Reminder Taylor is 17.

Fox News is reporting that Taylor Lautner had an unfortunate encounter with an older fan.

No other sources seem to have run the story, we’re hoping it’s an exaggeration. On the off chance it’s not, it’s really so completely not cool no matter what the age of the person to do that to the actor. Here’s to “problem free” events with the actors that are running invarious places this weekend. They do a lot for fans, so we think it’s cool to remember they are people (and some of them are underage people) and give them them the respect anyone deserves.


  1. That specific fan encounter is so old. I remember him talking about it in every other interview.

    • The original story is that an older fan had a pair of new panties that had something about the wolf pack printed on them (they sell Team Jacob thongs everywhere) and asked him to sign them. Geez!

      This is an old story and if Taylor is embellishing on it, I suspect he’s just becoming a publicity whore ala Paris Hilton.

  2. mschicklet says:

    From the article: (Taylor said) “but you can’t expect anything from these ‘Twilight’ fans.”

    I don’t like that he has that attitude, because he’s saying “Oh well, what do you expect? Fans will be fans.” And that excuses their actions.

    NO ONE should harass anyone else. People who call themselves fans should practice respect.

  3. aw, poor guy. i wish him the best of luck with his life:)

  4. emmeloowhoo says:

    yeah but fox is also reporting that Ashley is a “gorgeous redhead” when referring to her pics… so um they just may be late to the party

    • mschicklet says:

      They shouldn’t be talking about her pics in the first place. According to her legal team, they are illegal. End of story.

      Fox (and other sites) should leave it alone.

  5. yeah that happened at the los angeles premiere. he talked about it a lot back then. i think he’s embellished it at this point. first time, a woman flashed him her underpants and asked him to sign them, which he declined. he laughed about it at the time. now it’s just a great crazy fan story for him.

    • mschicklet says:

      I think those kind of fan encounters have come to the forefront of celeb discussion ever since the “fan” who grabbed Rob last month or whenever it was.

      More than anything, people are shocked at how much harassment the Twilight stars are enduring. I feel bad for Rob and Tay and everyone else. People say they’re Twilight fans, but scaring or creeping out a celeb is not the best way to show your appreciation.

  6. look im 33 im a huge tay fan team jake all the the way there is a line of discretion or at least wait till feb 11 2010 he’ll be 18 lol *jk*

    • mschicklet says:

      Well, I think the point of the post on the Lex is that it’s never okay to harass a celebrity or other person, regardless of their age or yours. But that it just makes it worse if the celeb is underage. But I know you’re just kidding 🙂

  7. GoGoGadget says:

    Um. Unfortunate. I feel bad for famous people in general. They’re still regular people, they’ve just played some cool parts or sung some good songs. It’s kind of a bad way of saying thanks to go into some hysteric frenzy whenever they’re around.

    But especially the underaged ones, ugh. Taylor Lautner is cute, sure — like a puppy. I’m sure he’s some mega heart throb to the sixteen and under crowd, but I’m only twenty and even I think he looks like a kid. People have gotta remember to keep it classy! If nothing else, it makes a much better impression on the person at hand.

  8. ya i’ve heard him tell that story in interviews..that woman is just sad. i like taylor but i guess that’s why i kinda like rob better he’s closer to my age..i cant get crazy about a kid that isnt even legal. not that isnt nice to look at..

  9. Funny the way fans are salivating over Taylor, counting the days til he’s 18. Must be the same way Rob felt during Twilight, looking at Kristen before she was ‘legal’ lol.

    • mschicklet says:

      Ew let’s hope not.

    • I really doubt that.

    • lol – I’m sure that’s exactly what Rob was thinking about Kristen!

      • God I hope not!

      • First off as others have pointed out that is REALLY old news, however some of the Twilight fans need to get a grip, first off I don’t want to be considered a freak because I say I love twilight and if I ever get the chance to meet one of the cast members I would like to be able to approach them calmly without them being afraid I’m going to a. scream b.ask them to bite me or sign my underwear c.invade their personal space. Also the source doesn’t seem too great as they say Ashley is a gorgeous redhead. I also am a huge Ashley fan she is soooo classy and always very nice to interviewers, paparazzi, and fans. I am choosing to ignore all this about nude photos videos etc. regardless of if she took them on purpose they are none of our business and as fans we should respect her body and stop the media in their tracks by not reading their stupid articles. If no one’s interested they won’t write about it, I am no longer reading magazines due to all the Robsten crap they are full of. People need to respect the actors or they aren’t going to like us so much.

  10. That was at the Premiere last year. FOX is so late on this news unless another fan did the same thing. That’s just crazy!!! Fans should really respect these actors and not act crazy like that in front of them. I mean, seriously, do they think that the actor will have a positive response to something that awkward and embarrassing???
    I hope Twilight fans learn to behave, I don’t want to get stereotyped into some of those crazy fans when I say I love the Twilight saga!!!

    • I’m right with you, Switzgal! It’s unfortunate that a few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel, as they say. And since the bad ones get all the press, the impression gets generalized to all Twilight fans. Just like everyone thinks Twilight (the books)are only for immature, romance-crazed tweens. (And of course we all know they appeal also to mature, romance-crazed adults!;))You’re so right when you say fans should have respect for the actors and not make themselves (and other fans)look like fools and idiots. We owe it to them and to Stephenie Meyers for bringing us such a joyful, grand Twilight world to bask in.

  11. ugh.. it bothers me how little respect some people have. i dont care who it is, being respectful is common sense. poor Taylor. its ok.. i still love him(:

  12. irrovocablysusan says:

    I would appreciate the opportunity to meet these actors and actresses that are bringing three (maybe four) of our favorite stories to life and thank them for the jobs they are doing, which is to entertain us. These are real people with real feelings and emotions. I think it is important for all of us so called “Twilight Fans” to remember that. So, thank you to all the Twilight actors/actresses for putting up with the good, the bad and the truly ugly.

  13. The problem some people have is that they can’t separate the imaginary characters, Edward, Bella, and Jacob, from their real life alter egos, aka Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. As many have already mentioned these people are actors, getting a once in a life time chance to be a part of a successful franchise. They aren’t their characters. Sure they can find similarities with their character, but that is where it ends. Taylor doesn’t turn into a world saving werewolf. Rob doesn’t sparkle, nor does he have naturally menty breath…unless that is menthol you’re smelling. Kristen isn’t dating an immortal heart throb. These actors and actresses have feelings and in reality are just like any other normal person.
    Fandom is a wonderful thing and can keep a franchise alive longer than it would have without it, HOWEVER if taken too far, it can ruin an experience for both the ones playing the characters and the fans who truly care about them. Look at the kid who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode dumb…er One. He HATES Star Wars. I watched an interview with him, and people literally sent him hate mail and ruined his childhood life.
    In short folks… get real…

  14. im under 16 and people that act like that give us fans a bad rep we’re not all like that and i hope the rest of the world knows that not all of us act so crazy and inconsiderate!!!

  15. and then people call Twilighters crazy, it gives us such a bad name for ourselves! it’s embarassing too that these women are 40.

  16. Kathleen loves vamps says:

    Does this mean I get to harass him Im 17. Lol jk no one should do that to any one and how stupid can you be to not remember he’s 17. I mean he was in that shark boy and lova girl only a few years ago!! Really people get a life. Its like old women hitting on their teen sons so gross. i don’t care if you think your a cougar its gross. If men aren’t allowed to date younger women, get over your self. Creepy old ladies. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. what exactly happened to him?

  18. wait wat happend…don feel like readinn haha sorry for bing my lazy self

  19. That happened at the premiere, but I still think that’s bad. That would be like my mom hitting on someone from my class *shudders*

  20. i always find articles like this interesting.. besides the obvious highlighting of the very public few idiots amongst us, it’s curious as the legal age in Australia is 16…….. it makes 18 year old me feel sleazy when I note the USA laws like this lol

  21. Oh geez….not only is this old news, but yet again, it is disgusting news. Is anyone else sick of hearing people give Twilighters a bad name & rampages of inconsiderate, disgusting, wanna-be fans? I’m sick of it all, and I’m pretty sure that the cast is too. Leave them alone, give them their space, and treat them the way you would your parents (welll unless your parents are mean or abusive…then i’d be nicer to the cast :D)

  22. I like Taylor the same way I liked Rob when he was in HP. Kind of like, hey! cute kid! Now, Rob’s a man. (Okay, a hottie!) It doesn’t even sound like Taylor’s voice has finished changing! Tweens and teens enjoy! Us cougars will wait till he grows up a little more.

  23. This story is really old.

  24. Twimomella says:

    It’s funny, some fellow Twi-Moms and I were actually discussing this over the water cooler today. I mean all three of us are “Team Jacob” but all three of us are kind of grossed out that Taylor is so young. We all feel that he is “a cute kid” and going to be absolutely gorgeous when he’s all grown. But we just can’t get ourselves all worked up over Sharkboy. Our sons acted just like him when that movie came out years ago and they all have the Sharkboy Happy Meal toy. Kind of sad…but he still fits the role to a tee. Good Luck to him.

  25. Obviously this fan Did Not see Taylor’s appearance on
    The Tyra Banks show last November 2008. Tyra threw a pair of those Team Taylor panties at him and he literally burst out laughing. Tyra asked him what was up and he replied,
    “I can’t stand these things” watch at approx. 2.57 mins into the show

    His response=priceless 😉

  26. AlbertaJenn says:

    I remember hearing about this when it happened. I believe it was during the Hot Topic tour for Twilight, and he was 16 at the time!

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