David Slade Tweets Set Pictures

David Slade, the director of Eclipse, has been twittering away again from the set of Eclipse. This time he’s treated us to a picture of Taylor Lautner in make-up and a behind the scenes look at “sound booties”

Taylor: “Mr Taylor Lautner. A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight.”

Sound Booties: “SOUND BOOTS the sound of a crew moving picks up so we have stylish boots when we are on noisy ground.”

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  1. Taylor Lautner is sooooo gorgeous! I can’t wait for NM and Eclipse=)

  2. Liking the colours of this, wondering if the movie will be shot in those tones, looking good!

  3. Haha taylor looks HOT!! Good pic! 🙂

  4. i just like…dies or something…oh my god…hes my Jacob..EXACTLY how i pictured Jacob…oh myyy

  5. Whoa!!! omg i didn’t even recognize him for a second! I can’t wait for NM and eclipse!

  6. Fine, now where’s Edward???????

  7. WOW, so intense, Taylor is such a perfect Jacob <3

  8. hot , hot , hot xD
    he looks a lot older .

  9. Jacob luver says:

    ya i agree he does look alot older and looks ALOT like the jacob i imagined!! hes sooo….[hot isnt even the word]…..gorgeus! i <3 taylor/my jacob

  10. My Jacob looks so sad :'( I hate seeing him like this. Eclipse is going to make me cry because of Jacob; him getting hurt at the end. I can’t take this. The rest of the stories go downhill for Jacob. New Moon is my favorite one. Jacob is so happy with his warm smile. I’ll stop rambling.

    • Don’t be sad! Jacob gets in two good kisses and a night in a sleeping bag. Not to mention the whole “fighting for her” stuff with Edward.

      I LOVE Eclipse. Nobody goes away and the guys spend the whole time fighting for Bella’s affections!

      Personally I can’t wait to see Jake perform his “jail break” with Bella. Nothing like a man on a motorcycle!

  11. This is such a beautiful shot! Wow… so excited the caliber of these movies just keep getting better. 🙂

  12. silver-swallow says:

    really powerful, intense gaze!!! lining jacob up for serious heartbreak in eclipse…

  13. he looks über pissed off!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  14. Nice picture! He does look pretty intense.

  15. dear God, that is a beautiful photograph

  16. The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was…wow. Taylor=Jacob and there is no way to argue that fact. I don’t care if you hate Jacob, Taylor is fifty kinds of awesome.

  17. JazzingITup says:

    …..nothing less than HOT!!! Love Jacob cant wait for NM and Eclipse!!!!!

  18. That look…pain,anger..I’m so psyched for Eclipse but at the same time, I dread seeing Jake’s intense pain brought to life….

  19. This is torture!!!!

    New Moon, complete in filming dangling over our heads, now filming Eclipse, It’s almost like sensory overload!!

    Great googly-moogly Taylor is PERFECT as Jacob. Somehow he captures all the sweet, angry, heartbreak, hotness of Jacob. I think I will be shedding many tears for him in Eclipse. I can’t wait for the tent scene, and the “kiss me and come back scene”

    AAHHH Anticipation is killing me!!

  20. Holy crap. The picture of him on David’s twitter doing a backflip? That’s pretty epic.

  21. So if there’s “not a whisker in sight” they must have added the five o’clock shadow!

    That must be what’s making him look so much older.

    Very clever!

  22. Ulgh! Pet peeve: the Twitter verb is “tweet.” So he has been “tweeting,” not “twittering.” *rolls eyes*

  23. David Slade need to be twittering why Bella is wearing Jacob’s old cheap recycled wig? The kind of money that Summit will be pocketing for these movies, it is unthinkable to let Bella wear this thrift store style wig. Shame on you!!!!!

  24. He could look 25 here. Nice work!

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