Edward and Bella – Barbie Collector Edition

On November 1, Mattel will offer Edward and Bella Barbie Collector dolls for all of the TWILIGHT fans out there! Just in time for the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, each doll will be available for $24.95 where dolls are sold.

Below is a statement from the Barbie designer, a big Twilight fan!

“I fell in love with the TWILIGHT series and was obsessively reading the books when I was assigned the project to design the Edward and Bella Barbie dolls.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled to find out that I would design the dolls and get to work with Stephenie Meyer.  Stephenie herself came to Mattel and art directed the look of the dolls.  She was integral in perfecting every detail as she really wanted Edward and Bella to embody the spirit of the characters that she envisioned while writing the series.  We also had the ACTUAL costumes from the movie set that were used in the “Forever 17” scene to help inspire the costumes for the dolls.  It was an unforgettable experience and I hope TWILIGHT fans are just as excited about the dolls as I am!”
-Sharon Zuckerman, Barbie Collector Designer, Mattel


  1. being 18 years old, i prolly wont be buying one. but its a cool idea i guess. lol


  3. You can never be too old to own COLLECTOR Barbie’s as long as you don’t play with them… which I’m sure all the Robstens will do! lol

    Are they not supposed to look like Kristen and Rob? Cause they don’t! Bella looks more like the beautiful vampire Bella not human Bella… still a good idea.

  4. TwilightFreak says

    I appreciate the effort, but these are creepy! Lol.
    I think i will just stick with the makeup for now!

  5. I’m glad (as Diana referenced) that they don’t look like the actor and actress. Like the artist who worked with Stephenie said…they’re supposed to embody the idea of Bella and Edward…which to me is what’s in Stephenie’s head more than the cast directors closest version of them (which I believe somebody already made and released). Great collector paraphenalia. 🙂

  6. Alu Rathbone says

    I’ll be asking for these for christmas… including the stuff for college. yay!

  7. Definitly getting these! They are waaaaay better than the other dolls. I like that these don’t look like the actors, but the way Stephenie wants them to.

  8. Now my homemade version of the Jacob Werewolf doll and Victoria Barbie are going to be obsolute because Mattel has joined in on the fun. Good for them, good for Stephenie, bad for me and all the contestants of the I Love Jacob After Eclipse Prom Party. Michele you had a great idea there.

  9. I cant wait for them. I think they come out around my birthday!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

  10. yay!!! These can go with my Tonner dolls and Spock dolls! ys, i have the barbie collectors Spock doll. but these will look a little sad next to my Tonner Edwards. hmm. what to do? idk, i’ll think of something. <3

  11. when are they coming out with a JASPER doll!? Tonner, Mattel? hello? *echoes*

  12. I think this is kinda cute, but I don’t like how they gave Bella the characteristic Barbie look. Supermodel tall and skinny and perfect. That’s not Bella. She’s supposed to be average, not Barbie perfect. And Edward’s pretty skinny too. I think is a really cool idea, but it’s obviously VERY Barbie.

  13. Anyone remember the Skipper doll? She was one of Barbie’s shorter friends and I think that doll would have been good as a template for Bella… just saying =).
    Still like it though! I think I may ask my hubby to get me these for Christmas =).

  14. Twilight Nymph says

    I just saw a picture of these up close and the Bella doll looks tanned, yet in the books and in the movies for that matter Bella looks almost as white as Edward. Yet, I guess it’s ok since it’s a doll.

  15. I’m sorry but I think it’s REALLY hilarious how Barbie looks all perfect and idealistically breathtakingly beautiful and I see it turned into a Bella version of it. Bella is described in the book as being ordinary yet attractive- somehow in our imaginary minds. But no, not like Barbie. I wish they didn’t just paste the face onto the character like that. It’s all just corporate marketing game, attracting yet another target segment. Can’t they at least stay true to Twilight?

  16. Kathleen loves vamps says

    I WANT BARBIES FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol Im like 17 and gave up barbies long ago but I really really want these!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Serena Welles says

    Heh heh. That’s rather super. XD Since my birthday is around that time I’ll have someone buy that for me. :3

  18. Melanie Cullen says

    will the madness never end?

  19. love2dream says

    Ken has never looked so good!

  20. Much better than the fugly ones that come out earlier. =)

  21. I’m not fond of Barbies anymore. Maybe, if I’d found them when I was 5, I would’ve gotten them.

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