:01AM on November 19 which means that we need to be there on November 18.

        Better go and double check. I would hate you to turn up a day late!

  13. They’ll never presell tickets over here.

  14. Im here in Oz and i already have my ticket for Thursday the 19th at one minute past midnight. Here in Oz we get to see it early due to us being in a future time zone and all. I cant wait!!!!!!!

  15. Have a look at this website to possibly win New Moon Premier tickets, You can apply if you have a facebook account

    Steph x x

  16. So okay in all reality…it’s not that we’re all seeing it a day in advance, it’s that we’d see it the same day and time as everyone else…Midnight on that Friday. By the way it’s stated anyway because when I click on the time it says this:

    Date of Show:Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009
    Time of Show:12:01 am
    Note: You have selected a late Thursday night (Friday morning) show.

    • Well in that case the person who handles that website doesn’t understand about the concept of time, because 12:01am is the first minute of a new day. The website should state that the movie starts at 12:01am on FRIDAY 20th. Hope it doesn’t confuse anyone!

      But Australia is still getting it one day early.

  17. Actually correct that – we get it TWO days early because it is opening on the 19th, but that will be the 18th in the US.

  18. Just to let you know midnight shows for Regal cinemas are currently on sale too!

  19. yay! i just ordered tickets for dole cannery theaters in hawaii for nov. 19th midnight show!!

    • Hey im going to be on vacation in Hawaii when Eclipse comes out and i really want to see it at midnight and i have some questions about how i could get some and on your post you said you got some for Hawaii So if yu could email me or something it would really help


  21. yeah… get a life

  22. taylor lautner is sooo hot…

  23. This is the wonderful news I have got so far today….rushing to book the tickets…

  24. taylor lautner is sooo hot…i like him a lot…i like robert rattinson is sooo hot!!!

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