Goodbye Joan, Hello Bella

Kristen has now been unjettized (It’s not a word, but we like it). The hair and make-up people seem to have done a good job camouflaging the jet black mullet that Kristen had for The Runaways.

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  1. Chloe Cullen says:

    Looks good! Although she was supposed to be dressed more nicely for graduation.. Oh well.

  2. ya but if its a wig that means the mullet is coming back! which is not good!!!

  3. No there extentions so that means shes had it died the rite colour so when they have finished filmimg it mite of grow back a bit so it looks half normal lol !!

  4. But look at it this way…. Her hair will have grown out by breaking dawn! So the true bella hair will be back!

    • loveghost says:

      Same though about her hair will grow back in few month, she will do fine and back to normal.. Shes not look good on mullet but my very understood that she had to cut her hair for The Runaway.:-/ . I knew she will get her hair grow again like she used to.. Soo.. Same though, taylor ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It may start to grow out before filming for BD, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the same length as it was before the mullet. I doubt her hair will grow that much though because there won’t be enough time.

      I do like that wig that she’s wearing. Sure it looks different from her natural hair style, but it is graduation. I don’t think it looks fake. In fact it looks like my hair would if I were to wear it down naturally like that.

  5. Jen Durand says:

    I still think it looks TOO wig-like. I think Summit (as much as we don’t always like them) should have put a clause in her contract about not changing her appearance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. to me it looks like a beautiful wig. but thats because I KNOW its a wig.
    I think the look gorgeous, as always. and between you and me…I liked the mullet….*runs*

    • I totally agree with you, i like her hair here… her hair in the twilight film, now that was disaster. I think the Mullet suits kristen, but her Bella hair is beautiful.

      i think the wig looks fantastic… i think i better run too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. her hair looks dry. she looks like her characther in the messengers. not consistent with previous looks.

  8. Reminds me of the Rosalie wig in front, not real looking enough, but in all fairness, it’s hard to tell from one picture


  9. So glad we don’t have to look at that horrible mullet anymore!! If I hadn’t known she got it cut I wouldn’t have even realized her current hair was fake. But then I’m generally very slow to pick up on things like that.

  10. they could just dye her hair brown and just use like clip on extensions.
    her hair looks too flat,I just don’t like it….

    • That would completely wreck her hair.

      • I don’t see how. Black completely strips the hair and the best way to repair it is to put red through the hair to nourish it. So coloring Kristen’s hair to match Bella’s would actually be the best thing for it. Plus the clip on extensions wouldn’t cause any damage at all.

        • Unless what she had in her hair was a rinse, which I doubt, dyeing your hair damages it period. Putting extensions on top of a dye job will wreck your hair, and she already had extensions in her hair when she played Joan Jett. So to dye once again and then put extensions on it will severely damage your hair.

          • Yes, extensions are damaging. Which is why the suggestion from “just me” was a CLIP ON extension, which is simply hair on a clip. All they do is unclip it at the end of the day.

            I get what you’re saying about hair dye damaging your hair, but I can tell you from experience that if you damage your hair with black dye any (good) hairdresser will make you put red over the top of it. You have to allow your hair to recover for a month or so before you can do anything else with it. I have been coloring my hair for 15 years and I have had my own run in with black hair dye. I had to go red for about 6 weeks before my hair was in good enough condition to go light again.

          • MEL its probably more easier/ efficent just to use a full blown wig.It saves time and money.Look the wig is cute it just seems a little overbearing on kstew.It also reminds me of an old esme wig they found haha but roses wig looks much better than in twilight.The clothing well i hope they get it rigth in the other movies…

          • Rosalie didn’t wear a wig in Twilight. Her hair was bleached out. Did you mean the wig looks better than her real hair bleached?

          • Actually Rosalie did wear a wig for both movies, there’s pictures of her hair stacked on top of her head in this net thing.

          • Actually both of you are right. With Nikki first they colored her hair, but later it started to fall out so they switched to a wig.

            You can tell that it’s her real hair in the scene in the Cullen’s kitchen. Both Nikki and Peter’s hair had been touched up, but they used straight bleach instead of blonde, so you can see an inch of white hair that suddenly turns golden. You can also see bits of dark hair that the colorist missed.

  11. I don’t like the wig. Why didn’t Kristen keep her normal hair and get a wig for “The Runaways”? The black mullet seems to be the problem now. It’s not like she really chopped off all her hair for “The Cake Eaters”. She should of had a wig for the part of Joan Jett, so Bella could look normal…

    • The reason why she never got a wig for her role as Joan Jet was because she liked this role more than role in twilight. As she says in the unscripted interview on youtube, she had been offered a role that has been the best she has had so far and that she cannot wait to do it. She herself says that she is a huge Joan Jet fan and obviously she want to protrey her in the best way possible. I think the wig looks wicked personally, and makes her look a tad more like Bella… in my opinion.

      • No she did not like the Joan Jett role more than Twilight. She was very excited to be doing the Joan Jett movie but she is equally excited to do Twilight. She is very passionate about her role as Bella and she has said that many times.

      • I see what you are saying. Kristen is a very talented woman, and I saw the unscripted interview on youtube as well. She was CRAZY HAPPY about getting cast for “The Runaways”. I can see how she would want to do everything she could as a actor to look the part of Joan Jett. I think as a “nit- picky” fan, I’m sad about the change in her look for the part of Bella. Mostly it’s the part in the wig that makes it look a little “wigish”, if you will. But I do agree with other comments that the picture is not that great. So I’m sure that if anyone of us saw it in person it would look PERFECT. I can’t see anyone letting the lead character looking less than PERFECT.

      • I agree, she thinks the Joan Jett part is much more important because she’s a real person. I know people who don’t really like the twilight series (i know crazy huh!) and I would put Kristen in that category if she didn’t play the part of Bella. She’d never just read them for entertainment. I wonder if she ever read new moon the book, not just the script. She said she has only read Twilight only after she had the part in an interview.




    • Nicely said. Ditto! Makes Bella look so much more feminine and has a softer look to it. Almost Twilight ‘Esme-ish’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • LOL… yeah that was esactly what i was thinking, it makes her look more like Bella in any case. She definatly looks more feminine,esme-ish… nicly put ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  13. cullen_love says:

    she looks younger with that hair style. not really like her either

  14. It’s too hard to tell on just one picture. I’ll reserve judgement for when a better pic comes around. I’m just happy to see Kristen as Bella again! I’m so looking forward to Eclipse.

  15. Thats what I’ve been saying I mean come on… One movie vs two jezz some people

  16. Lily Cullen says:

    I actually like her hair in Twilight! I need to see more pictures with that wig, so far, I’m so not liking it. Looks a little too much like a wig =/

  17. It’s nice to see a real smile on her face….oh, never mind. Maybe someday.

  18. Devon061381 says:

    Ehhhh people need to calm down. So what if it’s a flippin’ wig? Personally…I think the better option, to look more “real,” would have been to dye her hair back to normal and put in extensions, a la Britney Spears lol.

    This is just the first pic we’ve seen so I’m not worrying about it. I’m sure if costuming/makeup or whatever thought it looked horrible it would be happening. And remember – this is graduation – she’s wearing a graduation cap at some point in this seen, so OF COURSE it’s going to make hair look flat, people. My hair looked like hell when I graduated in ’99.

    It’s amazing how us Twi-fans are so neurotic about small details.

    • I totally agree we do get crazy over the little things on these sites – I know this but then I find myself saying things like “not how it was in the book” when talking with friends over it LOL

      • Yeah me too! BELLA’S BACK! LOL Sometimes my friends and I take these small changes too seriously. Honestly I’m just happy too see that the movie is in production, and that we’ll only have to wait until next summer to see it! That’s great news for me because “ECLIPSE” is my favortie of all four books (hopefully soon to be five if “Midnight Sun” ever comes out).

  19. Devon061381 says:

    sorry meant to say “wouldn’t” be happening in post above.

  20. I like the extensions. I think the set of New Moon have much better hair and makeup this time around. <3

  21. I agree itยดs too soon to tell, but for now iยดm not liking it much…. too wigy (I love to invent new words….haha)

    besides, i think that the wig makes her head really big!!!

    besides, in each movie (twilight, new moon and now eclipse) differs how they portray the characters…

    but anyway… ?

  22. seriouslly guys she also wore a wig in NM too.

    I hope this is regressing back to twilight,it’s looking pretty low budget.

  23. I think the concern people are feeling is because we don’t want to be staring at her hair the whole time.

    There have been plenty of movies where wigs have been used, and they have managed to make them look real, but these wigs have been made to only sit a certain way and so they don’t move properly. (Carlisle’s is the most obvious example of this.)

    Personally, I think they should have gone with extensions for Kristen. She has to be run through the forest at least five times and her hair will look fake if it doesn’t move in the wind properly. (Not to mention when she starts pulling her hair out to incite the newborns.)

    I am really hoping they make Bella’s hair waist length in Breaking Dawn, just like it was in the book.

  24. The part in the wig looks so unnatural. It looks like a wig off of one of those cheap looking mannequins from the early 80’s. I guess when she takes the wig off she still is going to be sporting that ugly mullet.She is still a beauty though.

  25. I personally think her hair looks good, considering the hair style she was sporting for Joan Jett. As for her smile, she is smiling, its just more like a smirk. I think people forget that KS is played Bella and lets no forget the graduation scene was nerve racking for her because her and Alice had just discovered what the “mystery guest” was there for and she was trying to put on a show for Edward. She’s playing a character, give her a break.

  26. yess that wig looks totally busteddd. reallly really baddd. i mean it looks like its tucked into her forhead. deff better than her mullet, but maybe the extensions would have been better.

  27. Bella Swan says:

    The wig is okay. I mean her hair will grow back. I don’t blame Kristen. I mean she plays Bella and it’s her hair.

  28. ScarletRubie says:

    she looks young and her wig isn’t all that great, it looks like Jacob’s wig from twilight and i really hated that wig. It might just be the shot that makes the hair look bad, i’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

  29. Well, I’m glad with this wig because I didn’t like the mullet very much. Let’s just hope it looks better in the movie.

  30. it looks great to me. I liked her mullet though.

  31. its really not that bad! i think it looks really Bella-ish personally.

  32. I think that we all just need to chill and get over ourselves a bit! Lol They are doing the best that they can,and we cant and shouldnt expect them to do everyone’s vision of what we as individuals see when we read the books. We should just be happy and grateful that we are getting any movies at all and that the cast is excited to do them and are doing their best to do them justice as they themselves see it when they read the series. Everything cant,shouldnt be exactly just a carbon copy of the books. Its a movie adaptation and directors have to use their ideas and creativity to make it different and yes even better in some ways to have an added element and deminsion to the action. So just let it go,let it be. It will be great no matter what! Just enjoy the ride folks! Lol

    • kehacakes says:

      I totally agree! I’ve had the same attitude all along…enjoy the ride! I see so many comments that are such downers! I’m just so super excited that we get movies! lol

  33. ….why does everyone have to be so technical and nit-picky about every-damn-thing in this series?

    it’s really not all that serious, and i’m sure that most of you will love the end result anyway, so just CHILL THE HELL OUT for once. geez.

    • i totally agree with u!!! i mean, its a stupid wig people!!! all of you are throwin such hissy-fits over something as insignificant as her HAIR

      i mean, it doesnt look that great, but still…

      its HAIR

      chill out;)

  34. that wig or the extentions look totally fake. hope it’s just the pic and it looks better on film.

  35. alright peeps…its a wig, and not a very good one. The back looks ok…the front looks like a wig! I hope it carries over better on the screen. Yes…I do hair so I can spot the wig…lol Is it just me or does poor Kristen look tired? She needs a break.

  36. Krystal.Twilight says:

    I personally think she looked prettier with her Bella hair.. Im not a big fan on the mullet ๐Ÿ™ I dont get it.. She didnt need a wig for Twilight, she could of used one for The Runaways but I dont think she thought of New Moon before she did it.. *sigh*

  37. Emily Elizabeth says:

    I dont really like the extensions,,mostly because now her hair looks fake,,, i like her natural hair better,,,she shouldnt have cut her hair just for a part in a rocker movie

  38. personally i think she looks good

  39. Eh, I don’t like the wig but hey- it’s better then the Joan Jett black mullet!

  40. lindarenee says:

    considering its a wig. its really good.
    i mean come on, remember taylor’s in twilight.
    god that was bad.
    i did think that alice was supposed to have given her better clothes than that.
    i’d like to see her wear something really nice every now and again. *sigh*
    still love everything tho

  41. *throws confetti* I’m really happy about this! She looks so much like the Bella I’m used to looking at in pictures right now. So down to earth and normal. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think its a great wig, but maybe thats just me. And I noticed the clothes right off the bat, but I decided it doesn’t matter. If everyone gets annoyed over little things like that, no one will like the movie. If they decided to put this on her instead of the nicer clothes, so be it. If they look like the characters and it stays true to the book, I’ll be very happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Why couldn’t she have just worn a wig to play Joan so she would have her real hair for Eclipse?

  43. That is a terrible wig. You know it’s bad when you can spot it’s a wig from a LQ picture.

  44. I loved her hair in twilight, I agree that she should have worn a wig for the last movie so she had her real hair for this one.

  45. I’m going to reserve my judgement on her hair until I see more pictures or video…

  46. why did she have to cut her in to an ugly mullett to start off with!! its hideous!! she looks alot better with the long bella locks!!

  47. Is this going to be a low budget movie. They are cutting corners already. I mean with the mona lisa wig, jeans and shirt at graduation and who know what else. What happened to the blue outfit that Alice bought? Come on people is it that hard to follow the book. I hope that they don’t mess this up! Maybe Catherine Hardwicke need to direct Bella and Edward parts of the script to keep their parts smouldering!!

    • wowwww… you really want hardwick back? wow.
      i adore her other work, lords of dogtown especially, but come on. twilight was NOT a good movie. and i’m not hating. i’m just stating fact. from almost every standpoint it was a disaster. the color didn’t change the entire time; the whole movie was blue. the acting was pretty atrocious from almost every quarter, the only exceptions being a few of the humans.
      i personally am beyond excited to get some fresh blood in on the projects.

      and did it occur to anyone that maybe that’s a rehearsal? or that maybe there’s a skirt hiding behind that yellow robe?


  48. Hmm…i think it looks fine, it doesn’t look exactly like her old hair but it doesn’t look bad

  49. guysss come on, its just one effin picture, it doesn’t look THAT BAD and plus yuuh should at least wait to see a promo picture to come out before you judge it, and tha clothes are not that important because ur gonna be to wrapped up in the story to remember it soo just chill until you see a trailer or something

  50. It doesn’t really matter if her hair isn’t perfect-just aslong as it doesn’t distract from the actual movie.

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