Taylor Lautner on the Cover of Teen Vogue

This seems to be the year of the wolf, Taylor Lautner specifically. With only 80 days before New Moon Taylor Lautner not only graces the cover of Teen Vogue he also chats about being Jacob Black and the paparazzi.

Teen Vogue also has a behind the scene look at the photo shoot, Taylor’s fashion Timline, and so much more!

 Be sure to pick up the Young Hollywood Edition of Teen Vogue on stands September 8th!








  1. Lovely.

  2. Will he be going to New Jersey!!!???!!!

  3. could he get any hotter???

  4. its a good day for an overdose of mr. taylor lautner. 🙂 yes indeed. *sigh*

  5. I wouldn’t mind if they put Robert Pattinson there either. I totally lurve the mag. They’ve already put Kristen there! XxX

    • Rob isn’t a teen any more…

    • In like 10 years, when he looses this cute baby face of his and gets some more character, he’ll be a heart-breaker 8) For now, he is still a nice Disney kid, everything is for him “awsome”, “great” and “wonderful”, like he was afraid to say something less cheerful and optimistic 8] Of course, it’s better to be TOO cheerful than to pretend to be some silly emo-kid 😉 Anyway, when he gets some more self-confidence, he’ll be very interesting person 8]

  6. All I can say is…WOW!

  7. Oh my! He is so pretty!!

  8. ahh he’s so awesome!! but i think that was the quieteist and calmest ive ever heard/seen him in an interview usually he’s so upbeat and excited u know? but it was still great

    • I was going to say the same, but why repeating, right?
      it´s like he always knows his place, he´s excited with fans and more formal and quiet in other occasions…

  9. Can’t wait to get this issue in the mail! 😀

  10. He looks so hot on the pictures! I wish I lived in USA, I want that magazine…

  11. Hello, Gorgeous! 🙂

  12. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like ripping that outfit off, like clothes just get in the way sometimes? lol, joke. this is amazing!!

  13. could he get any more gorgeous? um. no. he cant. ahaa! i love him soo muchh<3

  14. OMG he is beyond gorgeous! LOL it must be a crime to be so good looking 😉

  15. Mary Alice Cullen says

    He is too sexy. I love him!!

  16. He looks awesome in those pictures! I wish I could get that magazine.

  17. silver-swallow says

    DO you know the one thing I love about this site? Generally speaking, everyone here is very civil. Did anyone read some of the comments posted on the teenvogue site?

    Its disgusting how some crazed people will continually bash a seventeen year old. The nature of a lot of the comments was not even something you should be making fun of in this day and age, even if half were true, which I doubt. Its appauling, and teenvogue should really monitor what people are posting on their site.

    So thank you lexicon, and thank you to its fans as well, for keeping this site civil and clean. All the cast are wonderful people- its very sad that they should have to deal with some of the abuse they recieve.


    • Generally speaking, yes…unless it comes to Kristen. I have seen cruel, negative comments about her on this site which are uncalled for. Taylor does look good but I think his face is a litle too shiny – that has to do with the photographer, not him. He is a cutie. Plus I really like him in that suit.

      • Taylor was shiny because he had splashed water on himself. In the footage you can see him kicking his feet to get the tube away from the side of the pool and he ended up getting himself pretty wet.

  18. I love Taylor. He’s so cute and just… NICE. He has personality and you can really tell he’s grateful for Twilight, He never ONCE complains about twilight fans getting crazy and following him….or does he complain about the paps. He seems like he’d be a great friend.

  19. I really like Taylor, I think he is a down to earth, good natured guy! I’m happy things are going so well for him, he deserves all the great things that come his way!

  20. Wow, how photogenic is he!? I love how comfortable and at ease he is with everyone, and he looks like he has a ball doing it! Thats really refreshing, he sorta reminds me of someone older like Peter or Kellan, you know, really at home in his skin….

  21. My oh my!!!! WOW he looks fan-tabulous!!! My favorite is the black and white picture of him about to toss the football. That smile is absolutely radiant.

  22. well i think this deserves a special trip to borders to try n find this mag, normally i dont bother with US mags but im sure i will this time

  23. Wow he is so hot. I love him so much I think he is going to go really far someday! But for now I am going to sit out in front of my mailbox till this issue arrives lol. I seriously just can’t wait. Btw I am seventeen and I must say why don’t the guys in my school look like that why!

  24. **He’s only 17…He’s only 17..He’s only 17!**

  25. Cute kid. I hope he keeps himself grounded and doesn’t get caught up in all the press. I’m tired of seeing these young kid’s lives being destroyed by the greed of the media.

  26. Jacob luver says

    avsolutely AH-MAZING photoshoot hes a very handsome/hot guy! he didn’t look like he was enjoing the girls in the car with him very much lolz! i LOVE the pic with him and the dogs and i also LOVE the pic of him where hes by the window looking all stressed out, PERFECT jacob pose! i LOVE him and i dont think it’ll ever stop unless the media/fans start going to his head and he gets stuck up but i doubt that’ll happen hes very grounded but to tell ya the truth i LOVE seeing him like this [ muscley and happy] but i sorta miss the old taylor! but i STILL love him anyway =PPPPP

  27. I’m more than double his age and male but what comes across is he knows what this means to him and he’s making sure he grabs every opputunity and every experience that comes his way. He’s only 17 but shows more maturity than many a lot older, he knows what Twilight has given him and he loves the fans and makes time for them. I hope he continues doing well after the Twilight films.

  28. lirael cullen says

    wow . . *breathe girl*…. he is so good lucking! I think i’m falling in love with him!!!

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