Ashley Greene Photo Controversy

MTV received a quote from Ashley Greene’s representatives regarding a story that broke late Monday afternoon. We are running the story now that the issue is officially being addressed by Ashley Greene’s representatives, and is no longer purely conjecture.

According to MTV:

“It looks like “Twilight” star Ashley Greene is the latest starlet caught up in a nude-photo scandal. After Perez Hilton posted naked pictures that appeared to be of Greene, her rep stepped in and released a statement.

“The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed,” her rep told MTV News in a statement Monday (August 10). “Our client intends to take legal action.”

Although the statement doesn’t confirm whether the photos are of Greene, they have since been taken off Perez Hilton’s Web site and replaced with the following statement: “The nude images have been removed from at the request of Greene’s attorneys.”

At the time the story broke, Ashley Greene was already in transit to the Eclipse set in Vancouver.  You can see the entire story on MTV.

The staff of the Lexicon wishes Ashley Greene well during what is obviously an emotional and trying time. We would ask that any comments do not link to the photos whose remnants are still online in that Ashley Greene’s reps have made quite clear that they will be taking legal action towards those who do post them.


  1. I hope she doesn’t take too much heat for this. Allegedly, the pics were from when she was 19 and trying to be a model; she may have naively taken some nude photos for the photographer who (again, allegedly) leaked them as many young women do. I don’t hold it against her.

  2. Oh! poor Ashley, just at the beginning of her career. I say we start annoying the schmidt out of perez… grrr

  3. wow, seriously… if sumthing happened to perez hilton and he was suddenly wiped off the face of the earth, i could care less. More so Id prolly be cheering because all that guy does is ruin pplz lives.

  4. Well..both sides are at fault here but we all make mistakes, it’s what makes us human. Wish her the best.

  5. As if Perez Hilton wasn’t enough of a douchebag already, he hit a new low today. I wish people would boycott his website and put his ass out of business.

  6. I saw the pics this morning on and i was in utter shock. How could Perez post something like this when Ashley is a role model to all the twilight fans. It amazes me that people can be so rude and immature about something like his. I want the best wishes to Ashley and i wanna say that i dont look at her any different. She is still an amazing person and that these pics were taken BEFORE twilight. She should take legal action. YOU GOOO GIRLL !! SUE THERE ASSSSS !!!

  7. this is one of those situations where i inherently want to feel bad for her, she made a bad decision and just bc she is a celebrity does not mean she is not a person, with feelings, who could be mortified by this situation…but at the same time, a very prudish but logical part of my self says “why did she take these pictures in the first place?” who was she sending them to? how could she be so reckless with so many examples of stars having things like this leaked (Think Miley and Vanessa) so while i wish Ashley the best because i love her, i do hope this is a sobering life lesson and she will maybe correct herself in the direction she is currently heading…a girl who takes nudey shots is questionable at best and by far subpar to the kind of role model she is more than certainly capable of being.
    Love you Ashley, we all know you’re beautiful, no need to bare it all to prove it.

  8. Perez Hilton is such a Dick! didn’t he release the Volturi pics too?

  9. RAWR!!! Stupid Perez Hilton!!! I feel so bad for ashley….. 🙁

  10. I saw the pictures, and I am positive that those were meant to be private, for a boyfriend or something. Not meant to put shown anywhere, so I think her computer or phone was hacked. Or some jealous ex released them. I think its terrible that these were released, she won fresh face at the teen choice awards, and now when she should still be excited about the win, she has to deal with this Bullsh*t.

  11. She’s hot!! Although I wish it was pics of rob! =D

  12. I saw the pictures, she looks pretty young, I’m afraid she wasn’t even legal around the time. Well, we all make stupid things at some stage of our lives and this was hers. I will never judge her. She\s always been sweet, gracious to the fans and hell it’s just difficult to dislike this girl for some reason! Wish her the best.

  13. Part of me thinks Ashley should have known better than taking those pics in the first place even though I’ve heard from multiple people that she looked really young in the pics, so she should shoulder some of the blame. At the same time everyone makes mistakes, and I feel so bad that hers are scrutinized more than others just because she’s part of Hollywood. Perez Hilton is a jerk for spreading these around, and not just when it comes to Ashley. He seems to take joy in ruining all the celebrities’ reputations that he claims are oh so fabulous. *glares*

    Twilighters unite against Perez!

  14. Devon061381 says:

    Yeah it’s embarrassing when they get leaked, and it’s definitely her in the photos. Whatever. People make stupid decisions, you move on. Look at Vanessa Hudgens lol – she had them leaked two years ago, and then again last week! I do feel bad for because it’s going to come up in interviews. You just deal with it head on, like Pete Wentz did when his came out a few years ago. He said he learned his lesson that “if you don’t want naked photos of you on the internet, never take naked photos.” PERIOD. LOL 🙂

    It’s always such a bigger deal though when it’s a female. And what about baring all in movies? Seriously, what’s the difference? Wasn’t Rob naked in Little Ashes???

    I hope everyone just moves on from this quickly. This stuff just gets blown up with everyone talking about it. Sh*t happens, that’s life 🙂

    Hope it’s smooth sailing Ashley, wish you the best.

  15. I feel bad for her because I am sure she did not mean for them to be published. Many models and actors have nude parts and I don’t see a problem with that at all. What is the problem is someone violated her privacy and post pictures that were not meant to be posted. I don’t get why people get away with doing this to others.

  16. We love you Ashley!!

  17. I don’t understand why people get offended when these kind of pictures come up.Even if they are real I’m sure she didn’t mean for her fans to see them. They were private. All these prudish people need to retreat back under that rock they live in. She is not questionable, she is normal. If you don’t want to see the pictures then don’t look for them. Problem solved.

  18. First off let me say that I like Ashley Greene, and I think she is a talented actress.

    But, as an avid Perez reader I must say, I have little sympathy for her. These pictures were obviously taken privately (honestly, who would take pictures like that for the public?) however, she is a celebrity and is in the spotlight quite a bit. You would be surprised how quickly even good friends would turn over pictures like these to make a quick buck. It really is an unfortunate aspect to our consumer driven society. She should have known something like this would happen purely because of her profession. Many of you are saying they were taken when she was young, personally I don’t think that is/was the case, BUT if they were taken when she was younger, she still should have thought twice about it. If she was actively seeking acting work at the time she should have thought about the possibility of her becoming well known and something exactly like this happening.

    Okay, I will stop rambling. Let me reiterate that I truly like Ashley and wish her luck in her future and I hope she is handling the best she can. I just don’t have the most sympathy for her.

  19. I support Ashley all the way! Hopefully this will blow over quickly. (Figures that Perez Hilton would be the source that leaked it, ugh.)

    Sure, Ashley may have made mistakes at some point in her career/personal life. But really, we don’t know the details about these photos, so I don’t think we’re qualified to judge her because of them (assuming they’re actually hers, of course).

    Don’t worry, Ashley. Your true fans will still support you. =)

  20. i dont see why people are hating on perez. yes we may not agree with what he does, but he is only doing what he does best-post celebrity gossip. he wasnt the one who took the pictures nor was he the one who leaked them.

  21. You are saying that Just because someone is famous do not have right to privacy? Perez Hilton job is awful. And HE does not right to do that.

  22. last thing i wanted to do was start a debate but my words are getting twisted. thats not what i said nor was implying. what i was trying to say is that perez in not solely the guilty party. there are other sites out there that have also posted alleged pictures. i was just not understanding why perez was bing singled out. secondly of course people are entitled to privacy but as a celebrity unfortunately things become made public. which suck. i hate what happened to ashley, and i wish her nothing but the best in this tough time. i hope this clears up my post. i dont like getting my words misconstrued.

  23. Perez is a dead set wanker!!! he needs to be shot like a feral animal!! All the best to Ashley!! cant wait to see New Moon!! they should take Perez out and off of all publications… i dont read any of his stuff coz he is a loser with nothing else to do but make up stories… and it doesn’t matter whos fault it is or if any other websites have picked it up.. it was on his site that it was found first, so he should take responsibilty… MAN UP HILTON AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN YA BIG PUSSY!!!! he shouldn’t put things out there if he cant take it..

    • i totally agree! i feel bad for her. its seems lik since the teen choice awards were anounced everybody is trying to bagg on her or gett some dirt on her since she won the fresh face award and is getting famouser. for example they also found a picture of her kissing chace posted the day after the awards were anounced tooo.

  24. This just pisses me off! Why do people feel the need to drag others down with them??? I understand the whole “you’re a celebrity and have to deal with some amount of targeting,” but when people like Perez Hilton (who brings a new definition to the word scumbag) AIM to hurt someone, they need to be dealt with HARSHLY!

    And Melissa, above me: WELL SAID!!!

    Seriously: Losing faith in humanity one person at a time!!!

  25. oh my gosh…it’s a naked body…we all have one. Get over it.

  26. Oh, get over yourselves. Ashley made a concious decision to TAKE the photos and she should be prepared to take the heat should they get out (which was inevitable for her with her goal of becoming a celebrity). It’s funny, it seems like MOST of the anti-perezers commenting here DID go to his website and take a peek at the pics while they were still up. Can you say HYPOCRITICAL?

  27. Everyone makes mistakes. I just hope Ashley knows we don’t think any less of her becuase of these. We support her 100% and hope she takes who ever released them to court!
    We Love You

  28. LadySothis says:

    Man, I wish Ashley hadn’t taken those. It was a mistake and I understand that, but I am disappointed in her. And Perez (or anyone) posting those photos anywhere is wrong, pure and simple.

  29. I saw them early Monday afternoon. Such a shame. I wondered when you guys were going to address this issue.

  30. OMG people are so naive, do you really buy the whole “the pictures were privat” act… come on? I mean I like Ashley as an actress and she´s my favourite out of the cast but it´s sooooo obvious those pictures was intended as a publicity stunt. She probably had them in her computer since before and decided that now that she´s a rising star it would help boost her popularity. And I find it a little funny that you talk trash about Vanessa Hudgens and her nude pictures, how come Ashley is different?
    I dont blame Ashley though its not like it makes her a bad person or a bad rolemodel because she took pictures of herself nude

  31. Webster’s Dictionary should define Perez Hilton as:
    1. fame-whore,
    2. blood-sucking leech,
    3. celebrity wanna-be,
    4. beneath primordial sludge,
    5. the gunk usually found under ones’ shoe,
    6. opportunist.

    ** I wish Ashley all the best.I’ll add her to my prayers.This hasn’t changed my opinion about her. Hope it’s over soon**

  32. TwilightFreak says:

    Wow. Poor Ashley. She’s such a sweetheart. Why does Perez have to be such a dick?

    Everyone has challenging situations in life and everyone makes mistakes and does stupid things.
    I hope this situation doesnt take away from what an awesome person and actress she is. Also, that everyone doesnt hang on to this and give her alot of heat for it.


  33. While I would never take them myself… I don’t see why she isn’t allowed to pose nude. Celebs do almost nude covers all the time.. her photos was just a little bit farther 🙂
    But seriously, she isn’t trying to be Miss America. She is just a talented actress who is old enough to make her own decisions.

  34. -sigh- Will no one ever learn the dangers of nudey pics? -shakes head-

    Either way, I still supoort you Ashley.

  35. AGREE 100% ANGEL!! Felt no need to look at pictures.We are all ladies we know what we look like LOLOL.Sorry dont feel bad for her or any of the other actors..they are old enough and should know better. Im surprise she would not have told summit about them earlier stuff was bound to get leaked.Thats why you try to be proffesional as u can in that industry even with your cast mates…

  36. I haven’t seen the pictures and I don’t know that they’re even real, but Perez Hilton is a creep. It’s disgusting to post those pictures to begin with, but he also likes to write crude things on the celebrity photos he puts on his website. Didn’t he post a regular picture of Kristen with nasty words on it, when she was just 18? I don’t condone what Ashley did. It’s not a smart idea to take naked pictures, especially in this day and age, but he is the jerk here. He makes his living posting gossip and nasty/embarrassing things about other people. Talk about bad karma. I also want to say that Ashley has always appeared to be very kind and classy in every interview I’ve seen, so I’m not going to judge her on this one incident.

    • Yes, the creepy lowlife actually called Kristen a c*nt. Can you imagine if someone called him a derogatory name?

  37. I feel so sorry 4 Ashley I cant believe Perez and his stupid fat self did this 2 her. Shes so nice and very cool 2 her fans she doesnt deserve this.How in the f****** world could someone have something against this girl. I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!! I wish her the best and I know that she will overcome this with her friends support.I’m going 2 b sending her support cards. Best wishes 2 her.

  38. These things happen because of the endless success of the saga. Eveyone wants to exploit this to raise their own website popularity – i.e. to raise money – regardless of the offence or unnecessary mess they can cause. See how the paparazzi behave with the main actors!
    I personally don’t care if Ms.Green had her naked body photographed. I don’t think that equals to being a porn star. I just think it’s time to stop harassing the actors just because they’re experiencing such a huge fame.

  39. I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine. I mean, it’s not like she’s Miss America or anything. A nude photo isn’t going to cast her into acting hell. It might actually make her a bit more popular among directors and whatnot. Sounds kinda creepy, but it’s true.

  40. It doesn’t seem to me that anybody thinks what Ashley did is the issue, but, that Perez Hilton is scum. I couldn’t agree more. People need to get off of this scums site. His 15 minutes has about 15 seconds left to it.

  41. First of all, Perez is an a**. His pathetic attempts to destroy people should be condemned. He was the one who called Kristen Stewart a c*nt. Ashley has had tasteful lingerie pics taken and suggestive pics in Maxim. Don’t know if there are actually nude pics, I don’t really care. However, unlike Vanessa Hudgens,she doesn’t appear to have leaked the pics herself. She seems to be very upset. And if she has a lawyer then perhaps she has a valid case against Perez. I hope this jerk pays dearly! Let’s unite against Perez!

  42. Wow, I’ve always thought that Perez was scum, but this just proves it. I definitely don’t agree with taking nudie pictures…but as I have not (and will not) see the alleged photos, I don’t even know if they even are of Ashley. You can do so much with photoshop these days, there’s really no way to tell. I would say that the only person who knows if those are real or not would be Ashley Greene herself. I support her and wish her the best…and also hope that she learns from this mistake (if it really was her) and moves on with her life.



  44. taty_alex86 says:

    hey!!! that is really unfair. who doen´t ever had done something stupid being young

  45. Poor Ashley. I hope her all the best.

  46. poor ashley!
    the pictures dont change the way i feel about her

  47. people just don’t know when to stop do they?!..PEREZ HILTON..GET A DAMN LIFE! you can do so much more than to make a fool out of people. Some people are just doing this to sabotage the Twilight Saga, it’s all freakin’ annoying. can’t you just leave her alone?! Ashley greene is a good person. uggh..those photos weren’t even proven to be of Ashley greene..only Ashley greene herself can tell if it was her or not…even if it was so?..we all make mistakes nobody’s perfect. and what perez is doing is rubbing it in on people’s faces, Ashley G in particular, that she is not perfect, SO?! who gives a damn?! Ashley Greene is a wonderful person, get used to that, and stop comparing her to other nudists, neigh, REAL nudists who make sure people see photos off em stripped, people who know it’s the wrong thing to do but do it anyway! Ashley Greene is not one of them. SO BACK OFF! long live the Twilight Saga!

  48. Uh…Idk what to think. Well, I have sympathy but at the same time, I’m not gonna feel like it’s ok. Billions of pre-teens are hearing about this & well…it sets a poor example to them. I understand that it was a mistake and I’m not saying she’s horrible for it. But, it is horrible that the consquences may be that some little girls are going to believe it’s OK to let people do that…

    I do despise Perez Hilton. He’s a pervert to post the pics in the first place. He prob sat there and stared at them before posting them…disgusting.

    I still love Ashley! I wish her the best of luck and hope that she doesn’t allow this to crush her.

  49. C’mon people.You cant trust anyone these days.Why
    should we trust her?I’m sorry over saying this but,
    i think anyone who does post themselves online like
    that is internet trash.Just like vanessa hudgens.
    Again,sorry,but you cant deny it,its the truth.I’m
    so so so sorry ashley greene fans!Stunts like this
    hurts the fans.

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