Creation Entertainment Partners With Summit

It’s no secret that the Lexicon has been enjoying doing presentations at Creation Entertainment’s TwiTour this summer. We just got back from Phoenix where we had a blast this past weekend, and we are looking forward to the next sold out spot on the tour in New Jersey. Well they just surprised us with this announcement.

Summit Entertainment and Creation Entertainment to Produce the

Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions

Los Angeles, CA  August 17, 2009 – Summit Entertainment and Creation Entertainment today announced a partnership to produce a series of Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions over the next three years.

The unprecedented success of both the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer and the feature film adaptation of the first book has created a worldwide following of passionate fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, the second movie in Summit’s TWILIGHT film franchise, which will be released theatrically in North America on November 20, 2009.

The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will offer attendees the unique opportunity to involve themselves in all aspects of THE TWILIGHT SAGA.  The weekend gatherings will feature on-stage appearances by TWILIGHT celebrities, exclusive footage screenings, panel discussions, TWILIGHT themed parties, musical performances, costume and trivia competitions, auctions, autographing, merchandising, and photo opportunities.  The major online TWILIGHT fan websites, including and, will be participating with special presentations at stops on the convention tour.

Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, said, “It is a delight to be involved with the tremendous excitement that surrounds THE TWILIGHT SAGA.  The fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the property and have used the story as a springboard for their own creativity.  The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will allow attendees the chance to show off their TWILIGHT inspired artwork, writing, costumes, filmmaking, and music with thousands of their fellow fans.  While the conventions will offer fans the chance to cheer for their favorite actors they are equally about gathering with like-minded folks and forming friendships based on a common devotion.  We can’t wait to bring some of the magic of TWILIGHT live to cities around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom!”

“The fans of THE TWILIGHT SAGA continue to be incredibly supportive of the film franchise and we wanted to find a way to allow them to immerse themselves in the films and the characters in a much more interactive setting,” said Nancy Kirkpatrick, President of Worldwide Marketing of Summit Entertainment.  “The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will offer incredible opportunities to get up close to the characters which they have grown to love.”

Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions around the country with more then 20 stops have already been announced including New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Nashville, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arlington, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Boston, Toronto and Portland.

More information on any of these weekend events can be found at


  1. how much more are thy gonna spin this thing? i feel like it’s all spiraling away from the books. remember those?

    • it’s not anything more than what’s been going on for years with other franchises like star trek. and how about buffy, xena, star wars, stargate, battle star glactica, etc etc? this IS what the fans want. comic con is a page straight from the same book. i’ve been going to conventions for years and love them.

      i’ve already got my tickets for TwiTour in L.A. during March 2010. gold weekend passes…. row D all weekend!!!! i am SOO FLIPPIN EXCITED!!

  2. Jon, I totally agree. We love Twilight the book series, we’re not Summit fans. I hope that there will be some measure of balance and objectivity, rather than turning the Twilight conventions into mouthpieces for a movie studio.

    This is all supposed to be about Stephenie Meyer and the world of Twilight; the movie ought to be secondary, you know?

  3. i agree w. u guys summit is tryinq to squeeze out as much money as they can from us…n guess wat the majority of us is gunna fall for it n spend our money there. im not a summit fan specifically after Rachelle;; its true its a freggin’ recession goinq on we need our money.summit basically got all twilight fans to put there money 2 BANDSLAM they know buisnes for sure.

  4. i actually like the idea. sounds like fun. and it brings it close enough to a lot of people who cant travel far. i think i might go to the one in atlanta in march.

  5. I’ve been to two of the Creation conventions and they have been great. I’m not a huge Summit fan, but what the actors do and say when they are there doesn’t really have anything to do with Summit. They do question and answers and and they stop in to the dances and the bands that play.

  6. I want one in england

  7. I just went to the Phoenix convention. It was fantastic. I got signatures from 7 actors and Catherine Hardwicke, guaranteed preferred seating.

    My husband thinks I’m crazy because I can’t stop talking about Alex Meraz and his capoeira dance group that performed on Saturday night. Stunning it was like being on set in martial arts movie. I thought people could only move like that with CGI and stunt wires. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing with my own eyes live.

    I paid about $270 for a Gold level weekend pass and I totally got my money’s worth. My girlfriend could only come during Saturday and even though she sat in the back she had just as good of a time as I did.

    We met Pel and got a picture with her! Hi Pel, we were the two people who asked if you’d take a picture by our table with the apple centerpiece.

    • Just wanted to say… I agree with absolutely everything you said! I was at the Phoenix event as well, and it was AWESOME.

      And you’re right, Alex Meraz’s capoeira troupe was the best part! He’s amazing (not to mention incredibly hot, of course, haha). 😉


    • Or maybe bigger celebrities like Rob or Taylor?



    • My husband is a Trekkie. The best part is that he can’t tease me about Twilight because of all the Star Trek stuff in our house. He’s been going to Creation Star Trek tours for years. My vampires may sparkle, but they don’t have pointy ears 🙂

      I’m pretty sure the Star Trek stuff is studio sponsored. He’s got photos with Leonard Nimoy and Bill Shatner. Don’t even get him started on the new movie. Anyway, I was actually thinking of going to the one in Charlotte, NC. I had to miss the Atlanta one because my sister got married.

      • i’m a trekkie AND a twilight freak. i’m very acquainted with creation events… they are fantastic! i love it. my husband is such a dear for humoring me in all this. i’m always dragging him to something whether it’s harry potter midnight showings or conventions. i think he secretly likes all of it. i’m pretty sure he’s been reading my twilight books secretly as well. lol.

        we just got our gold weekend package for l.a. recently. row D.. i think seats 18 and 19 or 19 and 20. anyway, there are plenty more. you guys should make sure to get yours now!!! you’ll have up close seats the whole entire weekend. $319 a pop for l.a. and so worth it.. it includes autographs and free volturi ball. you still have to pay extra ($40) for photographs with the characters.

        i live in the san francisco bay area but thought that the l.a. one is probably the place to be.

  9. I went to the convention that Creation ran in Minneapolis and it was an absolute blast! They did an awesome job and it totally makes sense to have Official conventions.

    Hopefully we can now get some of the bigger stars and some cool added events.


    • I was in Minneapolis too, and I agree it was a great time! At first I was bummed and wasn’t expecting to be all that great because the people I really wanted to see wouldn’t be there, but I was blown away! 🙂

      I’m hoping that Summit and Creation partnering up on this will make the conventions better 😀

  10. madmadeline says:

    Loved, loved, loved the Phoenix Creation Twilight convention, so happy they got this deal. Went to other conventions not run by them, they deserve this soooo much compared to the rest

  11. higgin704 says:

    I went to TwiCon and was left wanting. I had been looking at Creation’s TwiTours and now KNOW I will sign up!

    • vampaholic says:

      twicon was a trainwreck. so disoragnized. everyone says creation is the way to go. wish i knew that b4 i did twicon. i’ll b saving my mony for this

  12. Congratulations to Lexicon!! You all have done so well on your coverage!! Can’t wait to see you all soon!! Love from Orlando, FL

  13. I have already booked my tickets to the new moon prom in birmingham, UK. I can’t believe I will meet Kelland Lutz who I have a massive crush on and plays my favourite character in the books.

  14. charlie kynoch says:

    bring it to england please!

  15. becky humphrey says:

    Who decides what cities the come to? I would love them to come to MEMPHIS, TN. There are sooo many Twilight fans here.

  16. I agree with jon and them, theres a recession going on. id love to go because im a obsessed. im so tempted even though i know its because they want our money, man they know how to get us going!!! the only way i could go was to beg my mom for money, and im sure the majority of us here know what i mean when i say id feel horrible taking good money from my mother during tough times like this!!!!!

  17. I’ve been to two Creation conventions, one for Lord of the Rings (ORC) and one for Twilight (TwiTour in S.F.). Both were very well done and I had a great time. Creation has done very well by itself all these years. I don’t know what the partnership with Summit means. I am very wary, mostly because Summit has earned my distrust. The folks at Creation are great. I hope they don’t get squashed.

  18. does anybody know if they are trying to book other locations? preferrably philadelphia?

  19. FINALLY something happens in Miami.

  20. Hurrah!! Im excited that there bringing them to us in the UK.. sometimes feel so out of it missing the amazing stuff going on over there in the US for twilight 😀

  21. Will there be any in the uk??? x

  22. I wonder if we will ever have one in tx?

  23. Is this any different from what they’ve already been doing though really?

  24. I don’t see any dates set for the middle part of the united states. There are a TON of fans in the Kansas City area. BRING IT TO THE MIDWEST!!!!

  25. montreal or quebec city please… good place with a good fan

  26. TRUST ME! If you want to go to a Twi-convention, you want an ‘official’ Summit sponsored convention. While we might not be big fans of Summit, they are going to ensure a successful convention, unlike TWICON in Dallas, which was a complete mess. To those who feel Summit is spinning this for all it’s worth… really? Look at Star Trek… look at how many years that convention has been going on. Yes it’s about money… but TwiFans want it and will want it for years to come…

    • higgin704 says:

      Amen. I really wish I hadn’t spent the money on Twicon. I had fun because of the friends I spent time with, not because of what Twicon had to offer.

      • You are so right! It was the people of the event, not that haphazardly thrown together chaos they claim was a convention… Sorry! Still a little irked… but not enough that I don’t want to experience the comradardie of the fans… again…. “)

    • Hm, I don’t think it has to be ‘official’ to be great. Creation Entertainment has been doing these conventions for years, and they have a lot of experience. As I said, I’ve been to two, one being ORC, and the other being TwiTour in S.F., and they both were completely run by Creation Entertainment. These are not the same people that put on TwiCon! Twilight Moms was one of the panels at TwiTour SF, as you know. And as far as I know Summit had nothing to do with it, and they did a spectacular job. I just hate to see the big corporations getting their hands in the pot, since Creation always seemed to be run by fans, for fans.

  27. Kinda seemed cool – until I checked and saw all the prices. Yikes. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been to any sort of fan convention, but it seems awfully expensive to me. Might feel differently if the money was being raised for charity or something – but I don’t see anything saying that.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Just as an FYI Creation at every event raises $1,000’a of dollars for Make A Wish byt auctioning items.

      They also sell day passes for a little as $25 so it’s very affordable if you consider what going to the movies with a drink and popcorn costs.

    • higgin704 says:

      The gold pass costs almost exactly what I paid for Twicon, but for TwiCon, I got exactly 1 autograph and a 30 minute Q&A. Don’t even get me started on all the other stuff.

      From people who have been there, it sounds like the actors have separate Q&As at the TwiTours. For the gold pass price, you get everyone’s autograph. And, overall, I have heard they are run well. Add that to the fact that they have so many that I can minimize my travel costs going to TwiTours (vs. Twicon) and I am sold.

  28. madmadeline says:

    Hi, Emma:
    Prices are really pretty great: consider what it cost me to see Britney or Madonna from a mile away for two hours!
    Here you get a guaranteed seat for three days, tons of autographs, parties, musical performances, etc.
    Methinks it is a real bargain!

  29. YES! i am excited now. i couldnt go to the last one near me cuz i couldnt affored it but now i have 10 months to get the money. i am not going to miss it again!

  30. I, too, am a little upset at the partnership with Summit. On the other hand, maybe Summit will now alter filming schedules to allow for the actors to attend. I will be going to the NJ TwiTour in 2 weeks. I have been dreading the notice that somes of the stars may have to pull out due to filming. Hopefully that won’t happen now.

  31. OMG does this mean Hillywood will get to be a part of this?? 😀

    • OK.. so I must comment that one of the highlights at the disastrous TWICON in Dallas was Hillywood. It was true entertainment for the TwiHards.

      • I have to agree as well! The Hillywood Show is the BEST. They’re so sweet and talented. I really appreciated how they were willing to take all sorts of crazy pictures with fans. They’re the perfect hosts! 🙂

    • Twilight_News says:

      Hillywood: AKA Hannah, Hillary, Jacob, and Drew have been at all the stops and they are fabulous performers and the nicest people ever! I believe that they will continue to be a part of the show.

  32. Can someone help me? Lol do they sell day passes the day of or what? I just looked at the tickets for Atlanta and they just have the gold
    package or whatever.

    • Yes, they should have day passes available. I know for the SF site they are about $25/day. The day passes ONLY include the Q&A sessions and main auditorium entertainment. They do not include autographs, pictures, or any special performances (Like 100Monkeys concert- Jackson’s band or the Vampire Balls and such).
      Tickets sell out, so you should probably buy them in advance, but they *might* have some available the day of.
      I HIGHLY recommend going to the TwiTour. I went to the first one by CreationEnt in SF last Feb, and it was AWESOME! I never expected to have so much fun! It was so great I bought my ticket for the 2010 TwiTour in SF, and since I bought them so far in advance I got GREAT seats (like, the first row). The TwiTour was the best event I have experienced in terms of organization and staffing. The entire staff was wonderful and they really CARED about the fans, going out of their way to make sure everyone was treated fairly and had a great time.

  33. Kudos to Twilight Lexicon for getting mentioned! Well done ladies.

  34. Well, this is good news. I hope it means that there will be less celebrity cancellations in the future at these conventions.

    Can’t wait for Phoenix!

  35. TO TELL THE truth…i dont wanna go…no big stars how bout Rob Kristen and Taylor? you know the main stars?!!? it isnt Twilight without them..if they were going i would..and im over Ashley Greene.i always had a feeling that she wasnt who she says she is…naked pictures? and in some pictures she looks so stuck up..and of course Summit wants more money from us

    • if you don’t want to go then don’t go. Stop acting like someone is forcing you. And you’re comment alone shows you never liked Ashley to begin with, so stop trying use her nude pictures as an excuse to call her out as a phony. And once again Summit is a BUSINESS. They’re supposed to make money.

    • u sound like you’re 12 years old. maybe when you’re an adult you’ll learn that nudity is normal and not something to be ashamed of.

      it’s not like she was a porn getting gang banged or something. and so what if she was? she’s not really alice cullen, if you didn’t know.

      • Yay! Don’t come! Less immature fans to bug me! While it would be awesome to meet Rob, Kristin, and Taylor, could you IMAGINE the chaos? And FYI, Twilight isn’t about those 3 actors. It’s about ALL of the characters and NOT just the main actors.
        Thanks for not coming, I’ll enjoy having a little extra room to breathe and a real dedicated fan will have a chance to come!

  36. and im scared it will be a fail like Twi con..people said that it wasnt worth it..and look at the prices no rob kristen and taylor? which is kinda saying…no twilight? wats the point

  37. Wow… I’m kinda surprised at the negative reactions. Basically, I’ll say this:

    I just went to the Twi-Tours event in Phoenix. In spite of all the guest cancellations due to filming Eclipse, it was AWESOME. Creation Entertainment is one of the best convention companies out there. And they include a lot of things in their prices that other cons don’t (autographs, etc.).

    So it’s good news they’re partnering with Summit, because then they’re less likely to have guest cancellations due to filming. They’re also more likely to have the biggest stars! From what I understand, Creation was already working pretty closely with Summit before, so I don’t think much else is going to change.

    Creation does tons of work for charity (as in, millions of dollars), and I’m sure Summit has plenty of ways to make more money than doing fan cons. This is for the fans, guys! I promise the cons are fun and worth the money, if you’re lucky enough to be able to go. I’ve already bought my ticket for Phoenix next year. 🙂

    • Agree on this, also was in Phoenix and I had a great time, especially at the Vampire Ball which was included FREE with my ticket. They even threw in a Wolf Pack dance troupe that wasn’t advertised (hawt!)

      Be careful of other promoters: Creation rocks, the others are messed up…
      The people at Eyecon in Florida were run out of the Supernatural fan business, now they are into Twilight. I’m worried about that as they took some great friends of mine’s money with them and the feedback from their first Twi event wasn’t great.

  38. Why not in Montreal too? It happens always in the big cities like Toronto. It’s so not fair.

  39. Congrats. to the Lexicon! How exciting for you!
    Glad the TWICON was such a huge success 😉
    Speaking of Conventions,anyone know about a Twilight Detox. Convention being offered?! Please,don’t misunderstand. I don’t want to get over the Twilight Saga or live without it.
    I need to learn how to live with this raging,all consuming beast that now resides within me.No one in my family gets me.Strange looks and eye rolling abound in my home,accompanied by what I call ‘Twilight sighs’…
    Any day now the A&E show ‘Intervention’ is coming to my home.
    Help me Twilight Lexicon-you’re my only hope! 😉

  40. Give the heartland some love, Kansas City would LOVE a stop on the Twi Tour!

  41. Wait, I’m confused because the link went to creations twi tour which I already had a ticket to. Is Summit just teaming up and adding to the original creation twi tour stops that are already scheduled?

    • superstartwilight says:

      I just went to the linked page too and then off to the Creation site. I see they are redoing each convention listing reflecting the new Official designation. Looks cool and I’m thinking there will be some extras at the convention due to Summit. Maybe footage, maybe who knows???
      I’m going to the convention in New Jersey but I heard from a friend that in Phoenix that had some new merchandise from the movies.
      See ya!
      Superstar Twilight

  42. I don’t understand why there’s no TwiCon in Vancouver? It only makes sense. It’s filmed in VanCity; why not give a ‘thank-you’ back to the fans and/or city by doing a TwiCon here?

  43. I’m really excited for this!
    I already attended the Twi-Tour in Minneapolis, will be attending next year as well since they let us pre-order our tickets, and I’m going to try to attend the Chicago convention in October!
    I really have to say that I had such an amazing time I think this partnership will only make things better!
    Kudos to Creation Entertainment for making this even more exciting and making it OFFICIAL!

  44. Rockin'It says:


  45. Damnit. Ehy do I have to live in Sweden? I’ll never be abel to do stuffs like this. I want to go so badly..!!! Why can’t they do it in sweden??

  46. u guys rock and i didnt get to go to the phoenix convention so maybe next year ill be savin up!!!!!:)


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