Paul Wesley talks Vampire Diaries and Robert Pattinson Comparisons

On September 10th the CW will debut The Vampire Diaires, a show based on the LJ Smith novels. Paul Wesley is set to play Stefan, the good vampire in comparison to Damon the bad vampire and his brother, played by Ian Somerhalder. recently interveiwed Paul Wesley, talking about his role as Stefan and what we can expect from the show.

Q: In acting terms, the standard for this kind of role now is Robert Pattinson in Twilight. Because of that, is there anything that you’re doing to steer yourself further away from that portrayal?

Paul: Well, prior to shooting the pilot, I had never seen Twilight. I specifically went out of my way to not watch Twilight because I didn’t want it to influence me, in any way, because I knew that it was a similar subject matter. Now, I’ve actually never watched the movie in its entirety, but I’ve seen parts of it. And, I don’t think that it would be wise for any actor to make any judgments on their character, or decisions based on anyone else. If there are similarities to Robert Pattinson’s character in Twilight, so be it.

I take the scripts that Kevin and Julie write, and I do my honest, best portrayal. Any similarities are an after-effect. This is a weekly series, and there’s so much going on. There are so many new relationships. There is a lot going on in the show with vampires, but then there are personal relationships between all the characters. There are non-vampires everywhere.

Q: Who’d win in a fight: Edward Cullen or Stefan?

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  1. anisah loves vamps says:

    im not comparing but cant wait for this show..hopefully it stays true to the book..unlike gg..but i never really read the diaries..i wanted to but i just got caught up with other series..can put it to the back of my mind

    • I haven’t read the books like you, but from what I can understand there have been a few changes with the character histories, and the lead female was changed from a blonde haired/blue eyed to brunette/brown eyes. If the show is any good, I may just read the books sooner to see the differences.

  2. sounds interesting… I’ll put it in my Tivo see what goes.

  3. Serena Welles says:

    I read the Vampire Diaries and fell in love with L.J. Smith’s writing style. I do hope that the series is well done. I’m sure it won’t be as good as the book (if it is, I’ll run through a crowd of crazed fangirls) but I’m hoping that it will be slightly good. But I’m trying not to hope for too much. I wish the best of luck to the actors and to the show. I’ll certainly watch it. ^_^

  4. I read the first book and it’s just like every other story and honestly I DIDN’T FALL IN LOVE WITH ANY OF THE CHARACTERS. I found the story juvenile and a regular high school experience but with a vampire.
    I’ll watch the show because it does look different from the book.

  5. I feel like it was a good idea for Mr. Wesley to stay away from Twilight, it could have influenced his acting and then everyone would be calling him out on it. I can hear it now…”A cheap imitation of RPatz,” and I’ll admit that I would be saying it too, lol.

    To be honest I never read the Vampire Diaries series; to me it didn’t happen to sound interesting. I feel like I can sum it up here: “Pretty, popular girl goes after cool new kid and gets more than she bargained for”…for some it’s Epic for me it was Fail. I’ll probably be looking it up on Wikipedia or something now so I’ll be able to better understand the story line and then decide if I’m going to attempt watching the show.

    On another note, I have two words for you regarding the ‘who would win’ question: Mind Reader.

  6. kehacakes says:

    I loved all of the books except for the latest one.I like Damon best but I tend to gravitate toward the bad boys. I’m pretty excited for this show and I hope it does well.

  7. i cant belive they would question if the writer had seen twilight . the books were released in like 1991.
    these books are amazing,
    i love twilight but this is a real vampire story.
    a real as in the definiton of vampire.

    i love stephenies twist ,
    but these books/tv show is no copy.

    it will be great and i fully intend on watching it .

  8. I know the Vampire Diaries came out before Twilight, but I read the books after Twilight and am not a huge fan. As far as characters go, I don’t like Elena, the heroine, and I definitely like Damen wayyyy more than Stefan (Stefan seems kinda wimpy to me). I will still probably watch to see how they adapt the books.

  9. I will be watching Vampire Diaries due to the fact I have read the books and I am interested in seeing how they portray the characters from them. I love Damen the best just because he is a Bad Boy that can be good on occasion. Stefan does seem like a wimp at times unlike his brother (Edward could kick his butt so easily). These shows should keep Twilight fans busy until New Moon comes out in Theaters…

  10. headache_heartache says:

    Sia and KJ I totally agree with you both. Those books really irritated me, Elena’s character especially. Hopefully she’s cooler in the series, which I will definitely watch.

  11. i hate all these shows… notice that NOW after Twilight became a huge success theyre putting Tru blood and Vamp Diaries on TV cuz they all want money…i know that the books came out before but couldnt they make a show about it after it came out? now they did cuz Vamps are a huge thing

  12. Well, he looks alot older than a teenager, so they must not be expecting it to last….or will they replace the characters every few years like they do Menudo…lol that is one of the challenges of a vampire show, look at Bill in True Blood, I mean, they will have to kill him off soon, he already looks old, and he will only get older…

    • Obviously, you never watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Angel the Series.” Or, heck, even “Forever Knight.” Just because the person playing the vampire starts showing their age doesn’t mean they’ll kill them off… as long as they’re making money, the writers and actors just pretend that the whole aging thing isn’t happening. Welcome to Hollywood mentality.

      – E

      • mschicklet says:

        Sort of like when they recast and act like the new person looks and acts exactly like the old person. Looks so bad, IMO.

    • KAREN bill has to look like that LOL.If u watched the first season sookie says how old are u and he says his age{dont remember} and he said life was difficult in those times, peeps had to grow up quickly and they aged quickly.I think he was changed during the civil war.Not like jazz when he was changed as a young man bill was changed in his thirites. Love both shows and why not ill watch this show to..

  13. mschicklet says:

    Blech. All hail Twilight!

  14. Vampires are big right now and that is thanks, in part, to the “Twight Saga”, but it’s not the only thing.

    Vampires have fascinated people for YEARS. “Buffy” and “Angel” helped make it a ‘cool’ thing in a lot of ways, but vampire stories existed way before that.

    But it’s not just because of Stephenie Meyer–she just happened to tip the scales a lot further than most.

  15. Stefan wouldn’t stand a CHANCE against Edward… I always preferred Damon over Stefan anyway

  16. I didnt like that book at all… And I get that that book was written before Twilight, but they are just making it because Twilight and True Blood are popular. Hey Hollywood, Lets start coming up with original ideas instead of carbon copying things that are working.

  17. ok i ve read the books loved them and i dont like how they picked the people the play the characters i think stephan and damen look too old and the girl doesn tlook right for the part

  18. JessakaMitz says:

    I didn’t read these books, but I want to see how Nina Dobrev from Degrassi TNG does ^__^ Even though the American Mall was kinda cheesy, I still liked her in it haha. I guess we shall see..and hmm is that “Boone” from LOST? lol…

  19. I really want to watch this. It seems really interesting.

  20. Jetcliffe says:

    I’m probably gonna watch this show.. and the main girl in this story, Nina Dobrev, is from one of my favorite shows, Degrassi the next generation 😀

  21. Why is Elena brunette? She’s not Bella T___T

  22. EDWARD CULLEN FTW!! why would someone even ask that?

  23. I am really looking forward to this show! But I love vampires and I love Paul Wesley!!!! I have been a fan of his since he was on Wolf Lake.

  24. I can’t really say, it’s like putting clones up against each other. Except that one’s a little stronger(Stefan). But Angel and Buffy could totally kick both their asses.

  25. JessicaCookk; says:

    I LOVE This Series So Far. I Haven’t Read The Books But I Am, For Sure, Going To Noww. && Someone Mentioned That Ever Since Twilight They’ve Been Releasing Vampire Shows EVERYWHERE. So Truee. BUTTT; One Show That Was Released Before Twilight O Any Of The Others Was, MOONLIGHT. &&& Let Me Tell You.. That Was A KICK @$$ Show. No Doubt. Anywaysss; Paul Is Definitely No Rob But He ISSS Gorgeous. No Doubt About That. Paul Wesley & Ian somerhalder Are Fine (:

    I Love Vampiress<3

  26. hahahah. Edward would not win. If you guys read Vampire Diaries, you’d know that reading minds it’s a COMMON thing among vampires; needless to say, Stefan can read minds as well. Add that to the fact that Stefan was born in late XV century, and you have your answer on WHO would win.

    Vampire Diaries ftw.

  27. ok you guys are ALL WRONG!!! Stefan is waaaay better and could kick Edwards but any day! and for those who like Damon better cause he’s apparently not “wimpy” like Stefan is. Hello! news falsh Stefan is the one who saved everyone from Klaus! And he is not wimpy stupid he’s an actual sensitive guy who wants the best for Elana and doesn’t want to hurt her! How is that wimpy? Thats an actual MAN right there unlike stupid guys nowadays( including Edward)

  28. Time for you guys to stop being stupid and to start smelling the Coffee. Gosh!

  29. By the way Angie you are totally right!

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