More Vamps Descend on Vancouver!

It looks like true to the novel Eclipse, Jane and Demetri will be on hand to witness the aftermath of the battle with the newborn army.

Dakota Fanning was spotted shopping in Vancouver and Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri, tweeted at approximately 3:00AM Vancouver time: “MORNING!! Doing a thruey to reset bodyclock for first night on Eclipse – going to be awesome FYeyes… Fire up x”

Twifans visited the set location of Wednesday’s/Thursday’s night/morning shoot, and from behind the established public barrier managed to snap a photo of Jack Hutson as Royce King II. Fabulous spotting on their end! I don’t know that many people would have realized straight off that it was Jack.

Speaking of Wednesday’s/Thursday’s night/morning shoot it must have been interesting, because the Vancouver Sun and Perez Hilton broadcast the location of the shoot on their respective blogs and websites—which later turned out to be dead wrong. We are wondering if that was a bit of brilliant studio manipulation, or just plain old getting a bad tip.

In the end, it was at a barn type place frequently used by various movies, TV shows, and commercials shot in Vancouver.Mandy explains in it her write up. According to Mandy that while there were certainly fans around and police were present for traffic safety and crowd control, the crowd stayed behind the barrier and was cooperative.

And lastly David Slade and the crew seem to be getting on great! David at 6:00am Tweeted that a photo he posted earlier was a trick pulled off by him and the crew. “Sorry the fish is fake, thrown by props dept, don’t tell national geographic.”
The Salmon jump high in Vancouver. Lucky shot. on Twitpic

EDITED: Interesting info in the comments on it being Kevin Zegers. Definitely running contrary to all media reports available at the time of posting. We figured it could be Royce when he’s “on the run” we figured that he might look a bit disheveled by then.  We attributed the red-eye effect to…well…regular amatuer camera red eye effect, but excellent point on…well…duh, vampire!  We will check it out. Stay tuned!


  1. Jack looks yummy.

  2. That’s not Jack Huston.

  3. marguerite says:

    Ome OME OME OME so excited for June 30 2010 for Eclipse

  4. That is not Jack, wrong hair, wrong time period. Jasper’s friend Peter?

  5. Is Royce King going to be a vampire? I don’t remember that from the books at all, but he looks pretty vampy to me, are his eyes red?? Maybe it’s my imagination! I’m so glad we’re getting Cullen back-story though! I’m more excited for Eclipse than New Moon!

  6. I’m pretty sure PunkD Images confirmed that’s that Jack Huston. Besides, anyone who looks at the photos would see his red eyes and deduce that he’s a vampire. He’s also wearing very dirty clothing from the wrong time period. Royce King II would not be dressed that way. On top of that Rosalie’s flashback scenes have not been filmed yet, but Jasper’s have. He’s either Peter or an extra from Maria’s vampire army.

  7. I agree, that’s not Jack. He looks to have red eyes and RKII would be dressed in finer clothing.

  8. That can’t be Jack, it doesn’t look anything like him.

  9. Thats not Jack Huston, that’s Kevin Zegers, supposedly Peter from Jasper’s flashback.

  10. He looks familiar, but I can’t place his face at the moment. Dosen’t look like Kevin Zegers to me either.

  11. that´s not Jack, because I imagine that Royce would be dressed like a elegant gentleman

  12. That’s not Jack, that’s peter

  13. <a href= ";

    It looks like Kevin Zegers to me!

  14. I don’t think that is Jack Huston (at least I hope it’s not). Nothing about him in this photo makes sense. Royce was a wealthy man, he would not be by a barn wearing plain clothes. I think it’s a newborn or an actor playing Peter. I think they’re filming a lot of the action scenes first and to me it seems like they are filming Jasper’s back story. If you notice, this guy has red eyes and um yeah, Royce died.

  15. I don’t think it’s Royce. He was really wealthy and his clothing is far from wealthy people clothing… This might as well be a newborn in Jasper’s backstory. Peter, maybe? He has the right clothing for the ear and he’s vampy and he seems like those newborns… I DK

  16. mrsmkeyman says:

    that cnt be jack. unless he changed it his roll or something. he looks vampyish and he has red eyes and WAYYY wrong clothes. i thought peter when i first saw it.

  17. I couldn’t have imagined that it would be Jack. Well, I’m sure the Lex will sort it out soon enough.

  18. Has anyone else seen the ‘Access Hollywood’ interview with BooBoo where he said he signed on for THREE more Twilight films? Sounds like they are making Breaking Dawn two movies. Sounds good to me

  19. After analyzing pics of Kevin Zegers and Jack Huston I’d guess its a picture of Kevin from the way the actor is holding his mouth and the eyebrows…but seriously could those two look more similar? lol

  20. Could that be Jasper?

  21. Jasper’s history is being filmed check
    Rosalie has yet to be filmed check
    So the answer to that question is Jasper’s vamp buddy, Peter.

  22. I´m excited to see Stephenie Meyer there (almost sure that´s her…), watching as they film… But she´s not too smiley…. is there something you don´t like? or you´re just tired???
    I hope everything is OK, although I´ve seen some BDH&Riley´s pictures,and I don´t like BDH… you can see the difference… I don´t like changes!!!!

  23. SMIU4rmNMM says:

    this isnt jack Huston!
    Jack Huston isn’t even in vancouver! Here he is with his GF,0,19

    I’m positive this is peter, jaspers old old friend

  24. OK…does anyone know where exactly they’re filming in Vancouver? I am going and I would like to take a peek…

  25. InLoveWithJackson says:

    That guy is perfect for Royce King!!! He looks just the right amount of creepy! I wish I lived in Vancouver so I could go and have a look myself!

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