Taylor Lautner: Holding Up Under Pressure

Buddy TV has a great article up on how the pressure of New Moon shifts from Tylor Lautner to Robert Pattinson.

“I’m guessing you’ve already picked up the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly, or at the very least, saw the magazine’s feature on New Moon online, as part of their fall movie preview.  To be honest, there weren’t really many new details on the article: it’s stuff we’ve already heard about, from Chris Weitz coming in as director to Taylor Lautner buffing up to become a bulkier Jacob.  And then there are the behind-the-scenes stuff which actually sound fun.  But, in a pretty odd manner, I realized that–unlike in Twilight, where the attention was on Robert Pattinson–this time around, it’s Taylor’s turn on the hot seat.”

Check out the rest of the article and vote on how you feel Taylor is doing on Buddy TV.


  1. Twinutter says:

    YAY thats my taylor!

    but im sure he’s at least a little bit nervous. heck he said so himself he was.

  2. I think Summit have realised that there was too much enphasis on Rob for Twilight and perhaps it wasn’t easy for him and they are definitely steering everyhing Taylor’s way this time round. I know this is a Jacob-centric film, so it makes sense, but they also know Rob is a big draw for fans and they could be pushing it all on him if they really wanted to.

  3. No surprise here. I find Taylor to definitely be up for all that awaits him come November.
    Young enough to yelp and yowl
    Light on his feet and definitely lovable
    Ready for the Team Jake Uprising!

    Only Taylor could play Jacob.
    I can’t wait for New Moon but don’t even get me started on Eclipse! 😉

  4. Jacob’s role in the whole Twi-saga is essential and esp so from New Moon onwards, so naturally Taylor is having his time in the spotlight now. He’s pretty much grown-up in showbiz, tho’, so it’s no surprise if he appears to handle the PR stuff in a more self-assured manner.
    Anyway, I’m quite sure Rob doesn’t mind having the emphasis shifted away from him for abit!

    Having said that, I’m Team Edward-and-Rob all the way; but I’m also looking forward to feeling the Bella-Jacob chemistry in New Moon. 🙂

  5. twiligt saga is amazing and i loved it but said about what happened with rachelle lefevre because she is leaving new moon and eclipse what a shame

  6. I LOVE the twilight series! And Taylor AND Rob. Eclpipse is genius! Taylor, I <3 u! Rob, I <3 u.

  7. well i can see how hard this would be… so many veiwers. But Taylor dont sweat a thing. No matter what WE STILL LOVE YOU. So just chill yourself. <3 Love You Twilight =]]

  8. I love taylor lautner!! He is soo cute! But Rob is wayyy cuter :)) lol actually its a tie 🙂

  9. Oh it was always on Taylor 😉
    Robert is ugly and Edward is a creeper!

  10. i think we’re all pumped for New Moon and Eclipse. Being on team edward myself im happy for extra appearences by Rob, but Taylor seems to have a good grip on jacob and i cant wait to see how that comes out on the big screen.

  11. omg!!!!!!!! i love the twilight series and the cast!

  12. I’m glad Taylor is portraying Jacob.

  13. healinrose says:

    i thik its time for taylor to shine i edwards hot robs not and taylor looks good on and off the screen i just dont want to see him and bella/kristen kiss she falls in love with anyone who show slight intrest in her she must be really desprit.

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