Twilight Advisor: A site dedicated to Twilight Events

The Twilight Advisor is a new site and its goal is simple:

 Here at Twilight Advisor we want to welcome everybody! Our goal is to gather reviews from fans to help collect unbiased opinions on the many Twilight events happening everywhere.

The site features an Events page, where you can see all the upcoming Twilight related events with links to the event’s website for more details. A review section that allows you to read and write reviews about events in the Twilight world.

Essentially it is a one stop information center for all things Twilight Event related.  Stop in and give a review of an event you have recently attended or read about events so you can choose the best one to attend.


  1. First comment!! Finally!! This we’d site is super helpful!! Good n accurate deatils. 🙂

  2. Well, ok if Twilight Lexicon says so, I’ll still check HERE first (where my loyalty is) ha ha ha !!

  3. I got to know about them yesterday, when they started following me on twitter. And now I’m following them too.

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