Jodelle Ferland Team Edward? spoke with the newest addition to the Eclipse cast, 13-year-old Jodelle Ferland  The actress; who had her first starring role in the movie Mermaids when she was just 4; talked about her audition, her experiences working with Kristen Stewart and more. Read the exclusive interview on



  1. Radar needs to check their facts. Jodelle is 14 (will be 15 in October) and the movie was “Mermaid” not “Mermaids” (as in the movie w/ Cher like a lot of people seem to be thinking-she wasn’t even BORN when that movie was made).

  2. Amanda Dubs says:

    The Twilight Lexicon spelled KStew’s name wrong? LOL

    • No this paragraph was taken from the radar article. So Radar spelled it wrong, as well as getting Jodelle’s age wrong, amoung other things.

  3. Jodelle is so cute, I think she’ll be a great Bree,
    thats the only vamp that actually has some lines isn’t it?

  4. I think she’ll do great as Bree. That’s a pretty creepy scene in the third book,where her character is a recent new born and she wants to attack Bella. I must say she has good taste in choosing Edward,although I myself preferse Team Switzerland. It’s hard not to love Edward though,as he’s a very interesting character. Eclipse should be a very interesting movie.

  5. Sabastian says:

    what a bunch of queers.

  6. catris.charis says:

    bree is said to be acted by emma roberts though, in google. wonder where they got that.

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