Ashley Greene Interviewed by Ryan Seacrest

Ashley Greene was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. She talks about her expanding role in New Moon, the physicality of Eclipse, and the recasting of Victoria.


  1. cool, but does anyone know if they’ve casted anyone for Seth and Leah Clearwater? i’m excited!

  2. She’s always so pretty, but that picture of her is amazing. Love her with dark hair!

    I’m so pissed at Summit for letting Rachelle go. She was such a good Victoria.

  3. wait..i haven’t checked on here in a few days. They’re letting Rachelle go? Why?

    • It has to do with scheduling conflicts. Rachelle is working on another project that begins at the same time that filming starts for Eclipse, and Summit didn’t find out until the 20th of last month that she wouldn’t be in the country when it started.

      • Annabella says:

        It wasn’t that simple. Summit acted shady and recast her in a few days without telling Rachelle.

        • I agree that something is shady about this. It was in Rachelle’s contract that she could do other short term projects. She only had to be away for 10 days. I believe Bryce wanted to be a part in this and her dad definitely has the connections to make it happen.

  4. I’m a little mad that they replaced Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley.

  5. Annabella says:

    I am so sad to hear that Howard was down there training. I still had some hope that they would fix things and bring Rachelle back. So sad. Ashley could have said something nice about Rachelle or at least that she was sad about it.

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