Jacqui Ryan: 2 Songs Shortlisted For New Moon

Singer/song writer Jacqui Ryan has come to the US from Australia to promote her music. In this video, she talks about two songs that are on the short list for the New Moon soundtrack.

You can hear Jacqui’s songs at her MySpace.ย  You can also check her out on her official site, and on her Twitter. Ty to Sandi from Twitter for the heads up.


  1. Pretty songs. But that’s also my problem with them, they are too ‘pretty’. I feel they don’t fit the mood of the movie at all.

  2. She has a nice voice and both songs are really quite nice. I’m not sure how well they would fit into New Moon though. I guess “Don’t Walk Away” would probably be used when Edward leaves her (or possibly on the plane across to Italy, I suppose), but I think “Close to Crazy” is a little too ‘cheery’ sounding to reallt fit into the plot.
    This has really got me thinking about what music will be used though, especially as I loved the soundtrack for Twilight.

  3. The lyrics work for the movie. But country music?? The sound is SO NOT right for New Moon/Twilight saga. This can’t be for real. This really must be a joke.

  4. is this serious? maybe one ofthese songs are the happy parts in New Moon when she hangs out with Jacob…but idkk two songs by this chick..BRING ON MUSE!!! i love muse i am obsessed with muse they MUST put them on the soundtrack…UH NO OFFENCE BUT THIS SUCKS BAD!!!! EVEN DONT WALK AWAY SOUNDS LIEK AN OFF TUNED HORSE!! I HATE COUNTRY@@ AHHHHH THEY BETTER GET IT RIGHT!!…maybe that avril songs im with you would fit that part of the movie…to me i liek it for that

  5. Devon061381 says:

    Yeah I agree – nice voice/music, but the sound isn’t right for the movie. I guess I can’t understand how people are oblivious to the overriding genre/style of music that the movie(s) have: indie/rock-alternative. No “pretty” pop music…no hip-hop/rap…no country.

    This is what Stephenie wanted.

    I’m sure there are plenty of songs out there in other genres that would lyrically fit the movie…but if your style of music isn’t what was pretty ironed out in Twilight, then no go…I just don’t understand how this pivotal point keeps getting missed/confused for some people.

    The Twilight soundtrack was/is effing fantastic. I’m already extremely excited to see Coldplay and The Used on the New Moon soundtrack. I’m expecting more great things musically on it. I have never been so excited about movie soundtracks before Twilight. Whoever they had doing the first one, I hope they continue to put together the subsequent ones because they have a fabulous formula for a great music buy.

    Again, lovely voice Jacqui, music is just not right for the movies, sorry.

    • Devon061381 says:

      So I just realized that “short-listed” meant that someone involved with the soundtrack is thinking of possibly putting this music on it.

      And I’m kind of stunned as to why.

      Again, lovely, just…I’m not real thrilled about it being in the movie. Don’t think it fits musically. Don’t mean to offend anyone but I’ll be disappointed if it’s on there.

  6. I really hope these songs are NOT on the soundtrack.
    They don’t fit the mood at all.

    Nice songs…Just no way for New moon.

  7. Miss Miriam says:

    I like “Don’t walk away” bu I agree it doesn’t fit the movie…but maybe someone likes the lyrics. They could always get permission for someone to re-do the music and give it a different sound.

  8. if they do put these songs in the soundtrack which im hoping theyre not then at least they should change it..edit it to be a little less country and more alternative ..how bout Trading Yesterday…i like them and maybe some of their songs can fit the soundtrack..check them out ..
    my fav song is called shattered by them but go on youtube and type in ‘ the twilight saga tribute’ and click the first one it should be black and white its an awesome song and i think it would fit

  9. If these were on the soundtrack, i wouldn’t freak out or anything cause they’re pretty nice songs and have lyrics that fit. But you’d have a job fitting them into the actual movie anywhere, you couldn’t have ‘Don’t walk away’ playing when Edward leaves, it just wouldn’t fit. That should be purely instrumental in my opinion.
    Both songs are a bit too ‘happy'(even though they’re about bad subjects) though to be honest..

  10. just heard close to crazy….i mean..they have to edit it or make someone else sing it cuz she got a country voice you know but the lyrics are good but its too.. happy and New Moon is kinda depressing

  11. shortstuff says:

    yeah i have to agree with most of the posts before me.. these are great songs, but i feel like theyre WAY too cheery/pop-y for the mood in new moon. ‘close to crazy’ especially, is just way too happy sounding, despite the lyrics. ‘don’t walk away’ isnt as bad, but i still don’t think its right for new moon. i feeel bad though, because she seems like a really nice person, and she is definitly talented. i just don’t think its right for this..

  12. No way… if this is for real, Twilight’s soundtrack will blow New Moon’s out of the water. I’m disappointed. ๐Ÿ™

  13. Jessie Cullen says:

    No way- if they put these songs on the soundtrack then I don’t know if I will like the soundtrack at all. I mean this has got to be a joke. This girl and radiohead on the same soundtrack??????

    I think someone is feeding her a line of bull if she thinks that her songs will make the soundtrack.

    I could be wrong- and if I am I don’t see myself buying a soundtrack with such a strange mix of songs. I bought the soundtrack for Twilight and I expect this soundtrack to be just as good- if not I won’t buy it.

  14. she has a nice voice and all, but i don’t think these songs are a good fit. the style and lyrics just aren’t that great.

    i’m still pulling for the honey trees and schuyler fisk!

    • DarklyDreamingDamsel says:

      These songs are good but I’m not sure if they would fit. The Schuyler Fisk song might. I think that The Honey Trees songs are too whimsical…and by the way they sound just like Eisley. I had to look up the members of the band because I thought that maybe one of the sisters in Eisley might have joined this band.

      Good songs though!

    • DarklyDreamingDamsel says:

      I’m really not digging these songs at all. I can’t think of a place that they would fit in the movie. I hope that they aren’t on the soundtrack. I am not saying that she isn’t talented but just that she’s not a good fit.

  15. I really really really hope these songs don’t make it one the soundtrack. I’m not saying she isn’t talented or anything like that but the songs do not go with NM at all. They would be sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the other bands that Chris said would be in there.

  16. higgin704 says:

    I am an alternative music girl, but I am big enough to see that the first song (Don’t Walk Away) is perfect. I can picture where it would go in the script that I absolutely have NOT seen…

  17. trin.dion says:

    If you want to hear a song that fits the mood – alternative style – reaches the depth of Bella’s loss and emotions.
    check out this link

  18. trin.dion says:
  19. It’s possible these songs could be used more for the “background”. It gets mentioned a lot in New Moon how Bella can’t stand listening to music, so songs like these would be enough to make Bella do something drastic like … ohh, I don’t know … rip a stereo from her car. (Not that they’re bad – just that she wouldn’t want to hear them.)

  20. Oh I don’t know I really like this music, I think you have it pegged all wrong I really do. Its soulful rather than country.
    I think she stands as good a chance as any one else, the only reason half of you even listen to the music from Twilight is because it was on Twilight if you had heard it in a music shop you would have ignored it completely. Lets give new talent a break, at least she got shortlisted.

  21. Oh come on guys! Seriously!!! She’s either too poppy or too country? I think she sounds very modern and crossover-ish if you prefer. Not everyone’s going to be 100% happy with the soundtrack. I didn’t like every single song on the Twilight one, but I bought it. I think she’s great and deserves to be there! Also, what about encouraging up and coming talent instead of the same stuff you hear everyday?!

  22. I agree with the majority of the comments above. She’s a good singer but her style just doesn’t fit the tone of the book or the clips we’ve all seen so far. Further more there are a lot of singers/bands out there trying to get a chance to be part of this soundtrack. “WHO” informed her that 2 of her songs are on the “SHORT LIST” – if “THEY” are going to select an unknown artist or song, it needs the heartbreak. You need to hear that in the words – in the voice. I checked out all the links and songs listed above from comments (14)&(17) and I hope that everyone does also. Both are really good but this one gave me chills!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM2AscQ3eKQ

  23. I am a massive Twilight fan, have read all the books, and I really do feel this girls songs would fit perfectly into the movie. We are all entitled to our opinions otherwise what a boring old world it would be if we all liked the same things. I didn’t like all the songs on the Twilight soundtrack but still purchased it anyway. Give this girl a break, she’s VERY GOOD. Good luck Jacqui.

  24. Wow, this girls songs would be perfect for the soundtrack. I’m glad they are considering someone new, we are all fans of the Twilight series and we all have different opinions, she is great. LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

  25. This girl is talent plus, sing she can, emotion she has, gives me goosebumps, couldn’t be a better song to add to the soundtrack.”Don’t Walk Away” will be a number 1 hit. Congrats on being shortlisted Jacqui.

  26. higgin704 says:

    Another thing to keep in mind, if they are using the first song where I think they will, is that it will likely be altered to fit the scene. Frequently the instrumental, the ordering of the stanzas, the volume (forefront like Supermassive, or background as was some of the instrumental) is changed in some way to fit. Given the lyrics and kind of empty feeling the first song gives me, I can very much see it as a background song when Edward leaves Bella.

    I also have to agree with the above poster about giving others a chance. Not so long ago, SO MANY PEOPLE had their torches out when Robert Pattinson was announced as Edward. It seems people can be so quick to judge that something just doesn’t “fit”, but more times than not, that is because we, as fans, bring our previous knowledge to the film. Before we see the film, we see and hear it in our heads. Likely, more often than not, the people cast, the music selected, the locations chosen, the furnishings of the homes, the clothes that they wear, etc, is not going to match what we saw in our heads because…well, because it just isn’t.

    Like I said before, I am an alternative music girl, but that song, and those lyrics, have great potential to be a powerful background to a powerful scene. I can’t really judge it before I have seen it, just like I couldn’t judge RPatz before I saw him in the role.

    • Higgi704 – you have nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally agree and you have total understanding of what music and movie directors are looking at.

  27. I totally agree with ‘higgin704’ – they only play parts of songs in movies to fit the scene. Look at I caught myself by Paramore… you can hardly hear it in the scene where the girls are trying on prom dresses. You are definiately right, people are very narrow minded when it comes to what they believe should be included in a film or soundtrack. And thousands of ppl hated Rob for the part – like you mentioned and now millions adore him. I really really really like these songs and really hope she makes the soundtrack. I get goosebumps everytime I hear it. It’s beautiful.

  28. Jacqui Jacqui Jacqui Jacqui!!!!!! I’m behind her being on the soundtrack all the way. She’s got talent plus!!! GO TEAM JACQUI! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Whoo Jacqui! All you haters stink – I’m pulling for your songs babe, I think they ROCK and are PERFECT! Best of luck to you

  30. Jessica Pattinson x_o says:

    I haven’t been able to stop listening to these songs! I have fallen in love with Jacqui”s voice. she looks and sounds great! Love the accent too lol I don’t know how people can’t like her songs for new moon! I’d be uber excited to see them on there – whoever is doing the organising, please please please please please please please please add Jacqui to the soundtrack! I have a feeling this is the start of many great things ๐Ÿ™‚ x_o

  31. Great singer!! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3 she rocksssss and she deserves a place in the soundtrack ๐Ÿ™‚ xox

  32. hey jac, if ur readin this! its aashna…lol u obviously know who i am ๐Ÿ™‚ ur support fan/advertiserr ๐Ÿ˜› lol u rock <3 ily xox

  33. OMG I just read on another website that Robert Pattinson likes Jacqui’s songs and hopes that they’ll be on the soundtrack!! Bet ya’ll be liking her now huh?! GO TEAM JACQUI!!!! You ROCK!

    • OMG what website is that?? Jacqui needs some supportive and encouraging comments considering everyone seems to be more than happy to have their negative opinions pasted all over the place. I too support Jacqui and am a huge fan of all her music. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!

  34. I seen it on Celebuzz — someone had posted it on there, but now I can’t find it. I promise it was there tho! I LOVE Jacqui, I wouldn’t lie bout it.

  35. Wow – that’s pretty impressive Dwayne!

    Have you all checked out the interview FoForks did with Jacqui recently? http://foforks.com.br/page/3/ is the link. FoForks is the biggest Twilight website from Brazil – it’s HUGE! So for them to get on board, Jacqui must be doing pretty well.

  36. Lauren Shield says:

    I wrote and composed this song with jacqui and im a good friend of Jacqui’s and I strongly believe it should get on the soundtrack plus being the person that wrote it I believe the arrangement could be altered to fit the movie! Its the lyrics that appeal to the storyline! Plus how great would it be to see a brisbane artist and a brisbane songwriter get some recognition! So come on people lets get people lets support her!

  37. Jacqui’s songs are fantastic! It’s a shame she didn’t get chosen for the soundtrack but she’s a great talent! Everyone should follow her on twitter too! jacquiryanmusic is her address. She’s great!

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