Making Taylor Lautner Blush

Minor spoilers at the beginning of this video mentioning the number of awards won by Twilight, but not who won what. Taylor talks about David Slade, Rachelle, and then Shaun gets him to blush.

The video Shaun references regarding Selena (who is Team Edward,btw) is below.

And in just to round things out, Shaun decided to show Ashley Greene the same photo. You kind of feel like everyone is going to go up to Taylor and pinch his cheeks immediately after.


  1. Haha, what a tease!

  2. Taylor gets set up yet again by the same Access reporter. She’s at it again!(She tried to get him to show off “The Abs” outside of the MTV Movie Awards in June- to no avail)
    She’s good! Did you catch that blush?!
    At least he’s a good sport! 😉

  3. HAHAHA 🙂 taylor was sooo blushing it wasent even funny. I think Ashley’s reaction was the best hahaha so amazing 🙂

  4. so wait… is selena dating taylor??

  5. I think I’ve been hiding under my rock for too long… Anyone want to confirm if Taylor and Selena are dating?

  6. I can’t stand this reporter…she is sooo annoying. I mean it’s not a big deal but it’s still makes me mad haha. Poor Taylor getting singled out, especially at MTV movie awards when she just kept hounding him to show his abs. Stop it you are obnoxious! If you went up to anyone who wasn’t famous and showed people around them an embarassing picture you dug up years ago I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be as carefree.

  7. No they are Not dating anymore. Selena confirmed it in seventeen mag

  8. twihard 4eva says:

    ashley said it all. i totally agree w/ her. i wish i could wake up to taylor every morning!! i did not watch the selena vid cuse i think that taylor deserves better than her. emma watson anybody?

    • so true that!! i just had to watch it tho to see how much she’d act they were still dating even tho…they’re not! he deserves so much better than her!…mayb me? LOL
      that shaun robinson needs a reality check. u cant just go around showing other ppl pics of someone and on top of that try to get him to admit he’s dating someone he’s not!

  9. Taylor looked really cute. Ashley’s reaction really was the best.

  10. That lady was trying to trick him into admitting that Selena Gomez is his gf. She didn’t have any reaction that said ‘He’s my man’. Poor Taylor. It’s kind of uncool to go around showing other actors that picture of him and he was a good sport about it. Selena Gomez seems like a classy girl. They’d make a cute couple.

  11. Taylor is too damn cute!!! Love how embarrassed he was of that picture!!!
    Selena didn’t say “That’s my man!” WTF is Shaun telling lies for!!!???
    Are they still going out?? I’m confused.
    Ashley’s reaction would be the same as mine… He’s sooo cute!! pinches his cheeks cute!!!


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