First Book: What Book Got You Hooked?

We first brought this incredible organization to everyone’s attention last year. They are a group that encourages reading and literacy.

They have several ongoing projects, but one happening right now is called What Book Got You Hooked?

According to the site:

“What Book Got You Hooked?” invites readers everywhere to celebrate unforgettable books from childhood and help provide new books to the children who need them most. First Book asks visitors to share the memory of the books that made them readers and then vote for the state to receive 50,000 new books from First Book, helping to get more kids hooked on reading.

Past winners include Oklahoma in 2007 and Kentucky in 2008, with each state receiving 50,000 new books for children in need.

Join us this year in sharing the joy of great books with kids who need them most.”

We’ve heard from so many people over the years that Twilight was the book that actually got them hooked on reading. No matter what that book is from Goodnight Moon to Harry Potter, something out there captured your imagination and made you want to read more. Please share your experiences over at What Book Got You Hooked and vote for teh state that you’d like to see get 50,000 books for needy children.

Alphie and Pel decided that the books that hooked them were the Anne of Greene Gables series for Alphie and the Little House on the Praire series for Pel.ย  And if by any chance Pel’s 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Jezniack is out there reading this, you gave all the girls in your 2nd grade class Little House in the Big Woods as a Christmas present in 1973. Pel still has her copy and wants to say thanks for turning me on to reading!


  1. Harry Potter was what got me hooked on reading ๐Ÿ™‚ then i wanted to read good books from there on !!

  2. twiightgirl68 says:

    I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t read !!

  3. The Giver by Lois Lowery was the book that got me hooked and it’s still a favorite.

  4. Dr.Seuss got me hooked on reading ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anyone remember “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”? My dad used to read that to me before bed, and I can remember looking forward to the day that I could read it to him. I heard a rumor that they’re turning it into a movie – I’ll have to hide from the theatres in order to NOT be scarred for life!

  6. soozabooza54 says:

    “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. Good old 5th grade English class in 1994. I still recommend it to people and reread it!

  7. I’m dating myself here, but I loved the Sweet Valley High Twins.

  8. TwilightFreak says:

    The Twilight Series got me hooked on reading.
    And im not just saying that.
    Now I cant stop reading! Im a bookworm!
    Just another reason why I love twilight so much.

  9. Before I read the Twilight series, I couldn’t stand reading. After the first page or two, I’d get too bored to continue, but with Twilight, I couldn’t stop! Twilight got me hooked to reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Last summer, following my college graduation, I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. That is what made me realize I love fiction. I read some nonfiction before that. After reading Outlander I read Twilight and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  11. I was first sort of hooked on Nicholas Sparks books. Then, when I read Twilight..I didn’t want to STOP reading. They were so incredible, and I couldn’t put them down. I have read them multiple times. I’m now looking for good books to read, when before I wouldn’t ever dream about buying a book over a CD, a new DVD, etc. I’m even into the classics now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Harry Potter got me hooked on reading the action and fantasy genre (Alex Rider, Eragon, Artemis Fowl etc).
    Twilight got me hooked on the romance and vampire genre.
    But as far as my memories goea, those hard-covered books by Enid Blyton got me hooked on reading.

  13. i would have to say twilight got me hooked i never really reafed anything before that besides reading my little girls bed time book.

  14. Where the Wild Things Are was the book that changed my childhood. I read it when I was just learning to read at the age of 4. It was my first book that I could read all by myself and I haven’t stopped devouring books since.

  15. heather v johnston says:

    I read to get sponsors for an M.S readathon long, long ago. Read a book called “Dog”. Had me hooked. Read fifty. Never stopped. The world without words?

  16. i never read books really….but then when i saw twilight, i started reading the books and i have been ADDICTED to twilight series ever since but i still dont rly read any other books…i read the host but was kind of forcing myself through it..i mean it got good like a while into it but..

  17. Twi~dancer72 says:

    harry potter <3

  18. Goodnight Moon is definitely what got me started as a reader, but in elementary school I read Ella Enchanted, and that book is what got me hooked. Ella Enchanted and the Twilight Saga round out my top 5 faves.

  19. schorette says:

    I read “Are You There God Its Me Margret” by Judy Blume in 7th grade. I finished reading the book in a day. After that, I couldn’t stop. Still to this day, whenever I start reading a book, I refuse to put it down until I am finished.

    It took me a day and a half to read Breaking Dawn. I got it at the midnight release.

  20. I’ve always been a reader..but the first books I was allowed to buy for myself was Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley Kids, anything by Judy Blume and Linda Lewis books! The Twilight Saga is amazing and I love the imagination!

  21. The first book I read was called, “Goodnight, Clownarounds.” My grandma would read me a book everynight before bed, and more often than not, I asked for that book. Then, one night she said, “Olivia, I’m too tired to read, do we have to?” I begged and begged, and finally she said, “Well, why don’t you read it to me?” So I took the book and read it to her. I was about 2. Now if I’m recominded a book, I’ll at least give it a try.

  22. hmm. perhaps it was those Junie. B. Jones books that i read when i was little. or maybe Call of the Wild which i read in fourth grade because i thought it would make me look smart…but i didn’t really understand it at the time though. haha i think that helped though. it made me want to read a long book i could understand.

  23. I started reading in grade school and loved anything by Judy Blume. As I went into Jr high and high school, you wouldn’t find me without a V.C. Andrews book in my face…then I had my son and couldn’t find time until 20 years later and Twilight fell in my lap and I re-found my love of books. Everyone who loved Twilight will love The Mortal Instruments series. (City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass)

  24. B is for Betsy by Carolyn Haywood. I have always loved books and reading; even as an elementary school student.

  25. i seriously cant remember the first book i read i learnt t read very VERY early, but i remember fantastic mr fox being a fav of mine but what got me hooked and into reading must be jacquline wilson books good books if ur a kid but they get boring once u hit high school lol

  26. First book I enjoyed: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.
    Book that got me into reading: Twilight
    I find it funny that both of the first books I enjoyed reading have movies with Kristen Stewart as the lead. ๐Ÿ˜›
    But yeah. I was a senior in high school when I read Twilight so I got into reading late, my friend and I would never shut up about it and people looked at us weird. Now they know what the hell we were talking about for 3 whole months.

  27. For me, it was Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly, though I remember the Beverly Clearly books more. (Socks, Dear Mr. Henshaw, Ramona the brave, etc) And I read many series to date. (Vampire Kisses, House of Night, Twilight, Eragon, etc) I love to read!

    • wannabealice says:

      OMG Megan, I loved the Henry and Beazus(sp?) books by Beverly Cleary. I started to read at a very young age and loved it. I read all the Nancy Drew mysteries and just about anything I could get my hands on at the Library.

  28. i cant remember my first book, i just remember getting told to slow down by my primary teachers

  29. I can’t remember my first book either. My mother used to read to me before bed, and after i learned to read i just continued reading every book i got my hands on.

  30. when I was younger, I read “Vampires Don’t Wear Polkadots”, which started me reading for a while, but I eventually stopped. Then a few years later I read “Pride and Prejudice”, which led to “Eragon”,which led to “Harry Potter”, and now I’m a readaholic.

  31. I started reading when I was very young and I was in summer reading contests in elementary school, so I have always been a avid reader. After high school (graduated 2003) I was too busy with work and it wasn’t until Twilight came out that I reconnected with my desire to read. I think it has done this for many people, its just a wonderful series.

  32. ah…might have been the Boxcar Children or Anne of Green Gables…I definately remember Harry Potter really propelling me into the fantasy world genre.

  33. The Magic Tree House books are what made me love reading.^^

  34. This is fun! My mother ordered me the Dr. Seuss books that came once a month when I was a child. I liked them but I wasn’t yet ‘hooked.’

    My favorite preschool books were “Petunia” and “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I loved when these were read at library time and I just had to buy them for my children and Godsons.

    I guess I’ve always been hooked on series books. My first was the Nancy Drew series and then I read the “Betsy” books. I loved these.

    I got into Stephen King as I got older but didn’t have much time with small kids and a full-time job to dive into anything too deep.

    Then one weekend at our cabin I had nothing to read. I grabbed my teenage daughter’s “Twilight” and was hooked on the series.

    I haven’t read the Harry Potter books yet (shame) but I will. I love diving into another universe and losing myself. I look forward to doing that with Harry Potter and also with the Outlander Series. I read the first book in a book club and can’t wait to get lost in the rest.

    My most recent series was Abram’s Daughters by Beverly Lewis. I’m anxious to read her other series as well.

    On my list are the Scott Card books Stephenie recommends.

    I am most excited for Stephenie Meyer to write more books after the Twilight excitement dims a bit. I cannot wait to find out what other worlds and universes lurk in her mind and for her to share them with us.

  35. I don’t know what got me reading. I just always loved reading fantasy, romance and horror books. I really don’t know why. But after reading the Twilight Saga, I just can’t think about reading another, I keep reading those four books again and again.

  36. Liz Davis says:

    I was hooked on the Twilight Saga, first chapter, first book. Read all of them in 4 days. Have reread them 5 time, starting over again.
    Reading has been my passion since I could remember.
    I even started my own book last month.

  37. I am a major The Giver fan as well, though that was not the book that got me reading. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what book got me to be a major reader, I just know I’ve always had a book in my hand or nearby. I am constantly craving a book to read. I am picky about my books though, they have to “speak” to me if you know what I mean. I almost didn’t read Twilight b/c I was not really a Vampire person,I had read way back when it first came out Interview but that was then and I only read that one book, never read the others to go with it.

    So one night i said what the heck, took it, read it and fell in love and have read it 8 times since. Other than The Giver, which was the first book I reread, the Twilight Saga is the only series of books I have read more than once and I have read many many series.

    I’m also one who read all the Sweet Valley High books and then the Babysitters club books and then there were books that were kind of cool, you would read to a certain page, then it would give you two options that you could choose which page you would go to next, and you had several different ways the story could go and end.

    My daughter has caught my reading bug and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait till she starts reading books like I did, and getting into them as much as I did. I actually got in trouble b/c I didn’t go outside enough, I was always in my room reading.

  38. Good books are the very best way to get kids hooked on reading! Thanks for sharing What Book Got You Hooked with your readers….the voting closes Sept. 30th, so now’s the time to vote daily for your favorite state to receive 50,000 books for kids in need, and share the book that got you hooked!

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