Meet Boo Boo Stewart

The Parents Examiner, Kim Sherman, has a piece featuring Boo Boo Stewart, Seth in Eclipse.

“Digging further into the background of newly cast Boo Boo Stewart as the highly anticipated role of Seth Clearwater reveals a bubblegum star with quite an established fan base of tweens, making him a perfect presentation for the role of Seth. Without the stigma of a trademarked name, but with a bit of a following, the casting of Boo Boo as Seth sounds like a perfect fit.

Aside from random roles in a variety of flicks, the fresh-faced teen has a blossoming musical career and has modeled, most recently, for Kohl’s; his multi-faceted background mirrors that of his multi-talented Eclipse cast members.”

See the rest on the Parents Examiner.

Also, add Boo Boo on Twitter at It’s actually a Twitter shared by various members of his family who are all in the entertainment business.


  1. Bella Swan says:

    I used to think BooBoo wasn’t going to make a good Seth. Now that I’ve learned more about him and whatched a million vids of him, I think he would make a good Seth. I don’t think any other actr could be better. I haven’t seen the film yet, so how will any of us know till then. God, why can’t they come out faster!!!??? He’s cute! Mini Taylor. Love ya Lexicon! Love ya Steph and Seth! Love Twilight!

  2. Can anyone look at this kid and not aww loudly?! He is completely adorable. And, despite being in an RnBish tweens group, he’s won a lot of respect from me for listening to 70s rock. It’s good to hear AC/DC in the background (:

  3. Magdalena says:

    BooBoo?.. Yogi’s friend?.. o_O It’s cute now, but imagine 40year old “BooBoo”… 8D

  4. Magdalena says:

    Aaah, ok – Nils Allen sounds much better 8)

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