Twilight Survives the End of the World

According to MTV, Sony pictures put up the question, ““What Would You Take With You In 2012?” Web site, set up as a viral marketing tool for November’s apocalyptic thriller “2012.”

Well not surprising to us, but perhaps surprising to the folks over at Sony, Twilight won. In fact Twilight won and we don’t really remember this particular poll being hyped on the fansites, ours or other sites. So, it really says something when Twilight beat out major competiton.

Check out the whole story on MTV.


  1. marguerite says


  2. Yeah,I’d so bring all of the books!

  3. twilight + star trek fan says


  4. I wouldn’t save the movie, I’d save all the books then Stephenie if possible. The movie was just ok compared to the books.

    • I am 100% with you! The books come first.

      • besides, who says that any dvd player is going to work anyway…. or if there´s even electricity…..
        I´d prefer the books also, you can always read… 🙂

    • Absolutely, the books, not the movie. It was ok seeing the characters, but reading the books, it was so moving. I loved my minds eye characters even more. Definately the books!

  5. Well since it’s 2012 when the world ends, that means the rest of the saga would be out on DVD, so in that case I would probably take New Moon or Eclipse (my fave book). I would definitely take Eclipse over New moon but I don’t know if David Slade will make it as good as how Chris Weitz has done with New Moon (with the little I’ve seen).

    I’d also take all the books with me, my laptop and iPhone!

  6. Just remind me to bring the power generator and gas for the TV and DVD player. Either that or I’ll need a solar power laptop. Heheheh!

    But the books and the movies are so coming with me.

  7. of course I’ll bring my books.. hopefully I could also meet rob there hahaha..

  8. do you really think the world is going to end in 2012?? and I dont want to take anything :S I would just want to be with my family…

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