Breaking Dawn: Rumors Rumors Rumors

There are a ton of rumors swirling around the making of Breaking Dawn, so we thought we’d run them down for you.

1.  Boo Boo Stewart (Seth) mentioned that he is signed to the current movie, Eclipse, plus an additional two. This lead to speculation that Breaking Dawn would be split into two parts.  The studio issued a statement to Access Hollywood that, “We appreciate our young actor’s enthusiasm for the franchise and his role, but his comments about the number of films were unfortunately uninformed and not accurate; however, the fans should rest assured the we’re working with Stephenie Meyer to bring ‘Breaking Dawn’ to the big screen.” and then Boo Boo’s reps stated that he only meant to talk about the first movie. So where did Boo Boo’s extra movies come from?  Lots of times actors are standardly signed to a three movie deal regarding whatever project they make so the studio has them if the project takes off for sequels. For example, it’s how Pirates of the Caribbean II and II was made, the actors were signed to a three picture deal. When the first one unexpectedly took off, they were onboard for two more.

2. The Breaking Dawn tab on the Summit Official world of Twilight website would seem to indicate that the studio has acquired the rights to the film, (otherwise huge oops for lisiting something you don’t have the rights to). It could be at any stage of developement.

3. A website listing that Breaking Dawn would be three movies did so just picking up in the fact that the novel has three sections. they don’t have any insider info.

4. Other actors connected to the project supposedly stating that Breaking Dawn would start filming in February in Vancouver, two words: Winter Olympics. Those remarks remain rumor. If any movie manages to film in Vancouver while the city plays host to the Olympics this winter than hats off to them. It would be a logistical nightmare based on the traffic of the incoming visitors, not to mention that local production equipment/people get hired by the out-of-town media from every country in the world that is about to descend.

So what do we think? They’ll probably make Breaking Dawn, but the time frame is unknown.


  1. We probably won’t know anything about Breaking Dawn, at the earliest Spring of 2010.

    Thanks Lex, for clearing as much as possible.

    • pamela_keeton says:

      I think it is going to be hard to wait so long for a new movie. We got to see Twilight, New Moon, and Eclispse so close together that it is doesn’t seem right to have to wait a very long time for the final episode(s) to be filmed and released.

  2. higgin704 says:

    #2 ITA. Especially since it says “Coming Soon” if you scroll over it.

  3. Thanks for this post 🙂

    I thought it had been officially said that BD would be made into two movies a few months back. Obviously it was just a rumor on some website put down as fact x)

    Thanks so much for clearing it up!

    • I thought it had been too. A number of websites for casting calls have a Breaking Dawn call up with just the description of characters up until Bella finds out she is prego. I took this to mean that Breaking Dawn (1) would be up through that point in the book and (2) would be the rest of it. Unless they are just casting the first half of the movie ?? I have no idea.

  4. BlueStarlight says:

    Thank you so much for clearing that up. I also read on here what Boo Boo said, and it got me wondering. At least there are plans in the works for BD. I do have to agree that it would need two movies to get everything in and have a satisfactory ending, one that made sense of the story line.

  5. I hate it when they split movies, I’d rather have an extra long movie.

  6. Thanks for the info, Twilight Lexicon. We really appreciate it.
    I still hope they make Breaking Dawn into two movies.

  7. phew! that’s a relief. I AM a BD fan, but I wanted one movie. though the ending blows…

  8. InStyle magazine had a spread of designers who sketched their ideas for Bella’s prom dress. Could this be a sign that’s it’s official?

  9. Bart, a guy who likes Twilight says:

    I think whether Breaking Dawn will be turned into a movie depends on how well New Moon does in theatres. I think it will be like when summit immediately greenlit new moon once they knew how well Twilight did opening weekend. If New Moon makes big bucks opening weekend, that will only be a bigger indication that the twilight saga is still a hugely bankable franchise, and that will for sure get those greedy movie execs drooling over the prospect of making even more money with another twilight movie…

    • Dude, I couldn’t agree more with u!!!! Btw, TY Lex 4 clear this up!!!!

    • I second that statement. They may love the Twilight Saga all they want, but at the end of the day it comes down to money.
      I have a strong vibe that Breaking Dawn will be made–seeing all the hype for the trailers.

      • I cannot imagine any universe where it would not be profitable for the studio to go ahead with a fouth (or fifth) film. I know it’s not official till it’s official, but come on, this franchise is a behemoth. For New Moon and Eclipse to do so poorly that Breaking Dawn doesn’t get made, they’d essentially have to screw with the plot line so thoroughly that it turns into a 100% different story. So until the vegetarian vampires of Forks turn into the showtune-singing zombies of New Zealand by some strange twist of fate, Twilighters will be on board.

  10. Erin, the redhead says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if they end up deciding to go with two movies.

    Thanks for clearing all of this up! 🙂

  11. Hey
    One I agree with everyone that Breaking Dawn should be made into a movie along with the first three. it just wouldn’t be right to not finish the series. Imagine no Harry Potter 6 movie (part one or two) just seems like a waste to have even bothered with making it into a movie at all.
    Two. sorry if this is not new information. New to this site. but i have heard that Summit already has rights to Breaking Dawn to turn it into a movie, they just haven’t advertised it because Stephenie Meyers does not think they could do Reneesme justice. On one hand I can understand but if you compare LOTR’s the Two Towers the scene with the wolf (sorry don’t remember the actual name) attacking the screen to when Jacob turns into a wolf. you can tell that the tech is much better and it has been what 7year tech difference. who knows how it much the tech will change from a year from now. I think they won’t say a definate about the movie for Breaking Dawn until 2010 after eclipse is out.
    (sorry for the long post)

  12. I really hope they make Breaking Dawn into 2 movies!! But it’s good that they did make this a little clearer.

  13. Breaking dawn would rock as 2 movies! If it were only 1, I culd just imagine how much would get cut!

  14. I hope they make BD into 2 movies as well but on the other hand I’m pretty sure I’ll gone crazy while waiting for 2. I just don’t want to loose so many great moments from book…

  15. They can definitely do renesme justice! Look at smegel in Lord of the Rings! They need the techonology to do it. Stephenie just doesn’t want Breaking Dawn steamy and she’s draggin her feet with Summit because she must really have retained alot of rights! I still am totally baffled by that – because Stephenie, people have read the book the book is really PG-13 to R rated, unless you 1) are not intelligent and b) have no imagination. It is the capstone of the series – it needs to be done justice. Summit, pay the money, Chris Weitz, Peter Jackson, James Cameron – MUST have the right Screenwriter (not MR) MUST HAVE THE RIGHT DIRECTOR. They will make obscene amounts of money if this thing is done right – they always talk about faithfullness to the book, well, be faithful, see the Notebook, see Titanic, There are numerous pictures that are PG-13 and R rated that are well done – but we do know people make love – this is not a first.

  16. idk why all the hype with this movie. we all know it will be made, they just need to admit it and move along. there is no way they will miss out on all the $$ it would earn. my 2nd point, i don’t get the big deal with making it at least PG13. tweens are not the only ones who love this franchise. i am a 20-something married career woman and love it, as do all my friends who would be severely disappointed if we had to miss out on the best parts. we all know what married couples do on their honeymoon…and we all know sometimes babies result from that. it can be done tasteful and beautiful & please everyone.

  17. I heard this: Breaking Dawn (1) will start filming in March 2010 for a November 2010 release and that they are making it two films. Breaking Dawn (2) will be filmed August 2010 for a June 2011 release. They are trying to keep the same filming/release time frames as the first two since they have worked out well. I also heard Chris Weitz may be asked back for Breaking Dawn (1) depending on the success and reviews on New Moon. Again, its all rumors but seems believable.

  18. It was confirmed that BD would be made by all the actors. They originally signed on for only 3 movies, then after Twilight did so well was signed for an additional movie. As to whether it will be a 2 parter is yet to be known. ::Sigh:: I hope it is because they will have to take so much important and wonderful stuff out if they don’t. Just like the last HP film is going to be 2 parts because its a crucial part of the series, so is BD.

  19. I really hope the put breaking dawn into two movies. We will get so much out of it. It is such a thick novel. I would hate to miss out because they are trying to cram everything into one movie!!

  20. breaking dawn mite b R because of the sex thy should do it lik the book and make it to the pont where i skipped to the next day lik the


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