Peter Facinelli: Cruising Segway Style

Peter Facinelli is being very environmentally conscious and has ordered himself a Tesla. In the meantime since Peter has to wait a over a year for his new wheels, he was seen at TwiCon exploring alternate means of transportation.


  1. Hahahaha, this is so freakin funny! I can’t get over it. He is just driving his car thing and he doesn’t even say a word. I find that freakin hysterical!! I love Peter.

  2. Devon061381 says

    LOL!!! dude this is hilarious.

  3. This made my day. Peter is so funny that one girl was like. “Sir…you shouldn’t be…” And then he turned around and she saw who he was. LOLz.

  4. The vid is funny… but the car is one sweet ride!

  5. He’s good at maneuvering around people. “Whoa, whoa boy.” That made me cry cause it was so funny.

  6. I can imagine lyrics to Peter riding on a segway:

    Peter on a segway,

    strolling through the Twicon,

    making his rounds…

  7. Chocolate Marshmallows says

    LOL!!! That made me laugh! The people were like “Wah?! …” haha!

  8. Wow that was really random……….but effin’ hilarious! OMG that made me almost pee my pants, idk why. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  9. hahahaha!!! This is so funny!! He’s just like riding around and everyone’s like ‘What the heck?’
    We have Segway tours that go around our town, and the people follow each other one after another on scooter things. They look like ducklings following the leader around. XD It’s so fun to watch.

  10. I love Peter! He is such a town to earth kind of guy and he is so funny!

    But imagine if you saw him whizz by you at Twicon, you’ll be like “Was that just Peter Facinelli on a segway? *Pondering* Nah!” .LOL. 🙂

  11. He looked so funny! Totally hilarious!

  12. Dear Facinelli Fans, if you have any photos or encounters with Peter Facinelli that you would like us to host on his website please email me at waiting for your photo’s and Peter loves to hear from his fans.

  13. love_bites says

    Do you know what happened to Lauren’s bite blog? I went there today and blogger says it “doesn’t exist” ?

  14. LOL I love Peter XD Those things are crazy hard to maneuver. I tried riding one once and it feels like you’re about to fall over the whole time you’re on it.

  15. Dr. Cullen is like a little kid here XD


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  17. HAHAH! HE’s soo cool! Managing to pull of being REALLY funny and still cool and calm! LOL!!!

  18. hahaha Oh peter!

  19. i literally just burst into a fit of laughter. at 4:27 in the morning.

    that man never ceases to amaze me.