Alice’s Theme Song

So now that we have completed polls on songs for Edward, Jacob, and Bella it’s time to look at the other characters. So what would Alice’s theme song be? I have pondered this and honestly I am having trouble thinking of one!!  I know, I know it is a sad day when I can not be inspired by music for a character.  The only thing that comes to mind is “Tiny Dancer” which has nothing to do with Alice .  Laura’s (Pel) choice is “Mysterious Ways” by U2. So help me out here and tell me what you think Alice’s theme song is.  We will run a poll next weekend.

On a completely different note  we asked Gil Birmingham what he thought Billy Black’s theme song would be and he responded “Highway to Hell”  Interesting…








  1. Do we get to see sometime the top songs from the other polls?

  2. I think of the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song. I’ve no idea why….

  3. Britney Spears- Brave New Girl

  4. Rachel M. says:

    I heard “Tiny Dancer” on the radio in the car about a year ago and my initial reaction was “OME IT’S ALICE’S SONG!” XD But I don’t know if that’s what her theme song would be.

  5. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield suits her personality. Either that or Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall cos that suits her vampire power =)

    • That’s the first song that popped to my mind too! Very Alice. and interesting thing I was listening to an interview with Ashley Greene the other day and she thought that song represents her(Ashley) the most too.

  6. a&j.whitlock says:

    I always think of Alice and Jasper when I hear “I will follow” by deathcab for cutie

  7. Yeah, death cab for cutie o something by Postal Service!!! I will follow is perfect btw…

  8. There is this son called Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns, that’s a little funky and cute. It reminds me of Alice!

    Here is the link if you want to here it…

    • I do got to say that I love Shiny Toy Gun… love the pick. I had to listen to it and I can see it could be her theme song. Great choice.

  9. Alice is My Idol says:

    “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” by Taylor Swift is the song I think of when I think of Alice and Jasper’s love.

  10. “Intuition” by Jewel

  11. Ninja Fanpire says:

    I have several suggestions!

    Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Armageddon
    Two Worlds from Tarzan
    Breathe Today by Flyleaf
    Alive by P.O.D.
    16. In a Lose Lose Situation by Emery
    Rebirthing by Skillet
    All At Once by The Fray
    Penholder by Flyleaf
    New Way to Be Human by Switch foot
    Goodbye Beautiful Day by Aviatic
    So I Thought by Flyleaf
    Left with the Alibis and Lying Eyes by Emery
    Come What May from Moulin Rouge
    Fully Alive by Flyleaf
    The Older I Get by Skillet

  12. GoBlackNotBack says:

    No sunlight by death cab reminds me of how alice had a life but then was locked up for years

    or new perspective by panic at the disco

  13. Devon061381 says:

    HA I got one!

    “Sister Psychic” by Smash Mouth!!! With Alice’s role in BD, helping to rescue things at the end, I find it fitting 🙂

    “Come On To The Future” by Skillet is also really good!

    If your tastes run that way…Crash Test Dummies “The Psychic” also comes to mind.

  14. GoBlackNotBack says:

    When I was young
    Lying in the grass
    I felt so safe
    In the warming bath
    Of sunlight
    Vast open sky
    Could do no harm
    Like an embrace
    From mother’s arms
    In sunlight
    With every year
    That came to pass
    More clouds appeared
    ‘Til the sky went black, and there was
    No sunlight
    No sunlight
    And there was
    No sunlight
    No sunlight
    And it disappeared at the same speed
    As the idealistic things I believed
    The optimist died inside of me
    No sunlight
    No sunlight

  15. An oldy but a goody: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” the Bobby Darin version.

  16. TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    It’s No Surprise by Daughtry.

  17. Emily Elizabeth says:

    Mysterious ways by U2 should sooo be alice’s theme song it soo goes with her abilities and how she is with her family

  18. Okay, this is somewhat off topic but… BELLA’S HAIR IS REVEALED.

  19. Emily Elizabeth says:


  20. I don’t have a song, but where is that picture of Ashley/Alice from? I don’t think I’ve seen it beofre.

    • Jackki, it was released by Summit a week or so ago from NM filming. She looks wonderful in all that blue.

      The first song that popped into my head was “Barracuda”, but only because Alice can kick ass. That may be a little too harsh for her though.

  21. Team_Alice28 says:

    save me by ammie mann!!!!

  22. Team_Alice28 says:

    p.s. remember in twilight when james revealed what happened to Alice? thats why i chose my song

  23. i think that the con by tegan and sara is a good song because it kinda reminds me that they are singing about knowing something is going to happen and going back to help which reminds me of alice

  24. I think it should be Sister Physic too.It’s a good song.

  25. Oh, Marvelous Things says:

    All of Eisley’s songs remind me of Alice. They’re whimsical, beautiful, and thoughtful. I’ll go take a look and see if I can narrow it down to one…

  26. Pocket Full of Sunshine
    by Natasha Beddingfield

    i think this would be a great theme song for Alice

  27. Oh, Marvelous Things says:

    Okay, I would have to say “Marvelous Things” by Eisley (the song that inspired my Lex name! Coincidence) is the ultimate Alice theme song.

    The song’s mood is dreamy, whimsical, and melodic, just like everyone’s favorite clairvoyant vampire.

    The lyrics fit Alice’s perspective perfectly – it’s about seeing the things around you uniquely and clearly, and how that can sometimes be scary. It reminds me of her whenever I hear it.

  28. Oh, Marvelous Things says:
  29. Christina B says:

    For New Moon, I’ve always thought of Alice’s song as Talk by Coldplay. It isn’t about Alice, but more of her concerns for Edward and what he is going through. I love how it mentions the future and how it changes.

    Oh brother I can’t, I can’t get through
    I’ve been trying hard to reach you, cause I don’t know what to do
    Oh brother I can’t believe it’s true
    I’m so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
    Oh I wanna talk to you
    You can take a picture of something you see
    In the future where will I be?
    You can climb a ladder up to the sun
    Or write a song nobody has sung
    Or do something that’s never been done

    Are you lost or incomplete?
    Do you feel like a puzzle, you can’t find your missing piece?
    Tell me how do you feel?
    Well I feel like they’re talking in a language I don’t speak
    And they’re talking it to me

  30. I really like the Mysterious Ways – U2 suggestion.
    I also like:
    Best Friends – The Perishers (for Alice & Bella’s close friends/sisters like relationship)
    Gypsy – Suzanne Vega (for Alice’s powers and general awesomeness)

  31. wow i found one that would really work for Edward when hes leaving bella in new moon… HURT by Johnny Cash…

    • Angela ^_^ says:

      that’s a cover from a Nine Inch Nails song. do yourself a favour and listen to the original it has so much more to it and is very atmospheric. both are very emotional though. i could see how johnny cash related and felt the lyrics

  32. i think Evanescence… bring me to life… would work for when Jasper meets Alice!!!

    • Angela ^_^ says:

      hehe i was actually thinking of that as an alice song i think it must’ve been because of the first line “how can you see into my eyes like open doors”

    • Angela ^_^ says:

      All of This Past – by Sarah Bettens. it’s such a beautiful song, i’m not sure how alice it is though. it’s about being haunted by your own personal demons. the song is atmospheric, a little dark and the lyrics are amazing. this song has made me cry on a few occasions

      The light is beautiful
      But I’m darker than light
      And you are wonderful
      But this moment is mine
      All of this dust
      All of this past
      All of this over and gone
      And never coming back
      All of this forgotten
      Not by me

  33. Tiny dancer definitley!!!!! It’s perfect!!!! There’s no better song for Alice:*

  34. Jetcliffe says:

    I was actually thinking of Wrong Impression by Natalie Imburglia or Cest Lavie by Bwitched

  35. “Suddenly I See” lol
    Maybe “Pocket Full Of Sunshine”
    … “Barbie Girl”?

  36. Fashion by Lady Gaga 😛

  37. The song “She is Brighter” by The Mitch Hansen Band is so Alice, it’s like it was written just for her.

    • sixdegrees says:

      Shes brighter…i know that alice has much more depth than this…but i can just imagine emmett singing this song to her…like him following her around all day long…=D

  38. Music Box Dancer is an instrumental from the 70’s. It always comes to mind when I read Alice’s scenes.

  39. For Alice, I’d always pictured er theme music to be upbeat, light, and, for some reason, techno/pop. Which led me to “Earth, Wind, Water, And Fire”, by Toybox.
    Also, “Could it be You?” by Cascada; it’s a bit slow, but it’s Alice all over.
    Or maybe the more traditional “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” instead?

  40. “She is Brighter” by Mitch Hansen Band

  41. ‘Suddenly i see’ by KT Tunstal is good, but i REALLY like ‘Supergirl’ by Saving Jane

  42. Angela ^_^ says:

    All of This Past – by Sarah Bettens. it’s such a beautiful song, i’m not sure how alice it is though. it’s about being haunted by your own personal demons. the song is atmospheric, a little dark and the lyrics are amazing. this song has made me cry on a few occasions

    The light is beautiful
    But I’m darker than light
    And you are wonderful
    But this moment is mine
    All of this dust
    All of this past
    All of this over and gone
    And never coming back
    All of this forgotten
    Not by me

  43. I’d like to be the unusual one and say Wild Child by Enya 🙂

  44. Imaginary by Evanescence

  45. Some of these suggestions are so main stream. Alice is not main stream.

    The song I would suggest is on my personal Breaking Dawn soundtrack and it is just Alice to me.

    Mystery Lights by Uh Huh Her

    “And if everyone would just join hands
    I’ll tell you something you would not believe
    I see the signs, seen the writings on the wall
    And baby I’m scared.
    All good people will try and fight
    But what they don’t know will kill them”

  46. i like both songs. i think the lyrics to “Tiny Dancer” is good for her, but a faster paced song like “Mysterious Ways” is good 2. What about “I’m Walking On Sunshine” ?

  47. Definitely anything by the Postal Service or Jimmy Eat World…

  48. TwilightFreak says:

    Dude the ‘Shoes’ song from Youtube!!!

  49. Ask Alice……19 60’s song.Jefferon airplane

  50. *gasp* Whoa! Where did you get that picture of Alice?! I’ve never seen that before! It’s awesome! Is it from the Eclipse or New Moon movie?

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