Noot Seear Interview In Style

Style interviews Noot Seear as she makes her leap from runway to silver screen. We had a chance to see Noot in San Diego, and she’s got a great personality. We were in the dead last group that the actors greeted the day (roughly 2,500 people), and by a landslide Noot was the perkiest of them all. She looked like she was having a blast getting to meet the fans.

According to Style:

“The history of the model-turned-actress is a checkered one, without a doubt. For every Charlotte Rampling or Penélope Cruz, there’s a Cindy Crawford in Fair Game, the sine qua non of bad career moves. The jury is still out on Noot Seear, but that’s only because Seear, an alum of countless runways and campaigns, won’t be seen in her first acting role until November. That’s when New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, is released—or, to put it another way, that’s when Noot Seear can expect to make the leap from model-turned-actress to paparazzi quarry…”

Get the whole story on Style.

You can also catch Noot, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Rachelle Lefevre in teh September issue of Glamour magazine.


  1. Newmoonlover says:

    I like her. Shes cute and funny!

  2. Where is Kristen Stewart? I prefer Kristen over Noot to be in this photo.

  3. brandneweyes says:

    I really don’t get why so many people are making a big deal out of Noot Seear. Heidi is BARELY even in New Moon!

  4. Seeing this pic with Rachele almost make me cry…:(

  5. Where is Kristen? I think the photo should have had
    actress who plays Emily before Noot who has such a tiny minor role. The girl is beautiful tho’. Tinsel
    has a much more prominent character.

  6. Rockin'It says:

    @M.P. I feel the same way!!!! I’m gonna miss her so much, I’m having a hard time accepting that she’s not gonna be in Eclipse. I’m really not a huge fan of Bryce. She’s just… Not Victoria. She’s not got the fiery passion that Rachelle does! 🙁

  7. twilight + star trek fan says:

    i love rachelle’s hair. its kinda like mine (when i ouidad it) but i have brown hair and her hair is longer than mine.

  8. Why does Noot get to be in the magazine? Sh’es hardly part of the cast. Sh’es not in Eclipse and has a line in New Moon. I’m getting sick of hearing about the extras on magazine covers.

  9. I guess she’s in the photo spread because she’s a professional model. She seems cool, but I would’ve preferred someone who has a more important role in the movie, like Kristen (duh) or ‘Esme’. Do they even realize that Heidi is in just a couple of pages of the book? She’s not in “Eclipse” and plays an even smaller role in BD. She’ll probably just stand there.

  10. I miss Rachelle so much. I wish she would come back somehow.

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