Dakota Fanning: NY Times Interview

The New York Times has a brief article and photo gallery featuring Dakota Fanning who they describe as a grounded 15-year-old going on 30.

“Dakota Fanning is so self-possessed and so articulate that the only reminder you’re speaking with a 15-year-old and not someone much older is her occasional tendency to giggle when she’s sharing some droll aspect of her life.”

Check out the full spread on the New York Times.


  1. She is so beautiful! Seeing her recently in “Push” was a treat. She seems to be very level headed and a wonderful actress. I hope that she grows up as one of the “good girls” like Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts. One of those actresses who can play tough roles without resorting to sex in order to sell her talent. Young women need more role models like her and Emma Watson.

  2. It has always been a joy to watch anything she has done! She is a consumate professional with such a good head on her shoulders! ITA about hoping that she maintains her level of professionalism and morals! She is a gifted actress and I hope nothing or no one taints that in her.

    • Wow, she is like the best. I loved her film ‘Push’ as mentioned above! She is so pretty too. I’m so glad that she made it into the twilight saga films as they’re no. 1 on my list. Although it is a shame that a lot of people I know have been confused between her and Dakota Blue Richards even though the only thing they have in common is acting and a first name.

  3. Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress and so good to know that she is so level headed about her career and celebrity status. Not to mention beautiful and has wisdom beyond her years!! Glad to know she was my number one pick for Jane, so excited to see how she will execute this role!

  4. Yay Dakota! I hope she can keep on a non-Lohan track with her life.

    On an unrelated note, why is it that EVERY publication which has a Twilight article refers to “fangs” when SM’s vampires DON’T HAVE FANGS?!?!?! Just a minor pet-peeve that hacks me off.

    • misslelie says:

      OMG!! i know! that is one of my biggest pet peeves too!! Everyones like ooo,vampires… no fangs?? its liek no. just shut up! lol

  5. she always plays the same melancholy roles.

  6. Why are they taking a 16 yo girl and tring to make her look sexy/slut. Come on please let her be the sweet girl she is and give the tweens and teens someone who they really should look up to. For her talent, professionalism and morals. Stop now Miss Fanning, don’t let them do it to you. Learn from your fellow Twilight cast mate, that pictures you take now will haunt you forever.

    • That’s funny, I thought the pics were very tasteful and not slutty. Not showing a lot of skin like Miley…oh, that’s right, Dakota is a legit actress and doesn’t need to do those things, thank goodness! BTW- When I read the books, Dakota was who I pictured in my mind as Jane…Way COOL!

  7. misslelie says:

    I love Dakota, i am 13 years old and right now she is the only respectable role model, like who is else Miley Cyrus??? (Pole Dancing slut that one is.) Dakota is my idol, she a fabulous career and shes only 15! She has more of a career than most hollywood actors right now. Ive seen countless interviews and their right, articulate and aged well beyond her years! She is really pretty too!!

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