Taylor Lautner Gives the Wolfpack Rundown


  1. I love the way Taylor says “my girl”. It’s nice to hear, because everyone else (except Rob) seems to distance themselves from the character when they talk about them. It’s great to see him enjoying the role of Jacob.

    • Ditto!Taylor truly knows Jake inside and out.I have to disagree about others distancing themselves from their characters. Kristen Stewart has been very thoughtful lately about her portrayal of Bella and I’ve heard several interviews where she has been quite candid and insightful- she seems to be more relaxed lately and she’s got this ‘glow’ about her when she talks about the characters.Rob ‘gets’ Edward,never had a doubt in my mind about that.I think he’s been distancing himself in public etc. for his own safety and most especially his sanity. If only there was some way for him to be able to turn it off…

  2. wait wait wait..did i miss something… quil?

  3. It seems to be like Quil doesn’t appear on the movie, I’ve checked the official website with the list of cast members and nope, no Quil…

  4. would it be possible to post alternative links for those of us outside of the US? MTV clips won’t play for us! (I’m in Europe, we do have MTV, so I don’t get why these clips don’t play for us ๐Ÿ™ )

  5. Same trouble as Geri above – only I’m in Canada. It says it can’t offer the video here.

  6. on imdb it lists an actor for quil.

  7. wannabealice says:

    I have to give Taylor two thumbs up for his ability to be so comfortable doing these interviews. He is a great spokesperson for the film(s).

  8. squee! I love the wolf pack. Probably because they don’t have to take themselves as seriously as the vampires who are monsters trying to be good. But after Listening to Alex Meraz at TwiCon talk about his experiences being the “bad boy” and now listening to Taylor’s giggle I’m excited to see that tussle play out on the big screen.

  9. i-milleee says:

    a youtube link would be helpfull, pleassee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Got this from MTV. Its the rest of this interview confirming a Quil

    And speaking of Jacob’s friends, Lautner also told us that one of his favorite scenes in the “New Moon” movie is something that didn’t occur in Stephenie Meyer’s novel. It’s a moment revolving around the newly glimpsed character of Quil Ateara and his smoothness with the ladies โ€” or lack thereof.

    “I loved shooting the scenes with Embry and Quil,” he revealed. “Tyson [Houseman] plays Quil, and he’s just kind of a funny character.

    “Me and Bella โ€” I’m sorry, Bella and I โ€” are working on the bikes, and Embry and Quil come in,” Lautner explained of the scene. “Quil’s checking out Bella [and trying to be smooth] and is like, ‘Hey, I’m Quil. Quil Ateara.’ It’s a really funny scene, and the two were really great in it.”

  11. OK, I was sorta worried about Quil too. I knew I’d find out what the deal was at the lexicon. He’s a really important part of the story. The Quil Claire imprint is a major set up to Breaking Dawn. I’m hoping that the MTV thing is right and Quil is in the movie. He must be in the movie but not yet in the wolf pack……Ahh HAA! That’s the only way to explain it! Quil is in the Tribe, but not yet in the wolf pack for the movie. Right?!?! Wasn’t he the last to join the pack? Right, yeah. Bella was telling Jake that during their “break up” in the book how Quil was really freaked out about all his friends, and their “gang”. Am I way off the mark here, or did I figure it out?

  12. Yes you’re right. I beieve he joined in Eclipse.

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