Boo Stewart: I’m Signed On For Three Movies

Access Hollywood managed to get Boo Boo Stewart on their Dish of Salt program and got the following info:

“I heard there’s going to be three more movies,” he told Access Hollywood’s Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman in a new interview. “‘Eclipse,’ ‘Breaking Dawn,’ and there should be one more.”

The star’s rep also noted the additional films when Boo Boo’s casting was announced to Access.

“Boo Boo Stewart will play the character Seth Clearwater in the next three installments of the wildly popular ‘Twilight’ film franchise based on the best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer,” the rep said in a statement.”

This would seem to back what many people including Stephenie Meyer herself have said about Breaking Dawn. The book is long enough to warrant the storylines being broken into two movies rather than one.  There is also new-found precedent for this in Hollywood with the final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, being split into two movies.

So what do you think about Breaking Dawn being split into two movies? Where do you think the first movie should stop and the next one pick up?


  1. the more movies the better! i’m not ready for it to end! 🙂

  2. Three movies! Yay!

  3. wow, that’s some news! the more the merrier!

  4. I think that they should split BD into two movies. Because if they make it all into one, they might end up leaving too much stuff out, by trying to fit everything in together.

  5. I’ve heard so much about Breaking Dawn, it’s annoying me slightly. I’m the first to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the last book however I will still see the movie. But the question still remains as to where they’ll cut it off. Stephenie’s writing style leaves the climax until the last few pages and this means that splitting it up isn’t possible.
    You need to cater for both the fans and the newcomers and having a film in which Bella has Nessie (which is where most people’ve suggested cutting off the film- at the end of Jake’s book) isn’t going to score well with first timers. I do agree that they would have been living under a rock if they haven’t heard of it before but the fact still remains.
    So, either they’re have to create one film where nothing much happens or they’ll have to mix up/make up events. Either way, some one is not going to be happy.

    • Jo and KATIE I agree BREAKING DAWN was not my fav. book.YES i was excitied about the wedding/crazy nessie and bella being turned.I disliked eds character just crumpled on the floor 4 most of the book.ALL those darn charcters and most of the cullens gone..Hello and CHARLIE with his ok attitude and than the end was like what oh and who would have known bellas shield saved the day.. This is not POTTER..Where we finally get to say goodby to this magical world and you actually got a proper ending.We lost characters, the evil is gone,love was sprung all questions answered. No 2 movies please…

      • Hey twifriend, BD is not my fav book either, but if u think the 3rd book is kind of “mental battle” mostly… Bella’s flawless control over her thirst, the tolerance of the wolf pack with the Cullens, the despair of the main characters after knowing that’ll end…& the end… the enemy just walk away, ‘cuz they know, if they fought, probably they’d be defeated.

        So, why not? Perhaps they put in something extra, like what will happen after a century… maybe, it’s just a thought… Have a nice day!!!! 😉

        • HI TWIFRIEND!! So yes i see your point as well,also someone said the same thing to maybe they will continue the story in the future.(in 2nd part of movie).AH who knows im still waiting on the twilight saga book (the ofiical guide) to come out. LOL.Have fun!!

  6. YAY. They need to make BD into two movies. I’m so happy about this.

  7. WTF! BD is a mess. Someone needs to trim the fat on that work and focus the story.

    • I’m going to have to agree here, a lot of what happens is just dragged on by the writing. If they trim some of the excess in the book then they can certainly make it into ONE movie and make it work and be great. IF they break it up in two, they will only be dragging events on longer than they need to be.

      Breaking Dawn IS a thick book, but nowhere near what any of the HP books have been if you would reduce the font size to what the HP books are, it wouldn’t even be 1/2 of Goblet of Fire, and that movie did well being just ONE movie.

      • COMPLETELY agree with Switz and Niki… Granted, I did enjoy like Breaking Dawn much, except for the honeymoon/Isle Esme and Bella’s pregnancy. Otherwise, the characters get annoying and I just couldn’t ever like Renesmee. Maybe a film version of her will be sweeter and more likable. Please keep it to 1 movie, Summit! It doesn’t deserve 2 for an “almost” fight at the end of the book…

      • I agree to an extent. The beginning of BD really doesn’t have a ton going on…the only reason its so long is because of all the inner turmoil from the first person POV. Although I do think that if they spend more than a few scenes on the first part of the book the second half might get jipped, and imo that is like the best part of the book. I don’t agree with the fact that Goblet of Fire worked at the length it is as a movie..I felt there was too much action to fit into that amount of time.

  8. While I think it’s necessary for Breaking Dawn to be broken into two parts, I also will hate the suspense! It’s hard to decide where they would stop the first…maybe they’ll do the first “2 books” (and I wonder how they’ll play around with doing stuff from Jacob’s perspective??) and then the 2nd movie will be the final book…although I think fans will be anticipating seeing Renesmee and Bella in the first who knows?! Ahhhh, so much to think about..glad I don’t have to figure it out. 🙂

  9. i suppose you could break the movie into two parts and could break it off when Bella gives birth.

  10. i think it would be an awesome idea if they split BD into 2 movies. cuz like, if they just squeeze everything in one movie, they might leave ALOTT of stuff out. stuff thats the fans think are VERY important stuff. uhm, i think that they should stop at the end of book 2 (jacob’s pov), and pick up where they left off at the beginning of the 3rd book. so the 1st movie would be book 1 and book 2, and the 2nd movie would be book 3.

    • exactly-it’ll give the fans all that we need to see from the book-attention to detail and such that just could Not be contained into one movie! 🙂 I am SO excited now, I can hardly stand it! lol! yay!

  11. I think it is a good idea. Becasue how could they possibly fit Breaking Dawn into one movie…it impossible. So them making two movies out of it sounds very good to me. They just better not be too far apart. 🙂

  12. Hope it’s BD in 2.

  13. Stephanie has always said she wanted Breaking Dawn made into 2 movies. It’s only fitting. I want all the wonderful details of Isle Esme. That said, here is how I would like it broken down:
    Movie 1:Wedding, Isle Esme, birth of Renesme.
    Movie 2:Jacob imprints, Bella’s new life as a vamp and of course the confrontation w/the volturi.

    • I totally agree…they should end the first movie right when Jacob imprints…

    • I totally agree. Book 1 and 2 should be the first movie. Book 3 should be the second.

    • LaTuaCantante says

      ITA, Adriana. That’s how I envisioned it. But wow, this is the first I heard about breaking it into two movies. I hope there’s no switching of the main characters. I mean it’s great to prolong it but I get a bit annoyed when actors get dropped or switched. I hope they are all signed on for the next three installments.

  14. That is good news so they can tell more of the story! But how long are they going to space them out…I think it is a good idea cause there is so much in Breaking dawn!

  15. Supertramp94 says

    maybe they could do a pirates of the carribean thing. where they just keep filming even though it is two movies. they never stop filming. no break in between and then the wait wouldnt be as long.

  16. Keep ’em comin! I hope Ms. Stephanie will keep writing so we can have one every year!

  17. i honestly think splitting breaking dawn into two movies is a horrible idea. i know that sounds really mean but its the truth! breaking dawn doesnt have enough material to be two movies. it might have enough for a two hour movie at the most! even if it is a 750+ page book, there is a lot of stuff in there that has absolutely no point whatsoever to the actually story. if it is made inot two movies it would feel like they were dragging it.

    • I agree with you Katie. I don’t know if they are trying to follow Harry Potter or what, but it is just not the same. Breaking Dawn doesn’t have that much happen.

      I’m also not really looking forward to the whole ‘isle esme, pregnancy, and bella having a child’ part of the movie. (which is most of the book, I know.) I don’t see it translating well onto the screen and with the actors. Its just going to be a long awkward movie. Lets not make two.

  18. If they trim the fat they should get it all into 1 film, but make it a longer like 2+ hours!

    If they do it in 2 movies I would never be able to wait for the second instalment, it would drive me mad. LOL. 🙂

    And what about Nessie? Are they going to make her by CGI? As where can you find a small toddler with a set of perfect teeth that talks and jumps etc… And if she was done by CGI would that be believeable?

    • LaTuaCantante says

      Good point about Nessie, Jodie. But I think they’ll make her realistic. Whoever CGI’ed Gollum (aka Smeagol) on Lord of the Rings did a pretty great job so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

      • Yeah thats very true! In my head she’s so small and cute, so I hope they do a good job casting or creating her 🙂

      • FYI…It was Peter Jackson who did the Lord of the Rings series. I have been routing for him to do BD FOREVER !!!! His CGI was incredible but thats also because he used live action.

        And, I think the 1st movie ending when Jacob imprints will be good, but I really hope they have the heartbeat in the back ground.(when bellas stops)I think that would be awesome. And then the 2nd movie would start with Bella opening her eyes for the first time as a vampire.

  19. headache_heartache says

    I’m really excited to see Bella’s first 24 hours as a vampire. That was my favourite part of BD. I’m glad the movie is being broken into 2 parts; I don’t envy the person at the helm of that insanity 😉

  20. Breaking Dawn does have 750+ pages, but c’mon, the lettertyping is HUGE! It’s not that much! Althoug i enjoy the Twilight saga just like any other fan, i think one movie of two hours should be enough for the material in BD. Two movies, especially when spaced out too far sounds like a rip off and just Summit trying to cash in some more.

    • WHAT! Summit trying to cash in some more from us Twi-fans! Now thats crazy talk!(Too sarcastic?).LOL.

      I agree with you 100% though *Cough-bandslam-cough*

      Well said 🙂

  21. They could make it into 10 and I wouldn’t care. Deep down i’m hopin twilight goes on forever! Just like the books I’m gonna be sad when we hit “The End.”

  22. It’s perfect if they end after Renesme is born. The whole pregnancy, bella might die and jacobs falling out with his pack is definitely enough for an entire movie. If it ends with the imprint it leaves a perfect cliff hanger (because he wanted to kill renesme and then bam!)

  23. Twimomella says


    I don’t think it could be done well but BD could be Broke up into two movies. The first half would be be all wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy with the delivery scene being the climax with the ending to be left hanging on how will Bella survive and also with Jacob imprinting on Nessie.

    The second half of the BD could Bella’s transformation, it would need to start out with the three days she’s “burning” and it could flash back to everything that lead up to it because she does kind of do that in the book. They could even film it over the opening credits like they did with the latest Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. Then it would go through all her vampiness and climax with the showdown with the Volturi.

    Of course, one could be callled Breaking Dawn and the other could be called Forever Dawn as a Nod to Stephanie Meyer’s writing. But that’s taking it too far.

  24. Wow five movies! I think it is best to end movie when Bella is happiest–that point in time where she finally settles in her new life. The climax can be her whole pregnancy and change so it simmers down in time for the cut. The second would be about the panic surrounding the Volturi–it can hold the same amount, if not more, of tension 🙂

  25. Want MORE Twilight says

    Making Breaking Dawn into 2 movies is AWESOME!! You can spend more time on details.
    On the first part of the book- bring it all the way to the imprinting and Bella finding out & getting mad.
    Part 2 details can start with the happiness of Nessie growing & running around- showing where Alice goes for a side line & bring it all together.
    Hopefully Stephanie Meyers is working on the continuence so all of the Twilight Saga Lovers (millions of us) can rejoice. I want to read about Nessie growing, the Volturi fighting again, the new people & Jacob fighting over Nessie, etc, etc so much money can be made off of her books- she’s my favorite author.

  26. I think it should be all in one movie. I mean, what, they’ll make their honeymoon half a movie then? Blue Lagoon, anyone??? I think it’s a beautiful part of the book, but I don’t think there’s much of material, just Bella and Edward being together and Bella eating eggs 🙂 … Honestly, only third book has something happening, and while it can be a single movie, the first two, even combined, can’t.

  27. YES! 2 MOVIES! I know that I’d be upset if they rushed through the movie to keep in under 2 hours!
    I think I’d stop the first movie soon after Renesme’s birth… After Bella has her first hunt, meets Renesmee, and finds out about Jacob imprinting. But that would leave a fairly dull second movie… I got a little bored when all the new vampires were introduced… I wanted to see more of Bella as a vampire with super human stength/speed, etc!

  28. My FAVOURITE book… split in2 two! Wow.. Yeah i think just after jacob imprints n we see Renesmee for d 1st time… Its gonna be amazing 😀 X x x

  29. They definitely should have Book One and Book Two of Breaking Dawn be one movie where Book Three of Breaking Dawn should be a separate movie.

  30. I think that is great!! In fact, in my POV, all the four books should did this way.

    Twilight had SO MUCH cut out from the book…

    I already guess the break should be at the end of Jacob’s book, although I don’t think they should be considered 2 diferent histories, but 2 parts. Like “The Lord of the Rings”, where the end of the 1st and 2nd parts it’s just a black screen with the message “to be continued…”. They should show us the birth, the healthy baby and then… black screen, without let us know if Bella will survive or not [well, obviously this kind of suspense only will work for not readers of the book, LOL].

    Ok, I know the wait will be killing, but doing this way will prevent what Jo says, about they make up events.

    Plus, there are so much to tell from the book 3: Bella’s changes, Renesme, thousands of new vampires and their abilities, the “fight”, the Nahuel thing…

    And to Amanda: the movie Twilight wasn’t made only by Bella’s POV, sometimes we saw things that Bella never saw… the same can be done with book two from BD [and I really don’t care if they cut 95% of the wolf’s thoughts, haha].

    [Sorry if there are some english mistakes, I’m from Brazil.]

  31. Yaaaay! Personally, I wished the whole series could have been turned into a television mini-series so that we could have hours, and hours, and hours of it!
    (The sci-fi channel has done some really brilliant ones.)
    I agree that in two movies the break should be where Jacob imprints on the baby and before Bella we know Bella survives emergency vampirization!

  32. dtbvampire says

    Here’s the thing.

    As far as breaking it into two movies is going to get critisism anyway. anti-twilighters would say “They are doing two? That’s just because they want money.” But Twilighters would say “They are doing one? They are going to have to leave out so much”

    As for where to break it off, I dont really think this can be answered simply. Breaking dawn will obviously be a challenge to bring to the screen and some aspects of the plot will have to be left out or some scenes extended. So its really hard to speculate until we know exactly what the movie BD plot will look like. I would LIKE for the first one to be all about the wedding, renesmee and the preparation and end up with a real dramatic scene of them standing in the field ready to fight.

    Of course, the second movie would have to be rewritten to extend the confrontation and make it a little more action packed then standing around a field talking out their differences or it would be a very short movie. But I love the idea of leaving off at the battle and picking up in the second installment in such a tense spot.

  33. I think they will break it up after Bella has Nessie, in the book things start to calm down right before Alice has the vision for the final scene, The 2nd BD can start wth Bella, Jacob and Nessie hunting when Irina sees them. I think that would be the best cut off point. BD has 2 climaxes one where Bella has Nessie and is turned, then the final fight scene. I think it can be done, and still be great.

  34. Okay, Breaking Spawn should definitely not be made into a movie LET ALONE TWO.

    Come on. I’m still uneasy about the Deathly Hallows being made into two movies and that’s a 750 page epic and action packed novel which happens to be one my favorite books of all time.

    BD doesn’t have enough usable material for one movie. People think because it’s long that because it’s 700 pages it has enough material for two movies. As I recall, there were about 100 pages describing a wedding and a honeymoon, 30 with Bella discovering her pregnancy, 200 from Jacob’s POV describing Bella being pregnant, 30 of the most disgusting birth in the history of the planet, 100 describing Bella’s new life with demon spawn from said cesarean, 200 pages of boring and useless battle prep, and another 100 describing said nonexistent battle.

    This is likeee, the worst idea. Ever.

    • I 100% agree. Now I don’t want to seem like a twilight hater, b/c I’m not. I LOve twilight. I have been since the first book.

      NOw on to my point. BD is really a short plot that was very very dragged on. I mean the first book could not be a movie. It’s just detail about a wedding, a honeymoon, and a pregnancy. The detail is great for the book, but not for the big screen.
      The second book is just more detail about Jacbo growing closer to Bella and then Nessie being born and Jacbo imprinting on her. I hate to say this but that’s just not enough for a movie. And to fill the a hour or two the film would have to be dragged on and that would just be really boreing.
      ONe movie is enough the plot is simple… wedding (which includes the honeymoon and pregnancy),and new born that gets ready for a battle that doesn’t happen.

      Love the twilight saga, but one movie is good

  35. Oh, and they really need to stop copying Harry Potter.

    HP is something that Twilight will never be.

    • They’re not really copying Harry Potter. Before Breaking Dawn came out, Stephenie was asked about it translating into film. She said she thought it should be cut into two separate movies.

      • And even before that happened, it was announced that HP was going to be two movies.

      • Uhh no. It’s a stupid idea.

        The critics AND the fans are going to hate it. I mean, the movies are always worse that the books, honestly, Breaking Dawn was terrible. Poorly written, bad plot lines, it was just BAD, even worse than the rest of this mediocre at best series.

        They’re going to regret it.

        • That u r a HP fan, I got it… but for u compare the both series, is plain stupid. C’omom, I love HP too, but I don’t forget that is different plot for each serie. The thing: is poorly written, really? I don’t think so, actually the serie is written in a simple way, that’s explain all success (& all sore grapes of some ppl): u don’t need to be a snob to enjoy a good story. period.

          Just 1 more thing, be careful the way u put your opinon. 😉

          • I guess I wouldn’t expect someone to think Breaking Dawn was poorly written when they, themselves have horrible grammar, spelling and punctuation. Which happen to be some of the elements that people who dislike Breaking Dawn first point out.

            The story itself (Minus the excess of details that were hardly vital) is fine, it could have been trimmed down to half of its size and be a great book. Instead, Stephenie Meyer decided to drag out areas of the book, and gave the end of the story the “short end of the stick”. Introduce new characters and then leave us hanging as to what happens to them after the Volturi are gone. I mean, I like happy endings, everyone does, but what was the point in leading the reader through all that suspense and leaving them on edge to have nothing happen at the end of the book?

        • Amen

  36. Erin, the redhead says

    I LOVE the fact that it’s going to be 2 movies. I was really worried that it wouldn’t work out.

    “Look, Bella and Edward have a wedding. And in the next scene, Jacob imprints on some girl named Nessie who, weirdly enough, is the daughter of Bella and Edward.”

    Needless to say, I am really excited/happy about the two movie thing. 🙂

  37. Well, can’t say I’m surprised with BD being broken into two parts, it has more material to warrant the split compared to the final Potter book, IMO.

    Personally, I think it should split somewhere around the birthing scene, and pick up after Bella’s change/is waking up for the last time.

  38. I’m not entirely pleased with the idea of Breaking Dawn being a movie. After reading it, I was hesitant and I still am. Would I see it to see how Summit and the actors rise to the challenge? Absolutely, I’ll respect them that much more for even attempting it.

    But at the same time, Breaking Dawn’s a different animal which creates challenges that just don’t seem like they’ll translate well. Enough of the fans missed the mark Stephenie intended and that was on paper. I’m a little worried about what will happen when you try and put that on film.

    I think Nessie is going to be the biggest challenge. I assume they’ll have a bigger budget by the time BD hits theaters but it has so much potential to turn out badly.

    If I were a director and the studio was pushing for two films, I’d want to cut it immediately after the birth/when Jacob imprints. However, there was a lot of stuff in Breaking Dawn that was almost gratuitous Bella and Edward fluff that was meant for the fans to enjoy, so if you cut that down you can most likely manage one film that’s just pretty long.

  39. Hey guys just a thought……

    What if Breaking Dawn is going to be ONE movie, and perhaps, SM is helping them write a 5th movie for events that would happen AFTER BD? BD was my favorite book and it left me hanging with questions, like what happens with nessie and jacob? How is life as a vamp for bella? do the V ever return? etc. I would much rather they CONTINUE the story somehow than make 2 BD movies.

    • as much as I would love that to happen, I really believe that S.Meyer would first publish her book, to tell HER story with her own words and POV, not as a collaborative work with other screenwriters/producers/directors/whatever…

    • so much has been said already.

      If they are debating so much about it at summit, and they are being so protective, it´s because they care, and any decision they make, i hope will be for the best, always staying true to the story and with the same actors please!!!!!

  40. One thing they can do which will help spread the story out a little is show some of the stuff Alice and Jasper were doing while they were away. Show them in the jungles looking for help, etc…

  41. Lily Cullen says

    I don’t think Breaking Dawn should be two movies, it seems unnecessary. I loved the book, it’s my second favorite but not everything has to be in the movie. All the books are big, but a lot of it is Bella describing how amazing Edward is, or how worried she is about everyone, take those parts out and you cut the books in half! Breaking Dawn could be a two and half hour movie, but two parts? Nah. The third part of the book is interesting when you read it, but I don’t think it’s movie-visual. I don’t think non-readers will be happy about simply getting to see different vampires strolling around the Cullen’s home.

  42. I love BD, but I actually would like it better if they didn’t split it. I mean, if they wanted to make it a rated R movie, then make it two movies. But if they want to make if PG-13 so Stephenie can actually see it, then they need to cut out most of Bella’s pregnancy and birth. If they are splitting it (which is TOTALLY copying Harry Potter), the best place to do it is at the end of Jacob. Like a great cliffhanger will be like flashes between Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and everyone gathering around Bella. It should cut to black as soon as Bella opens her red eyes. That would be epic.

  43. I agree that Breaking Dawn will be the most difficult of the books to transform into a movie. If done right I think it will be the most exciting. There’s no possible way to take this book and make one movie without disappointing just about every fan of the series. They will most certianly have to break this up into two films, which in itself creates additional complications(where to break it up, shoot back to back or wait, length of time between each release). I also think Rating is another big complication. What was missing from the first three books is front and center in the final one: Sex. Also the birth scene is very brutal and bloody. While the fans of this books span all ages, there is no denying the size of the under 17 year old fan base. Summit must stay as true the book as possible while staying as far away from an R rating as possible.

  44. Well, I’m definitely not a fan of Breaking Dawn so I couldn’t care less.. My focus is on Eclipse and I have a feeling it will be the best movie of the Saga..
    Mark my words 🙂

  45. I’ve always envisioned the end at Bella’s transformation. I can just see the end with Jacob walking down the stairs and impressing Nessie and then fading to black as we hear Bella’s heart slowing and then finally stopping…. And then in the black we hear a heart start again, only this time it’s faster.

    Then the second one would start with her on fire. Flashing back and forth between her writhing in pain and her being absolutely still. Probably with the credits rolling, but that’s okay as long as the difference is stark.

    And Breaking Dawn has plenty of drama. Everyone seems to forget about the Wolf pack wanting to attack the Cullens and kill Bella and the baby. That’s plenty of action for part 1, then you have of course all the Voluturi drama and threat in part 2. PLENTY of things going on to fill two movies.

    • Sounds PERFECT! I think too many people dismiss BD because its not what they thought it would be, but I loved it! The action in the 1st and 2nd book deal with the wedding, honeymoon, and pregnancy BUT also the wolves reaction, Jacob splitting from the pack, the Cullen’s trying to figure out WHAT Bella is having, plus Bella and Rosalie’s relationship (and funny exchanges with Jacob) beg to be onscreen. The 3rd book (2nd movie) would be where the immortal children stories come in, we see Bella the Vamp, Charlie’s reaction “the human veil start to slip away”, Alice leaving unexpectantly, and the big Volturi battle. As for those who are SOOOO upset about no one dying and the non-fight; don’t we all preach that violence is not the answer? Why all the distain over a resolution based on logic rather than physical violence and dominance?

      The cliffhanger wouldn’t be bad, look at the cliffhanger that the Matrix 2 left us with! They could film as if one movie and release in two.

      (You know, going over all that happens in BD, 1.haters should read it again because it was REALLY good. 2. It has to be 2 movies!)

    • I was thinking, if they film the entire thing at one time and only break up the release thereby making “two movies” wouldn’t it be easier to get the original actors to agree/sign, same filming time but bigger paycheck?

    • Twimomella says

      HA, Ha, Ha. Great minds think alike I posted that exact same thing on my bookclub site. Go Twifans!

  46. I’m liking the sound of this. I’m very happy they’ll split Breaking Dawn into two movies. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but it’ll be fantastic. I agree there were some parts of the novel that I didn’t appreciate a lot, but I really love Nessie. She’s the little angel who gives an end to all of the problems in Bella’s life. I adore Renesmee. It’ll be so hard to find a child smart enough to portray her. Actually, they’ll have to cast many children since Nessie grows so fast. It’s going to be really tough. Good luck to Summit.

  47. I’m a little torn. If they split it into two movies I can see the potential for dragging it out but BD does have 2 climax points, Bella’s pregnancy/birth and the impending doom of the Volturi. I don’t think all the details matter so much as the climax points. I think one movie with two totally different climax points would be confusing and not flow very well. But two movies…they would have to make sure and keep the pace up during the pregnancy and also during the happy times with Nessie. I think a good breaking point would be to show from bella’s perspective to have her open her eyes as a vampire then have it end as a cliff hanger.

  48. I agree with keeping bd one movie…it was my least favourite of the whole lot. it had a few interesting points, but not enough to make two films. Summit definitely needs to contact Peter Jackson for some CGI help, if Nessie is not on point, I believe that will ruin a good deal of people’s expectations for this installment. I think that if another movie is a must, then life after BD should be it. Meyer left enough for melissa rosenberg to write up a followup story, there are so many characters to choose from.
    What happens to jacob and Nessie?
    How’s nahuel (although, i don’t really care about him as much)
    Do they ever leave Forks?
    How’s Charlie and Renee taking not knowing what bella is? If they find out, how does the voturi handle it?
    How’s the volturi? What did they do with Gianna?

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