New Shooting Problem: The Plane, The Plane!

Since they are shooting Eclipse in the summer and not in the winter, it looks like David Slade has not, as of yet, had to contend with the weather issues that his predecessors did. You know, things like unexpected downpours, gale force winds, and hail…all on the same day.

Have no fear, he’s discovering another local Vancouver problem: air traffic. We witnessed this ourslef during our set visit where Chris Weitz would set up a shot and then they’d have to wait for the planes.

David recently tweeted the following:

Shot with Rob and Kristen today, both gave great performances. Lots of frustrating noisy planes overhead but beautiful scene regardless.”

Wrapped first week, probably most challenging week of our shoot. Last night Xavier Samuels delivered as astonish power performance, all good.”

Don’t worry about David. He’s found some time to relax. He attended a Dead Weather (if that name isn’t ironic in light of where he’s shootin gwe don’t know what is) concert.


  1. Rosalie's pain says:

    It’s a good thing they dont have to worry about the weather. I do hope that he adds clouds and rain to make it more realistic. I loved the first twilight movie because of the weather in the scenes. It just made it feel like it was a place where vampires would live. I’m a bit scared of New Moon. When I saw the trailer, it shows Laurdent out talking to Bella in plain sunlight. Shouldn’t he be sparkling?

  2. Good point, they will probably add the sparkles later, or make the day overcast. But remember, there will be more sun because Jacob is her sun.

  3. Of course there’s planes…they’re water bombers because our whole fricken province is on fire lol. You have to get used to that in B.C. during the summer.

  4. Just a spelling comment- there is no word “ourself.” That should be “ourselves.” 🙂

  5. nostaglicmiss says:

    I adore Dead Weather. How can they go wrong with Jack White and the Chick from the Kills. I like him all the more now 🙂

    P.S. Is it November yet?

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