Fansite Friday Teaser!

This week’s Fansite Friday will feature none other than Taylor Lautner.  Taylor spent some quality time talking with the fansites on the set visit and you are going to love what we have for you.

So until then we have a little retro Taylor interview from our Twilight set visit in April 2008. For you trivia people, the day we were on the Twilight set was the day Catherine Hardwicke later described as “the day from hell, the day that made grown men cry.” The weather ranged from terrible to truly miserable, but we stuck it out along with the cast. Despite the weather, Taylor ( as you can see in the video) was in a great mood.



  2. Now that’s a tease that will bring me back on Friday! Not that I won’t be everyday between LOL 🙂

  3. So they WERE meant to film the scene with Bella around the camp fire!

    I remember Catherine saying that the cast REFUSED to film outside of the van, but Taylor seemed all for it. Makes me think that maybe it wasn’t the whole cast that refused – just one important, headstrong person who shall remain nameless.

    It’s a shame they couldn’t film the scene properly. I loved the idea of the tree trunk bench. It was Jacob and Bella’s special place, away from the prying eyes (and minds) of everyone else.

    • Twilight_News says

      Actually, it was the crew who decided the camp fire thing needed to be scratched after a camera started to sink into the ocean. I don’t think anyone in the cast complained or demanded it. It was a simple matter of necessity. The tide was very high that day (I know because I got soaked up to my knees)and with all the rest of the rain all the equipment was literally sinking into the ocean. It honestly was a last minute decision which impressed me on how quick thinking Catherine was to find an alternative way to film the scene. It was also all the humans and werewolves last day on the set of Twilight so they HAD to get the shot that day and couldn’t reschedule.


      • That may have been the case, but Catherine very clearly said that the cast REFUSED to film the rest of the scene because they were too cold. She said some surfers had volunteered their vans for the cast to sit in and they didn’t want to come out, so she gave in and let them film the rest of the scene there.

        Everything I said was based on what Catherine herself said.

        I’m sure you’re completely right about the weather, but I doubt Catherine would say something like that about her cast if it wasn’t true.

        Maybe the weather was terrible and the complaints cemented her decision to relocate.

      • thanks..

  4. he always makes me smile whenever i feel like crap =D hes so nice and yeah i agree with you Mel i wish they did sit under their tree

  5. Yeah I wish they had filmed the camp fire scene too. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what the Lexicon has in store for us. Thanks for sharing all these great interviews!

  6. I love this interview!! He seems so much younger than now even though it’s only been a year.
    I love the part where they say “so you have something in common with Gil because he’s a tough guy” and Taylor goes” Oh yeah, I guess” and then he laughs at himself!! TOO FUNNY!!

  7. Aww he’s such a sweetie 😉

  8. I always wondered how much truth there was into the actors reading the books, like I know they all said that they’ve “read” them, but I assumed they just got the main points and then waited for the script. Taylor must have been really into it though, especially with his quick knowledge of Breaking Dawn (August 2nd)…. Good Job Taylor! ( I still think that Rob has actually read all 4 yet…don’t know why, but I get that feeling)

  9. taylor is always such a sweetheart! i really appreciate that he’s not stuck up and really seems grateful for living the career he chose for himself. thanks for being such a light!

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