Day Two Creation’s Twilight Convention New Jersey

On today’s schedule are the wolfpack: Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, and Kiowa Gordon. Also appearing are Gil Birmingham and Edi Gathegi.

Yesterday Catherine Hardwicke and Gil Birminghams had the crowds eating out of their hands from funny set stories to touching moments. We’ll summarize it later (because twitter only gives you 140 words) but it we kinda slept in because we had so much fun and now we’re in a rush to get ready.

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  1. i wish i could go…but i didnt get tickets and this is the last one in nNew Jersy right? i live in New York

  2. I wish I could go too… But I live in Brazil…

  3. New Moon is one of Edi’s favourite movies? That’s promising.. if he isn’t just being polite/advertising the film. But I don’t think Edi’s the kind of person who says things he doesn’t mean. Especially since the audience is fans not reporters. Well, in less than 3 months we can all judge ourselves! =D

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