Bandslam: No Twilight Boost?

Bandslam opened this weekend and it hasn’t had a Twilight landslide at the box office. In honesty, we don’t know that anyone quite expected that, but our poll earlier in the week indicated that about 20% of those participating in the poll had not initially intended to see Bandslam, but were because the New Moon trailer was running in front of it and/or because of all the additional PR had sparked their interest.

Various reviewers talk about the film. Most seem to think that critically(not that it’s about to win an academy award), it was a much better script than they anticipated for something billed as a teen summer movie:

Hit Fix: “Another film hoping to generate some buzz was Summit Entertainment’s Bandslam.” The universally well-reviewed teen rock band flick found only $880,000 at the box office Friday.  That was even more disappointing for the mini-major taking into account “Twilight” fans were forced to see the picture to get a sneak peek at “The Twilight Saga: New Moon’s” new trailer.  It’s clear many of the passionate fans were willing to wait until it debuts online next week or even longer (it may have been in Summit’s best interest to insist the trailer would never be available outside of theaters).  In any event, the Vanessa Hudgens picture is hoping to inch toward $3 million for the weekend.”

On The  Flix: “Summit Entertainment’s new Bandslam flick finally hit the the theaters this weekend,and after watching it, I must say, I felt good. It was a feel good type of movie that brought a good mixture of comedy,drama, and inspiration.”

Stephenie Meyer: “And finally movies. Mostly when I get out to a movie, it’s a kid’s movie. So Pixar’s Up was the highlight of my summer. And then this Saturday I went to see an actual grown-up people movie, yay! Admittedly, I went to see the New Moon trailer on the big screen (yes, I’m a total dork. Who cares? It was worth it). But then I stayed to see Bandslam because the reviews were so good, and I was glad I did. With my hopeless love of music coupled with my total lack of musical ability, I really dug Will. He’s my hero right now. It had a good soundtrack, as one might expect, a lot of very quotable one-liners, and it turned upside down some of those lame female-interaction stereotypes. It’s a good time.”

So, did you go to bandslam? If you did, what did you think of the specialty trailer? And do you think it has appeal for Twilight audiences?


  1. Another note – Bandslam got an 81 from the BFCA Critic’s Choice and they gave it their stamp of approval.

    It was a good movie with terrible marketing.

  2. Confession. I went to the movies to watch Orphan…then ducked out halfway for the start of Bandslam…watched the previews…then headed back to Orphan. *sigh* I feel much better. 🙂

  3. ecbcrc4ever says:

    My daughter & I had planned from day we heard trailer was going to air before “Bandsalm” to go see it on big screen. We DID NOT watch any of the leaked videos of pics on web because we did not want the effect to be spoiled. All my friends called me crazy for spending $18 to see a “teen movie” but let me tell you this Stephenie Meyer(and she explained the feel of the movie better than I could) is so right the movie was amazing and plan to try to see it again and will buy the dvd when it comes out.Please go see it you will not be disappointed!!! The trailer of course had us screaming, not breathing, in tears and amazed there IS nothing like seeing it on big screen. New Moon is going to be AMAZING!!!

  4. Caitlin P. says:

    i saw bandslam. it definitely was not what i was expecting. it was a great movie that was not advertised as well as it should have been. i do have to say that one of the major reasons i saw it was because of the new moon special preview trailer (worth it), but still the movie itself was actually very good; touching, charming, funny, and serious.

    the only thing that was a drawback for me was vanessa hudgens’ presence. her being in this movie just distracted me so much and took me out of the story.


  5. …from hearing everyones comments and reviews, bandslam was poorly advertised. might actually go watch it now…and actually stay past the previews. ha.

  6. i thought it would be another crappy high school musical esque film with some disney throwbacks and cheesy story lines with a predictable romance thrown in..but im suprised so many people are saying its actually good.
    i dont think i could sit through 2 hours of vanessa hudgens though.

  7. Ya I bought tickets for the Time Traveler’s Wife (very good!) but went in to see the traliers for bandslam:) Not exactly what I was expecting, but still incredibly worth it. Anyway, Friday night there were about 9 people in the theater for Bandslam and as soon as the New Moon thing was over, 6 of them walked out, including myself. I did sortive want to stay to see it, but my sister didn’t, so I think I’ll go see it at a better theater with my obsessed best friend:)

  8. Honestly, Vanessa was not bad in it at all. She wasn’t the squeaky voiced character of High School Musical.She actually showed of her acting skills in this movie.

    The trailer that Summit used made Bandslam look like another movie trying to get into the musical craze. This movie was so far from that. Alot of little kids probably wouldn’t get some of the stuff said in this movie. The music isn’t “yay happy day!” either, there is an independent sound to it.

    This TV spot is 10x better than that trailer Summit used. They just realized their mistake too late.

  9. people didn’t think they’d like this movie bc people never know what to look for in movies. no one knows who Todd Graff. it kills me. I just wasted ten bucks on D-9 bc my friends were too stupid to see that it was a very expensive 28 days later remake. one of them left for nausea. shoulda seen bandslam.

  10. mschicklet says:

    LOL I hope Bandslam bombs at the box office for the remaining time it’s there. Seriously. I’m onto Summit’s game, and I think it’s crap.

    • to all of you that are hating on summit you should stop and just be thankful that summit is even making twilight movies to begin with! without them none of this is possible!

      • Summit should be the happy one. Any studio would be happy to do the Twilight movies ! And don’t say without Summit the movies wouldn’t have been made. The books were still growing and some big studio would of picked it up later.

        • And they would have done the same thing Summit did. You people need to stop living in some delusional world where you think if another studio had picked up Twilight it would have been “better.” The movie industry is a business. Studios want to make movies as low as possible so that the return can be bigger, that’s how they make their profit. Twilight is a romance it’s not an action flick, it most likely would have gotten the same budget.

    • i was planning to see bandlsam all along and i did on friday and it was a really good movie i really liked it and of course the new moon trailer was AWESOME!!! and i love how the other day all of these comments said something along the lines of ” i wont go see that stupid movie bandslam just to give summit the satisfaction besides the trailer will be on the internet soon!!” and today everyones like oh yeah it was a good movie. and all along i was like comeon i bet ppl will like it i wish they’d stop hating!! so im happy cuz ppl r now happy again!!!

  11. teamcullen12 says:

    i was actually a pretty good movie tho…
    and the reason many people probably didnt go just to see the new moon trailer is because it was leaked out onto the internet on friday…
    but i did spend the money to see the trailer and ended up pretty surprised and over-all happy i did. the trailer was amazing of course, but bandslam was also a great movie… so it was definitely a win-win.

  12. I went and saw Bandslam the day it came out. I originally would have just watched the movie when it came out on DVD. However, when I found out about the New Moon trailer and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see a tid bit of the film that is causing my heart to break just waiting for it. So,I went, and I got all riled up from the trailer and was aching for more, when I started thinking, “Now I gotta see the movie that I paid for. *sigh*”. Was I ever surprised!

    The movie was fun, funny, and touching. The music had me tapping my foot and dancing in my seat(especially Alyson Michalka’s cover of Cheap Trick’s “I want You to Want Me”). The trailer was the icing on the cake! It was an awesome friday night and I’m so glad I went and saw this movie even though I had differemt motives in the beggining.

    Go out and see BANDSLAM! You won’t regret it!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I went too just to see the trailer and was way glad I did. It was really funny and I loved the whole “geeks will triumph” thing.

  13. Zookie Monster says:

    When I saw The Proposal it had the New Moon trailer in front of it…

  14. We did go specifically to see the new moon trailer and it was GREAT! My expectations for Bandslam were that it would be on par with HSM and not anything that would interest me. It was really kind of cute. Will is sooo my cousin, gooby but you gotta love him. This was not a Vanessa Hudgens “vehicle”

    I love the way the anticipation for New Moon is being kept at pressure cooker level, something new every couple of days. What’s next I wonder?

  15. The NM trailer was worth going to see Bandslam, it was so much better in the theater than viewing it on the internet. But Bandslam was bad, very boring.

  16. I admit I was one of those who was only going to see the trailer…luckily my kids wanted to see it. Agreeing with the reviews, it will not be an Academy award winner, but it was much better than I had expected! It was a good family movie without seeing a cartoon.

    The trailer was actually the disappointment. Taylor didn’t say anything he hasn’t said before. And I wanted to see scenes. The newer stuff (like the Volturi and Edward) went by so fast, you could barely process it. I just know I can’t wait to see this movie, but the trailer didnt sell it!

  17. Watched the trailer for New Moon and then went and checked out another movie. I loved the trailer, but it went by in a flash! The movie Band Slam couldn’t hold my attention for long so we jetted.

  18. I hate Vanessa Hudgeons as an actress…so I refuse to pay to see a movie I would not of even notice if not b/c of it mentioning the new moon trailer. However, I saw the New moon trailer on youtube 4 days before bandslam came out. So I still got to see the trailer and never had to even consider purchasing a ticket for this movie. I will not be swayed when I clearly would not watch that movie! I saw the Time Travelers Wife…that was an amazing story to watch come to life. I was happy and laughed, sand and cried. I recommend you guys spend your money on something you really want to see not b/c there is a 2 min trailer that is on the internet and will eventually be on the website.

  19. i saw bandslam on Saturday. it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t amazing either. i think the characters were well written and the lead guy was hilarious. the only thing that is a tad fishy is the marketing for this movie. its like summit said we think bandslam sucks so we need to throw a new moon trailer in front of it. thats how i felt. they set it up to fail. having vanessa hudgens in the movie didn’t help. does ANYONE like this girl??

    BTW, the new moon trailer was amazing!!! im thinking a possible switch to TEAM JACOB!

  20. ya i’ve seen the have to watch it a few time to catch everything

  21. i knew it….i love the trailer…i have seen it and its amazing!!!!!!!

  22. trying to sucker people into seeing bandslam by putting new moon trailer in front of it was wrong in the first place. the movie should have been advertised more rather than promoting new moon trailer. summit relied solely on this form of advertisment and as a result the movie was not to well known. just my opinion, please dont hate.

  23. I also saw Bandslam and it was a good movie. It too wasn’t what I expected ! Even though Vanessa did get on my nerves but it wasn’t her acting it was just her voice it just sounded alot like HSM. But I liked it and I probably won’t watch it again but worth it.
    I loved the trailer but I wish Taylor wasn’t talking and I wish it was longer and slower so we can actually see something. But that was no trailer it was like a sneak peek and were probably going to get one or two more trailers and IT BETTER BE LONGER !!!!

  24. I want to see Bandslam. Especially after reading this:

    It’s ridiculously irritating when professionals in the business don’t even know how to market movies correctly.

  25. I simply cannot stand Vanessa Hudgens or Aly Michalka so I wouldn’t see that movie. Had it been two other actresses, I probably would have given into to Summit’s advertising scheme. I think that was my other issue with the movie as well.

  26. Went to see bandslam with my daugher and loved it we both we laughing and the music was good it is just a fun night out…

  27. Heres my story. I went to see the Time Travelers Wife, and afterwards, my friends and I were going to go duck into Bandslam to see the trailer. Lucky me, the trailer was in front of the Time Travelers Wife! It was great, because I saw a really good movie and an even more fantastic trailer. I wasn’t expecting it, and it was a really good surprise. 🙂

  28. I was at the Blue October concert in Tempe that Stephenie went to. It was a very small venue, so we saw her walking around a few times. After the concert ended my younger cousin went and asked for a picture with her. She was totally cool, not only letting them snap the pic but also talking to her about the series and the upcoming New Moon flick.

  29. I did go see Bandslam, on the friday it came out, at the first showing at any theater near me. A friend and I did just go see it for the New Moon trailer. And let me tell you I was sitting on the edge of my seat holding on to the arm rest for dear life and I don’t think I breathed the whole time. Then I started crying because I was so excited for November 20th to come! At the end of the trailer I just shook with happiness. It took me awhile to calm down but once I did, I got into the movie and quite enjoyed. It was a great experince for me and I recommend it to anyone!

  30. marguerite says:

    i saw BAndSlambut only beccasue of the new moon trailer. BAndSlam it wasn’t the best movie ever

  31. naw…didnt wanna see.. BUT I SAW THE TRAILER!!! i snuck in the theaters…left crying and saw gay Ponyo (my sister is obsessed with the Jonas’s)

  32. i swear i was like crying and i couldnt stay still…my sister told me to shut up cause it sounded liek i was getting murdered when i saw the trailer

  33. I don’t think I’ll watch it…unless I have to.

  34. cullenbound says:

    I saw Band Slam on Friday with my kids and it was good and I loved the trailer for New Moon Nov cant get here fast enough

  35. My two teenage cousins and their mother went to go watch Bandslam. They are into those sort of movies and were really excited to see it. Yes,they wanted to see the New Moon preview(which they thought was ok, They thought it would be a full trailer, not a Taylor talking through most of it) But, strangely enough, they were excited to see the Bandslam movie.

    They came back and let the rest of us know that they thought the movie was just Ok. They said the female leads could not act, but they enjoyed the guys(they thought they were hilarious, they gave it a 5 out of 10). They said it was fine to watch once but they would never watch it again or buy the DVD.

    Personally, I may rent it from the redbox for one dollar…someday, if I am bored. However, I am not going to for over 6-8 bucks to see a movie that is so not what I am into.

  36. JessakaMitz says:

    My bf and I went to watch District 9 yesterday and when we came out, the New Moon trailer was being shown across from our movie. My bf heard the trailer (I didn’t)..but when we went back (trying not to be spotted), it was already over. Nobody was in there either…and worst of all, @ the ticket windows there were signs stating, “WE WILL NOT REFUND FOR BANDSLAM TICKETS”..I was like danggg…

    I honestly thought it could be a good movie. I just do not care for Vanessa Hudgens and think she would kill it for me. I don’t know…I guess I might watch it when it comes out on DVD.

  37. Just to add, I still support Summit, I just can’t be into every movie they put out. They have some that I have enjoyed and some coming up that I want to see.

  38. I am one of the “cheaters” who snuck in to see the previews of Twilight. I didn’t stay for the movie, I actually paid to watch another one. I just HAD TO see the clip though!! It is going to be awesome! I cannot wait to see New Moon! I will have to go back to see Band Slam, after hearing all of the good reviews!

  39. MrsLautner09 says:

    I saw the trailer on the big screen! It was awsome! (duh) I squealed a little! But the actual movie Bandslam was good! It was better than I thouhgt it was going to be! And I agree it was poorly advertised. And what do you guys have against Vanessa Hudgens? I don’t think she’s that bad at all. She did good in the movie as well! She was funny! Thats it! Trailer is awsome! Go see the movie!

  40. I went to see Bandslam yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. It’s kinda somewhere in the middle of High School Musical and Almost Famous…not a total teeny-bopper pic, but not going to win any Oscars either. And like Stephenie Meyer mentioned…I love Will!!! And the soundtrack is awesome — already downloaded it to my iPod.
    New Moon trailer was great, but really would’ve like more bits from the movie and less commentary. Nothing against Taylor, but save that stuff for the DVD extras.

  41. I actually like the BandSlam. The three other people that I was with liked it too. It had great music and a good story. The New Moon trailer was good. I wished there was more of it.

  42. The new moon trailer was weird. I’m glad for the glimpses of the movie that we haven’t seen before though! I also really enjoyed Bandslam. It was a good teen movie that was funny without resorting to inappropriateness(is that a word?) which is something I admire.

  43. I thought it was worth it to see the special preview or look, or whatever that was. I was actually expecting to see a theatrical trailer instead of a teaser. But this was definitely more of an interview with Taylor Lautner on what to expect with really fast shots of the movie thrown it, and very pro Jacob like the book. But that shot of shirtless edward kissing bella was worth price of admission, wowza! And I loved Jacob’s little line, “you don’t wanna get me upset!”

    I thought it was a good idea for Summit to tack this on to Bandslam, but they should have done a better job of television advertising for the movie, and done more selling the movie on it’s own merit, not just to see the New Moon preview. They did a good job of radio advertising though (that’s what convinced me), and the movie wasn’t bad. Though I probably won’t ever see it again, even for free on cable.

  44. stephanie says:

    okay so i only went to see bandslam to watch the new moon sneak peak and it was amazing! i loved it and i cant wait untill the movie comes out this is driving me insane! one weird thing was that in the sneak peak bella and jacob looked like they were going to kiss..ok i know that it almost happends in new moon but i could have sworn their lips were touching i guess ill just have to wait to find out ugh. Bandslam was alright not the best movie ive seen and nothing compared to twilight but all in all an okay movie

  45. Aussietwifan says:

    AHHHHHH Went to see Bandslam on opening day and NO New Moon Trailer.The ticket seller seemed surprised thats what I was there for. I was tempted to leave but being a regular movie goer anyway i stayed and i must say it was pretty good. The music was great and although i spent the whole movie waiting for Vanessa Hudgens to burst into song at any moment I was very happy that the other girl was the real star. At least i am building up my loyalty points and hope to have enough to see New Moon at least 5 times for free- BRING ON NOVEMBER.

  46. I went to see bandslam for the trailer… I admit it! I went friday with my friend and we were the only ones in the theater! I was a little shocked… Anyway, the trailer was so incredible! My friend and I kept saying OMG OMG OMG for like TEN minutes! I CANT wait for the movie! The clips were fantastic! Bandslam was better than I thought It was going to be, too! It made laugh AND cry. It was such a great movie and I really recommend it!

  47. I just could not resist. I went to the theaters on Friday (brought my little brother with me) and the trailer, and sat through Bandslam. I expected to see like hundreds of people, but there were only six people, including my brother and me.

  48. yeah uh… disney stars and twilight don’t mix. Neither do i. I wasn’t going to waste my money on vanessa whatsherface just for twilight when i won’t suddenly combust if i don’t see the trailer. i can wait.

  49. I’d just like to say you know a movie is going to be total garbage when it advertises the previews that will run before it.

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