New Moon Goes Habbo

According to AdWeek, Summit has struck a deal with Habbo to create a virtual Twilight world within the framework of its existing worlds:

“Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the red-hot Twilight movie franchise, has inked a deal with Habbo, a Web-based virtual playground popular among tweens and teens in more than 30 countries, to cross-promote the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Starting in November, a few weeks prior to New Moon’s Nov. 20 premiere, Habbo will roll out a New Moon-themed virtual space within its 31 virtual worlds around the globe. In addition, site users who create avatars (videogame-like versions of themselves) will be able to decorate their own “rooms” with virtual goods based on the movie.

Details are still being worked out, but Habbo officials said they also likely to promote both the movie and the virtual Moon-themed environment with an online media campaign. Plus, Summit executives are planning to reach out to various Twilight fan communities on the Web to drum up interest in the program.”

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Now if you want to know, what exactly is this Habbo, virtual reality thing. Wikipedia has a great basic description. It’s one of those things that’s hard to describe unless you have played it. So, are you a Habbo person?


  1. Oh muh gawd, Habbo?
    Don’t they know that there’s already a HUGE following (as well as many Twilight RP areas) in Second Life?

  2. Never heard of Habbo before

    But gotta say, I’m completely confused by that article haha xD

  3. Vampiregirlsince1918 says:

    Habbo whats Habbo? lol.

  4. Ah, I see it’s a hang out for tweens & teens, so I don’t feel so bad not having a clue what this is. Moving right along……

  5. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

  6. I’m a teen and I have no idea what this Habbo is.

  7. Good thing I have a Habbo.Lol

  8. I’ve been playing habbo for atleast 3 years. I love it 😀

  9. Habbo is boring! There is nothing to do unless you buy credits, which is a waste of money. And the people are almost always annoying.

    As for twilight moving in on habbo, I don’t think its such a good idea. I mean when you sign into CA nobody likes twilight. This news is just blowing up in the official fansite forums and nobody likes the idea of a twilight habbo. I don’t really care about this. If its going to be in seperate hotel then I’m just going to stick to CA habbo. You can check out the website when it releases I guess, but be prepared to be disappointed.

  10. Habbo its great!
    though the grafics are really lame!

  11. OMG! Im soo glad! Habbo i going to be the best with this furni, i think they are making up fo the updates lol

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