Fansite Friday: Taylor Lautner Interview

Taylor Lautner Interview
Fansite Visit April 2009

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Transcribed by Kara from Twilight Moms.

Q: So is the wig better this year?

Taylor: You know I got to be honest it is.

Q: It looks better, much more natural.

Taylor: Thank you I think it does looks pretty natural. It’s not as itchy. It’s not in my way. We’ve got a good team. Yeah everybody’s really awesome on the set

Q: Did you actually get a tattoo??

Taylor: I did not. no no no no no.

Q: Is it henna? What did they use?? Is it a stick on?

Taylor: Yeah, just like normal tattoos like you get from the 25 cent machine. It’s obviously a little bit more than 25 cents. Yeah just stick the towel over top and water- works pretty nice.

Q: With Twilight, Kristen was underage and it presented a big factor in filming. Since you are under 18 has that affected filming in any way?

Taylor: No I can work the same hours as anybody else. I can work adult hours. I tested out of high school, and I am in college right now. So I can work all night- all day all night (laughs)

Q: It makes it easier?

Taylor: Yes-definitely- [we] get a lot of work done

Q: How is Chris’ process compared to Catherine’s?

Taylor: I don’t know about compared. I mean Catherine was a lot of fun. She had a lot of energy I got along with her great! Chris is very calm, and I see what’s going on it’s looking amazing and some times you just sit back and go, “How are things going so well and so smoothly while he’s just so calm?” I mean he’s such a great guy. He’s really amazing and so talented it’s ridiculous.

Q: How easy was it for you to bond with the rest of the Quileute wolves?

Taylor: Pretty easy. Yeah it’s so cool to have them up here. They’re a lot of cool guys, and we hung out off set so our chemistry can click on set. Yeah it’s a lot of fun to have them here they are really great guys.

Q: Have you had any crazy fan experience since New Moon started filming?

Taylor: You know- the normal- nothing ….

Q: Are there any – not- crazy fan experiences? Are the Canadian fans less aggressive than the US fans?

Taylor: What I’ve found is all Twilight fans are the same anywhere you go. I’ve been all over the world in Australia, Japan…and everybody asks me, “Which ones are better which ones are more passionate?”and I can’t answer. They are all the same: very passionate dedicated fans everywhere you go. So we’ve definitely met some fun fans up here though.

Q: I’ve got to tell you I was a huge fan of “My Own Worst Enemy” I loved what you were doing on there. What did you take from that experience to bring into this?

You know it was just really awesome to work with Christian Slater on that. He’s such a great guy: so professional, definitely learned a lot from him on that. Kind of funny thing is that show, I’d study him. He has a split personality, two totally different guys

Q: I know I was thinking of that-

Who’s Jacob in this movie? So yea I can definitely learn a lot from Christian Slater.

Q: Do you find it hard to switch between the two personalities- since you do have before the wolfpack and after the wolfpack is it hard to switch when you are doing different scenes?

: Sometimes you will film a pre transformation Jacob and a post transformation Jacob on the same exact day. So you do have to click over, but it’s really cool because it’s challenging and I like challenging myself as an actor. So I just hope I can bring both sides of Jacob alive for all the fans

Q: What’s been the most challenging so far?

Taylor: It’s the same I would tell ya for the first film: the weather! It’s actually starting to warm up now and it’s a lot nicer than it was at first, but when we got up here towards the end of March it’s snowing and I was like when is this gonna stop! And obviously I’m not wearing that much clothing for most of the film so that doesn’t help either, but the weather is definitely starting to warm up now so that’s nice

What has been your favorite scene to shoot now- or in the future- what are you looking forward to shooting?

Taylor: It’s so hard. I like a lot of the stunt stuff so it’s really cool to do that. The dirt bike scenes, the dirt bike scenes are a lot of fun! And just a lot of stuff in the forest, Jacob gets to show his physicality a little bit more.

Q: Do you get to use your martial arts more?

Taylor: I wouldn’t say martial arts. I think the biggest thing is pre transformation Jacob is very clumsy. He trips over his own feet, and when he transforms into a werewolf he’s very agile all of a sudden. So it’s just kind of…have to show his two separate sides.

What do you want your fans to see from Jacob in this movie?

I want them at the beginning of this film to see this really happy nice sweet guy that they fall in love with- and then all of a sudden POOF! He’s a completely different guy and not even believe it’s the same dude.