Enough With the Twilight Bashing Already!

The Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell, has written a piece about how the media bashing of Twilight has gotten ridiculous. Obviously Twilight does not appeal to everyone, but do we see the same type of critique applied to mostly male driven items?  Are conventioners in Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or other events constantly questioned as to how they choose to spend their money?

To Amanda we say “Rock on, sister! Rock-on!”

“That’s it. Somebody has to say it. Enough with the passive aggressive Twilight fan-bashing already.

Today, an article by the Frisky’s Nikki Dowling has effectively taken a place as the 1,037,394th (rough estimate, naturally) article writer to take a stab at fans of the Twilight series and their interest in becoming an active community.

For months, it has been a running gag. Media outlets post snippets of information about the Twilight series, its cast, the studio involved, and the fans, but they do so under the auspices of irritation. An air of accomplishment accompanies their snarky remarks about fans of the series.

Today’s article is a prime example of that incessant patronization.”

You really want to read the rest of this right here on Twilight Examiner.


  1. AnnieCullen says:

    I agree I’m tired of the Twilight Bashing. I recently went to the Chicago Comic Con early August. There were 3 New Moon Stars There Cameron(Alec) Christopher(Marcus) and Alex(Paul). I got the pleasure of meeting all 3, they are all sweethearts..anyways. I went to the Q&A w/ my sister (A twilight fan). As we were leaving the Q&A there was a line of ppl waiting for the next one (STAR WARS). When we walked by they were like “We need to wait for these weird twilight ppl to get out of the way”..seriously? we’re weird? ok..sorry but they’re the ones wearing full costumes that cover the body…and they dress as Chewbaca..and other characters that look out of this world. It upsets me when ppl bash me for liking Twilight. I don’t attack anyone for loving or spending money on what they love….IT NEEDS TO STOP!

  2. im a really sick of it too. I dont know why people bash the Twilight fans?? They never bash the Harry Potter fans or the Star Wars fans?? Nothing that big would be anything without the fans. So why are we always targated?? Its unfair and im sick of it. Twilight might not be real but niether is alot of things. So let them bash all they want but it wont matter when the ones bashing become fans themselfs 🙂

    • Star Wars and the HP fandom did get hated on. It’s because Twilight is the new, popular fandom that’s why they are hating on it. The hating is pathetic in my opinion.

    • I think the Twi-bashing is especially bad because it is geared more towards women (although my husband is a fan… he’s a bigger star wars fan though) Sci-fi is generally a male based genre and we are invading their territory. How dare we go to Comic Con! I think that place could use a little more estrogen.

  3. papermoon says:

    er…yes, actually all those fandoms get made fun of. who on earth *doesn’t* know those fans get made fun of??!! its a staple on late night TV shows to make fun of trekkers and star wars fans.

    i’m a huge star trek fan and constantly get flack because of it from non-fans(lots of jokes about me being the only female most of the fans have ever seen in person, etc). in fact, i’d say that star trek/star wars fans get made on a lot more than any other fandom. D&D fans get made fun of a lot, too.

    people just like to make fun of anything they don’t understand and aren’t a part of that appeals to others . simple truth of the matter.

    • Why though would star wars and star trek fans bash twi fans? aren’t we all supposed to be in the same boat?
      I understand there are some rivalries between trek and wars fans over which is better, just like i have friends who are buffy fans and think that angel is somehow better than Edward.
      but there’s no competion between Twilight, Star trek and Star Wars… so why the hating?

      • For me, this is exactly the problem. I understand why all these fandoms get bashed at one time or another. Heck, I’ve BEEN in other fandoms before Twilight. I know everyone loves to tell geeks to get a life, and that they have bad taste in fiction.

        But then WHY do the regular Comic Con attendees heckle anyone wearing a Twilight shirt in the exhibit hall? (And yes, they did, both to my sister and myself.) We’re all geeks there! I mean, I’ve attended Comic Con before Twilight even existed, and I never received that kind of treatment before. My sister swore she’d never wear a Twilight shirt to a multi-fandom con again.

        I know I don’t always understand other people’s fandoms, but I don’t snark endlessly about them. I can’t go two clicks on LiveJournal without seeing anti-Twilight comments from other users, many of whom are in the same fandoms I’m in. It’s kind of ridiculous.

        Fans are fans. We’re all uncool. I would never bash HP or Star Wars or Star Trek (heck, I enjoy all three). Honestly, I think people like that need to wake up and realize how hypocritical their behavior is. They don’t have to like Twilight, obviously, but there’s no reason to bash another fandom just for the sake of bashing it.

        • I think the problem is that some people in other fandoms take themselves very seriously and they just don’t think that Twilight is a ‘proper’ fandom. Because it has mainly female fans, we don’t necessarily act the same way as they do and that causes them to look down on us. It’s a kind of snobbery really.

          • papermoon says:

            actually, i don’t think it has anything to do with it being a mostly female fanbase. i think it has more to do with the overzealous rob-stalking hysterical masses that tend to make the majority of non-fans think that we’re all freaking insane. its sad, actually. all the same- different fandoms do weird things too, though its usually in the direction of dressing up in cosplay.

            people will bash things they aren’t a part of. it happens in everything- not just twilight. i mean- look at sports- people bash each other over that all the time. ST and SW fans clash. people who play D&D or MTG get picked on all the time. this is just the way it is. we’re all a bunch of dorks.

            i personally like being a dork, and consider myself a more rounded and creative person for liking a variety of things. =)

            really- that long blurb was more to say that ALL FANDOMS GET MADE FUN OF! all of them! twilight’s just the new kid on the block, and twi-fans are just not used to it the way other fandoms are.

          • I basically agree, except that I’m not new to fandoms or bashing at all. Personally, I’ve never experienced the level of bashing I’ve had to deal with as a Twilight fan, and it’s mostly from other kinds of fans. I just wish that the fandoms would tolerate each other, at least, since we’re all geeks in one way or another… But I know that’s kind of an unrealistic way of looking at things.

            Ah well, a girl can dream, I guess! Anyway, it’s not like I’ll stop liking Twilight because of it. 😉

      • This was a really great article! I left a comment thanking Amanda for her insight. It’s nice to hear someone finally point this out.

        My personal opinion is that, while other fandoms do get bashed, I’ve never seen quite so much mocking online and in real life for a single fandom before. (This is just based on my own experience, though.) I mean, even the fans from other fandoms snark endlessly about it. Not to mention the constant prejudice from fellow book readers…

        I have a theory about why this happens, but it’s complicated, not to mention just a theory. So I won’t get into it here. 😉 In any case, I think it would be nice if people who didn’t like Twilight just left it alone, instead of wasting their time by upsetting people who enjoy it.

  4. Have the people realised that by bashing what others like, they are in turn being bashed by what they like?
    Unless, they have never been a fan of s successful fiction before, that will explain a lot.
    HP and Star Wars fans have been bashed before, the media and others have merely shift their attention to Twilight because it’s “in” right now.

  5. All Lord of the Rings fans I know of are female. Odd choice for the list.

  6. I usually hide my love for Twilight ’cause so many people automatically think I’m some crazy, obsessed fangirl who’s brain is filled with all things “OMG Edward Cullen is so hawttt!!1” 24/7 if I reveal I’m an avid fan. It’s embarrassing.

    • yeah me too i love twilight but im afraid to admit it to people because i know they’ll make fun of me and expect me to just be this geek who never talks about anybthing expet for how absolutely hawt edward and jake are and why i love vampires so not many people know about how much i like twilight expect my best friends who love it also

      • RAINDROPS and twifriend WHO HAS NO NAME>>> Guys who cares what peeps think? u shouldnt be ashamed for enjoying the things that you both like..ITs not a crime to be a fan of something..YOU can read/listen to what makes you happy.Admit that your a twifan no harm done.If they dont like it than who cares life is too short for us mortals/muggles..Next time leave a name twifriend.Have fun and be PROUD!!!!!

  7. Yeah I agree that LOTR is an odd choice for that…

    Anywho bashing will never end…it’s a person’s way of expressing their distaste for something and I’m sure many twilight fans do it to other shows/movies/games etc without even realizing it, it’s just going to happen.

  8. The bashing definitely needs to stop. We’re stimulating the economy, dangit! :]

  9. you know who’s 100% JEALOUS of Twilight? STEPHEN KING!!! wwhy is he so rude? Just because his horror books are hits, why should he disparage Stephanie Meyer and say she can’t write worth a darn?

    • Finally someone else agrees with me!! Stephen King is a jerk!!!! Down with the toad!!!!!!

    • yess!!!! he has such a serious problem Stephanie Meyer is the only author who has ever wrote a book that i not only liked but could NOT stop reading and they are still the only books that i can stand to read so for her to write well enough to get me reading them non-stop she’s gota be an AMAZING writer!!

    • Don’t be stupid. Stephen King has no reason to be jealous of Meyer. He has sold 300 million+ books and has no reason to be jealous. That is simply his opinion, a response to a question asked. I may not agree with it, but to bash him for it is completely uncalled for.

  10. Hmm. It’s an interesting topic, because I guess I sort of always put myself on the side of those who generalize the fan-base of Twilight to be screaming 15-year-olds… even though I’m 23 and know at least 10 women my age or older who are huge Twilight fans… in fact I don’t personally know ANY Twilight fans under 17. But that’s sort of part of the fun, for me anyway, the series is so addictive, it sucks you in whether you belong to the intended “teen” audience or not. And frankly, I don’t think anyone can counter the observation that the majority of the audience at any public appearances by the actors is OVERWHELMINGLY loud (and pretty obnoxious) young girls, or at least that’s all you see. (ie. HEAR) But, like was mentioned in above comments, it’s hated on mainly because it’s popular. It’s an easy target. I love it to death, but I have to laugh at it myself. And I have to laugh at myself for loving a teen vampire romance. But that doesn’t stop me from loving it, dammit! 🙂
    As for the suggestion that the Twilight-bashing may be a misogynistic gesture, a reaction to the female-driven nature of the fanbase, I’m not sure I see it that way. I think it’s more about the saturation of Twilight-related everything in the media. I’ll be the first to admit I start hating things unnecessarily when I hear about them ALL the time (hence why I have only NOW started reading the first Harry Potter…) and for others out there who haven’t been engulfed in the Twilight flames, we look like a bunch of hormone-crazed lunatics. I’m okay with that. What is life without passion?
    That being said, I can’t say I disagree with the thought that blatant, snarky, biased journalism (when unaccompanied by humour or at least some attempt at irony) just comes across as juvenile whining with an unfortunate public outlet. It’s unprofessional, and today’s readers are well-informed enough to pick up on it, for the most part. Again, easy target.
    Damn, sorry for the essay :p

    • Thanks for your intelligent and thoughtful ‘essay’, Sylvia. I think you’re right in your assessment that one of the reasons Twilight is so targeted is a)the majority of the very visible fanbase is screaming teenage girls, the likes of which have not been seen probably since Beatlemania and b)Twilight is all over the gossipy tabloids these days. So, very much an overkill situation. There’s always the ‘my obsession is better than your obsession’ mentality, which adds fuel to the fire. It’ll pass eventually. And in the end, what we’ll be left with is not the hoopla of the films or the frenzy about the stars, but the wonder that is Stephenie Meyer’s world she so brilliantly gave us.

  11. a different jen says:

    I get why people who aren’t fans of something might bash us, but it bugs me when other fandom fans bash us. Surely we’re all alike?

    I pity people who don’t have something as cool as Twilight in their lives. They’re the ones who are missing out. I spent most days being a little happier because I have it so the joke is on them.

    I choose to believe that they’re jealous of our passion.

  12. It’s stupid for any people to bash fandoms. Fair enough you don’t like the saga. But if you’re going to express your dislike… then do it in a mature manner.

  13. All fandoms get hated on. I’ve been involved in all three fandoms you mentioned (although LotR Long before there was a movie) so I’ve spent my life dealing with it.

    It’s normal and it will pass. You could alwasy deal with it like the Star Trec people – lighten up and make a joke out of it.

  14. I dunno, I think there is a natural instinct to bash furries…
    In truth, I personally feel that people can take any sort of fandom too far. When I talk to people who know more about A Galaxy Far Far Away, than their own planet, or who have more feelings for the plight of Klingon intergalactic relations, than their own countries relations to other countries, I can certainly see why they get made fun of. Believe me, when you have folks in the UK trying to get the Crown to recognize Jedi as a legitmate religion, I do think there is an issue at hand.

    As a screenwriter, I probably live 70% of my life in a fictional world, with fictional characters, doing fictional things. I love these worlds, but not so much that I want to cast off this world.

    Of course, I’m not saying fandom is bad. All writers, film makers, actors, LOVE to see people loving their work and being devoted to that piece of work. It’s great fun.

    I think what has hurt Twilight fandom a bit, (but will eventually ebb away in a few years) is the over zealouseness of certain fans. I certainly feel sorry for Rob, of whom seems like he walks around with canned screams. He can’t step out in public with out being mobbed by a thousand 16 year-old girls. That has to get on your nerves after a while. People send him letters telling him to behave, what is right, what is wrong, he’s an example… Does he “deserve” this adoration? Would people even care about him, if he wasn’t playing Edward? What about older women trying to send their under garmets to Taylor… wolves and cougers don’t get a long. :p

    The reality is, this darker side of fandom, comprises only a small portion of the real fans, but unfortunately they are the ones that make headlines, because of the extremes they will go to to make the fantasy world real.

    Because of this, I don’t see fandom bashing ending anytime soon.

    However, my personal view has always been thus, who cares what people say? So what if they make fun of you for what you like. It is your right, enjoy it. You’re the one who is happy. 🙂

    • EXACTLY! It’s just the small percent of Twilight fans that are crazed that deserve the bashing but we all have to suffer because of them. If your going to obsess over Twilight, be mature about it. I agree with Noah, why does it matter what people say?

    • Hell!!!! u r soooo right! & to be honest I don’t give a crap to whoever bashes on Twilight, ‘cuz most of the humans being are like this: bash in what they don’t know or understand… but I can’t agree with u ’bout some “fans” stalkering Rob, or worse that odd lady giving her er… garment to Taylor… so Lame!!!! However these r not fans these r kind of sick obsessive behaviour from some ppl who called themselves as fans.

      • I agree with you. Leave it to some fans who spoilt the whole experience for the rest of us.

        Unfortunately, they are ones who got into the gossip news and then it become this mess where “every Twilight fan” is deem as immature andscreaming fan-girls.

  15. the twilight hating really does get old. i HATE getting on sites like youtube and reading comments on the new trailer, for example, and people are like “twilight sucks” and stuff. its like they just go out of their way to diss it. i mean, why else would they take the time to go to a twilight video and leave a comment…

  16. cullenbound says:

    get a life if you dont like twilight it is your choice but for those of us who do why do they keep trying to spoil it for us.

  17. Mary Woodson says:

    To address one of Frisky’s Nikki Dowling’s uninformed “predictions”, about “everyone there will be under 15”, I am a 59 year old educated professional earning a six-figure salary. I absolutely love the Twilight series and I know there are many others like me out there. I have the series on my Amazon Kindle and I don’t leave home without it. Anyone who appreciates a well written story of true love, forgiveness, understanding, friendship and triumph will agree. Oh yeah, and by the way Nikki, this 59 year old will be in line with the other 15 and under females for the opening of New Moon on November 20.

  18. Who cares if they make fun of people who like twilight? the main reason they don’t bash the trekies or the star wars fanatics is because they just don’t care what other people think. they like what they like and nothing ells matters.

  19. Why do you have to make a big deal out of all this bashing? Let them bash if they want- it’s none of our business.

    • ok umm lyn u said:Why do you have to make a big deal out of all this bashing? Let them bash if they want- it’s none of our business.
      1. if someone is bashing me and saying i’m things i’m not i’m pretty sure its my business and
      2.if u can’t say something nice sat nothing at all

  20. I follow Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob) on Twitter. I don’t suggest anyone under 18 follow him, btw. Anyway he defended Twilight fans from even his own fans that were tweeting and griping about all the twi-hards at ComicCon just recently. He said anything that gets people reading more is a good thing and the twi-hards are no different than other geeks. Yay for Kevin Smith!

  21. GO AMANDA !! If people dont like Twilight THEN DONT READ IT !!!!

  22. I agree with Twilight ‘bashing.’
    If only for that fact that we do infact insult others taste, and others obsessions. So it would not be fair to just make everyone stop bashing it.
    Also I admit to insult the books myself, and I am a guilty fan at heart (I have been since the first book came out, although I never actually truly got into it till New moon, Cheesy cliche romance did not appeal to me when I was 12).
    However, the twilight series is extremely easy to insult. Most of its own fanfiction is better written.

  23. 1. Having been to a Creation event, I was completely offended by the characterization. I am tired of the Twilight bashing and the refusal or willful ignorance that allows these people to see that Twilight has just as many adult fans (who made up the majority of the Creation event). Summer School in Forks was geared towards adults specifically!

    2. I am sorry to say it but yes, it is in part a case of gender bias. I came to this realization last year when The Watchmen movie was about to be released. I had to listen to reviewers ohh and ahh over the movie adaptation of a comic that that is “truly great literature” yet at the same time hear Twilight be bashed for bad writing. That movie got a huge budget because is was a male oriented action movie and Twilight was made on the cheap with the producers only hoping to break even.

    3. I am tired of the bashing, but I won’t let it stop me from enjoying the fandom. My DD was watching some clips from ComicCon and seeing the Twilight hate and said “gee, its like the geeks are mad the cool kids crashed their party”.

    • Well Jenn “The Watchmen” was innovative for its time, and many writers and comic book fans do regard it as a truly great piece of literature, because it is. As for the movie… I don’t care how big a budget they had, it still sucked.

      As for a lot of people not regarding Stephenie Meyer’s work as an epic masteriece of literature that should be worshiped across the globe…

      Okay folks, as a Twilight fan (and yes I’m a guy, blonde one too, and yup its natural) I will readily admit that as much as I loved the series (read it through three times as of right now same as HP series) I had several problems with Steph’s writing, story structure, and formula. If you’d like I could list all the problems I had with her books.
      This is by far the biggest pet peeve I have with other Twilight fans. They get all riled up because another writer disliked her stories…at least they READ them. Stephen King has EVERY right to say she’s a horrible writer, but that will also depend largely on what criteria he’s judging her works by. I almost laughed when somebody said, he was just jelouse. Stephen King is loaded, he’s very successful, and there are people still eating up his 3000 page books with stories that could have been resolved in 30 pages, but then again you would have missed out on the love affair the main character’s best friend’s cousin’s nephew, had with a chicken named Edna… I am not a King fan… I assure you. :p

      In reality, because of Steph’s sudden success, she is being placed on a higher calibur than let’s say a lower classed writer. If you compared her works to other author’s who’ve been writing as long as she has, yeah…she’s a freaking goddess… but when compared to the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, or even J.K. Rowlings, the outcome isn’t going to be good. That is the price of sudden success though. Stephenie’s dealing with the big fish, but people, that is a GOOD thing.

      As a writer (screenwriter/ script consultant) I LOVE to be praised, but in truth, it is the critiques, even the really negative ones, that help develop my work the most. You see if a person gives me critical analysis, that means that they are A. paying attention, B. actually reading it, and C. are thinking about it.

      Critiques that are useless are those where a person hasn’t read it at all, and just states that it sucks.

      Another key factor here though, is that Hollywood is dominated by males. Most screenwriters are males between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. HOWEVER, a secret that I’ve known for a long while now, is that you should NEVER underestimate the power of teen girls. I remember sending Lautner an e-mail a long while back, when he was just cast as Jacob Black, stating that Twilight, despite the budget, was going to be huge… I “prophesied” that it would bring in around $300,000,000… I wasn’t wrong. New Moon could bring in that and more. You see the last movie that was geared towards teen girls was Titanic… and you know what, it made over a billion dollars, despite (in my humble opinion) being one of the worse movies I’d ever seen.

      Despite all of this, they still don’t focus on the teen girl factor… It is like they can’t make a teen girl themed movie, that doesn’t have to do with bubbly music, kittens, flowers, and an Olsen Twin.

      I for one, ain’t going to ignore the demographic. It is lucrative…

      HOPEFULLY, Hollywood will catch on…

      Then again, they also ignore the Christian demographic despite the low budget “Passion of the Christ” making Mel Gibson a god.

      I hope Hollywood will catch on…

      In the meantime… Stick to your guns Twilighters!

      • I completely agree with your assessment of the Watchmen, I loved the book! I even liked the movie, probably because I had the book as a reference point. I was simply using it as a comparison. I hope you are right about Hollywood catching on to women being capable of spending at the movies. I saw Watchmen and I usually see all of the big budget action movies. There were very few big names at ComicCon that I am not a fan of, but as a female, I feel that in those fandoms, I am the oddity. I am often treated as just being a part of it because of my husband. Twilight, even with its few male fans, has provided a fandom that values the female opinion and where I can be comfortable.

        As for writing skill, the mechanics of Stephenie’s writing may not be the best, her work do have literary value and I believe that is often overlooked. John Granger (www.fhsprofessor.com) writes extensively on the subject and does a far better job than I can. I don’t mind other people not liking the Twilight series, I just do not want to feel like I need to defend myself because I do.

  24. Hear hear! This article says it all in an articulate manner that a lot of us can’t achieve.
    The thing that gets me is how Twilight haters expect us, the fans, to be tolerant of their opinions. (I’m getting most of this from my other most frequent site: Yahoo Answers, which is a horrible example of Twilight hating). They’ll get so angry when we try to dispute their opinions, and yet they consider themselves “superior” and “more intelligent” just because they love Twilight.
    I even saw a question on there where a person was bashing another user, a mom, who read Twilight because they said that an adult shouldn’t be reading it. They said they should restrict themselves to Shakespeare and all of the classics.
    What happened to being allowed to enjoy yourself? Why can’t we read something for pleasure and just say that we liked it without it having literary merit?

    On an entirely different note, I personally think that the main reason Twilight is hated is because of the fad, which was caused by people who read it just to be part of that fad. They’re the ones who go around going “OMGGGG!!! EDDDWAAAAARRRRRDDDd is SOOOSOSOOOOO HOTOTTTTTTT!”
    That’s what gives Twilight its bad name. Not us intelligent fans.
    Anyone agree?

  25. And another little thing-has anybody noticed the Twilight haters tend to be the ones that typ lyk this and don’t even try to be articulate? Does THAT give them a higher level of intelligence?

  26. i think its just great that while they (the haters) are bashing us (the fans), they are really making us the center of there worlds….so really we should thank them a little….

  27. christabell says:

    Thanks to Amanda for writing such a great article that addresses such a horrible trend. Unfortunately there will always be people that like to dismiss and make fun of anything good in this world. The fact that some of them get paid to write/blog their opinions on how all of Twilight fandom are crazed, hormone enraged teenagers is what makes me sick. These so-called “journalists” just repeat the same crap over and over and it is that unintelligence that makes me wonder if they ever felt passionate about anything in their life. And if they did…maybe they need to think back to how that felt and how they would’ve felt if someone came along and bashed or made fun of those feelings. I’m glad I found the Twilight saga and none of this endless dribble from the money hungry media outlets or journalists are going to make me regret it.

  28. Most of the basher haven’t even read a page of any of the Twilight books, I’m almost sure of it.
    I think a lot of them are male (old and teens). Teen males are probably just jealous because they can’t get the girls to love them like they do Rob and Taylor or Edward and Jacob!!! LOL!!

    • I also find a lot of teen males think it’s uncool and soppy to admitt they have even seen the movie never mind reading any of the books. Their loss I’m afraid, I’m an Electrical Engineer in my 40’s and work in extreme and explosive environments. Most of the older guys I work with have enjoyed the Movie and a couple more have read the books.
      As I say, their loss.

  29. I’m a Twilight fan and it annoys me to no end the obnoxiousness of all of the crazy fans that yell until they’re sore about everything from the series. It’s just annoying. I’m sure there are the calm fans and such but the media only sees the crazy ones who freak out at a picture of Robert Pattinson’s left toe.

  30. ok i’m a twilight fan and i don’t like hp or star trek or star wars or wutever those other series r called but i don’t bash other ppl who like them (well except my cousin but thats not rilly bashing just teasing him cause he likes hp but he does the same 2 me 4 being a twilight fan and i’m not being serious and niether is he we’re just teasing like we always do) its just soo stupid 2 hate ppl and stereotype them just cause they like something i mean yeah i screamed when i saw the nm trailer cause i scream when i get excited its the same if my volleyball team wins or if something good happens like getting an a on a rilly hard test or if i’m on a roller coaster or if my little sister makes me mad if someones a fan of something don’t hate them 4 it nobody sees the fans who just love the books cause they’re good books they only see the crazy ones who yell about anything that ever happens whatever happened 2 if u can’t say something nice say nothing at all?

  31. LaTuaCantante says:

    Wow it’s a cruel world out there. I’m still proud to be a Twilight fan. It bugs me that articles always assume that it’s teenagers who are fans. I’m married, I have my MBA, I’m a full-time mom and a career woman, and all my peers are Twilight fans which includes women and men. Someone seriously needs to go out into the general public and perform a poll on what a “normal” Twilight fan consists of because I’m sick of being categorized in the teenage group. No offense to the teenage Twilight fans out there because they rock too but can’t we get so real facts out in these articles? Why do they publish such false writings?

    I’m sure Harry Potter fans get the same comments we do regarding age groups and I know many adults who are avid Harry Potter readers and fans.

  32. Not only do non-twilighters bash the Twilight Saga but young Twilighters bash on older fans. I am sick and tired of hearing people say Twilight is for kids (it’s not cereal) and/or calling me “cougar”. Even if I swoon over Taylor, so what, I’m not dead.

    • I agree with everything you said! I am 32 and hate to hear my DDs friends explain how they “let” their mom read Twilight. Excuse me!?! My own DD is not so bad, she knows that she only benefits from my (sometimes overzealous) interest, but she says its weird to hear older women talk about hot men. I just tell her that it doesn’t matter if your eighty, hot is hot. Men have been doing it for years.

      I could be wrong, but I also think most of the screamers are more movie fans than primarily book fans. I like both, but the book is still superior.

  33. The original article in question was saying that the books were enjoyable but that the selling out has gotten out of control. I tend to agree. I mean lipgloss, really? It has become a way to sell anything to young girls (I don’t believe the thirty-somethings who are fans are as likely to buy the stuff). But I guess it’s no different than other movie merchandise.

    • I am 32 and I buy way more Twilight stuff than my 14 yr old DD. Other movies do it, why not Twilight? Star Wars toys and merchandise have been around for how long now?

  34. As a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings as well as Twilight, I have to agree with the people who say that all sci-fi fans tend to get bashed by those who think they are ‘weird’.

    The major difference with Twilight is that the majority of the fans are young females whereas most sci-fi fandoms are very much male-dominated. In particular, it is mainly men who go to the conventions (I’ve never been to one).

    So the Twilight phenomenon is both new and different – two things that leave it wide open to ignorant, stereotyped criticism by the media and by some fans of other books/films/series who feel uncomfortable with a female-oriented fandom.

  35. I think this is all too ridiculous. I mean if someone doesn’t like something, they don’t need to express themselves out loud. Just keep it to yourself. Why is that so hard?

  36. This is all just so immature. Granted, I AM 15, but I’m not a squealing, crying, teen-magazine-reading, stubborn tween. I started reading the book back when it first came out, when I was in 5th grade.

    I just don’t get it. I don’t get made fun of for being a Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Star Trek fan. Just Twilight. People really need to get hobbies or something, and maybe they’ll FINALLY have something better to do with their time than bash Twilight.

  37. I read in another News Article (LA Times?) that the reason other Fandoms set up Protests against the Twilight Fans (“Twilight ruined Comic-Con” signs) and ridicule them is because of the IMMENSE amount of twifans coming into their conventions. They were mostly upset because the people in charge of Comic-Con didn’t say ahead of time what days certain presentations would be. So, knowing how overzealous Twilight fans are, they bought the majority of the Comic-Con tickets. There were also complaints about how many fans would go into the venue where the Twilight segment would take place hours beforehand during other presentations and rudely talk, walk in late, interrupt, etc. The reason other fandoms “hate” Twilight fans isn’t really because they’re predominantly female. It has more to do with the fact that CURRENTLY (i emphasize currently) Twilight is waaaay mainstream. They lump Twilight into the same category as those other non-comic book venues that bring an influx of non-comic book reading people.

    *I’m not bashing Twilight, but the over-the-top twilight obsession has REALLY been turning me off from the series I once considered totally awesome.

    • This mentality also bothers me. If you like something, why begin to dismiss it if it becomes mainstream? If it is that easy, did you ever authentically like it in the first place or was it just an opportunity to be counterculture? *Not you personally, but geeks and other alt groups who love to feel like they are on the outside.

      There were many presentations at ComiCon that were not comic book related at all. A lot of tv shows were represented as well.

      • I know — that’s what I’m saying. Twilight is grouped among those other non-comic book, non-scifi presentations. Sure, Twilight is ARGUABLY sci-fi… but that’s not the main focus of the book.

        And about the counterculture thing, I’m not being defensive, or taking it personally, but I was never maniacly obsessed. I loved Twilight enough to come on this website and read news about the books and the movies. I loved it enough to make playlists, and get excited when I saw any Twilight news on tv. However, I am not obsessed enough to freak out if there’s a Hot Topic event in my town. I’m obsessed enough to STALK and HARRASS the actors of the movie, and I’m not obsessed enough to get defensive when someone says that Twilight sucks. Twilight has lost a lot of credibility because we all know not only is it lumped into the “next cool thing” category, it’s also lumped into the “tween thing” category. Everyone knows this is true in the eyes of the media. I also understand why people at Comic-Con would be upset. How would you feel if you were a die-hard comic book reader/collector DYING to go to Comic-Con, but missed out on getting tickets because all of these Twilight fans bought them within an hour to only see ONE segment. I guess what Summit’s doing now with their own Twilight conventions is good, and would be more considerate to the other fandoms. Even though Summit, being a money-hungry studio, will definetly NOT pull out Twilight from Comic-Con.

    • If the Twilight Saga/franchise is such a ‘problem’ causing element at Comic-Con and the organizers feel the same way as the die hards then CHANGE the criteria as to Who and What can be represented and displayed at Comic-Con. Force out the Twilight Saga.
      It all sounds like a classic case of sour grapes to me.How come you never hear of Twilight fans being discriminatory or rude to fans of other series?
      Oh, that’s right we’re just not like that.

  38. who’s Stephen King?
    n i think people r just jealous cause theres so many twililght fans all around the world n cause its the “in” thing right now

  39. I’m almost 41 and a Twilight fan. Watching the hysteria, and bashing, of Twilight has been amusing to me, because it’s very very similar to what went on in the 80’s with Duran Duran. Back then, I was a teenager and a HUGE Duranie, and was bashed left and right because of it. I won’t bore you with the details, but now, 20+ years later, it’s been fascinating to compare. But, in essence, there have always been phenomenons that have drawn large passionate crowds. There have always been the detractors who dismiss the phenomenon as fake, “not well written/played/painted/whatever”, or whatever snarky reply they can think of.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if in 20+ years, the newest phenomenon has Twilight fans remembering. 🙂

  40. People stop complaining. This is hollywood. The bashing is not going to stop anytime soon and I don’t think it ever will until the series is over.

    • The series IS over. And besides, the bashing doesn’t just occur within Hollywood; regular, everyday people spend their time bashing Twilight as well.

  41. Obviously people have nothing better to do. I think any fandom is FANTASTIC.

  42. People always mock what they don’t ‘get’. . .
    Besides, I think this is truly the first phenomenon that involves primarily female fans. G** forbid guys,etc.. actually emmulate the gentlemanly ways of Edward’s courting, or genuinely being there for a person through thick and thin like Jake. The male characters in the Twilight Saga raised the bar and girls and women like what they’ve read. They are coming to realize that they don’t have to settle for sludge. There are some truly wonderful guys and men out there waiting for ‘their’ Bella. Most haters are lonely, angry people. Is there any reason we’d expect them to understand or for that matter, care if they do? I say hate away..they don’t have to get it, it’s their loss. Converts are always welcome just leave the hate at the door and walk through with an open mind.

  43. People have been bashing teenage fans for a long time… have ever heard of an article painting the fans of the backstreet boys or new kids on the block in a good light? The Twilight bashing is nothing new to the world, it’s just the next popular thing with teenagers; therefore, the fans get bashed.

  44. I am 44 years old, with two degrees and own my own successful business. I have been on the Twilight bandwagon since last spring when Glen Beck, the conservative talk show host had Stephenie on his show. I hadn’t found much worth reading for sometime and devoured the series. I am not a typical Twilight fan, but I am not a small minority either. I own a retail store and am constantly speaking with Moms and daughters who are enjoying the series TOGETHER!!!! Anything that can bring Moms and daughters together…BRAVO! Also, my 10 year old son asked me if he could read the first book so he could see what all the fuss was about. Now he’s hooked. The reason Twilight gets bashed is because a) it makes money and b) it is the first time a pop-phenom has been female-based. They don’t call it “purse-strings” for nothing! Better be nice or risk losing $$$…..

  45. I live in Taiwan and am proud to say that I picked up the Twilight books not knowning it’s a “teen book”. I read all 4 books because they were beautifully written. Other people who have read this book in my country ranged from teenagers to adults – male and female. “Twilight” is the mainstream pop culture now as was “Elvis” in the 50’s, “Star Trek”, “007”, etc. I caught on each bandwagon. And I’ve never bashed anyone who didn’t share my same taste!

  46. This reminds me of all the crap that’s given to Naruto fans. Its become a shameful thing to like Naruto, much like Twilight, simply because of the stereotypical fans. Its actually strikingly similar. As a fan of both, i hate how much hell i’m given because of it. I don’t like it Edward, (or Sasuke, for what its worth)and i think its flat out stupid to make the assumption that i will.

  47. SM did not write for Twilight for tweens. The publishers decided to market it that way. Tweens are not the only fans of the series. There are plenty of fans that are not teenagers. There seems to be bashing when something becomes very successful. Plus certain people in the media bash it because of SM religion – how many times do they mention she is Mormon? What does that have to do with the series? She wrote a series that people love because the story line draws them in. I also get really tired of the Kristen Stewart bashing. Can not understand that at all.

  48. Twiligher Chick says:

    I’m a TwiNerd . I hate that people are bashing on twilight Fans, Twi Actors or anything twilight! People who are fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, sport teams Etc… Probably think twilight fans are weird or something Because We show it by shirts, bracelet’s, necklaces Etc…. and might think we’re overly crazy twi fans So on whatever fan base they are in. So they should stop we’re the same Crazy , wireds Fans on some fan base thing! And nothing is better than anything the are all equally awesome! I”m Big Fan on many things! So I’m proud to Say I’m a Geek!

  49. Twiligher Chick says:

    Oh sorry on some Grammar Mistakes!


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