Bella’s Prom Make-Up Breakdown

The make-up artist form the Twilight movie, Jeanne Van Phue, has finally revealed the secrets behind Bella’s prom looks.

Tips include using and electric eyelash curler. We’ve never heard of one of those before.  So what do electric ones look like?

“Van Phue curls the eyelashes with an electric eyelash curler: “It does not break your eyelashes or give them that strange, unnatural bend you get when using a conventional eyelash curler,” she said. She suggests electric curlers by Youberry or TouchBeauty. The curler has a straight wand and “is very easy to use. All you need to do is bend the eyelashes upward and hold.”

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  1. Those things start at $15… for the cheap ones.

    Um, no thanks. I think I’ll just stick to the random free ones I get in make-up gift bags.

  2. Am I the only one who thought Bella’s “prom look” for the Twilight movie was totally horrible?!

    It’s like they read the description in the book and then did the exact opposite. That grandma sweater they immediately put over her dress was atrocious! And what was up with the leggings under the dress?! If I’m not mistaken, Rob said she looked like a “biker chick” in the DVD commentary! And he’s right! 🙂

    An electric curler is cool, but otherwise, I don’t think the makeup artists should be bragging up their work in this scene.

    Thank GOD they’ve upgraded hair/makeup for New Moon!

  3. i actually like the sweater it seemed like that would be pretty much the only dressy sweater bella would have

  4. chole!!!! Feel the same way LOL!! Totally into clothes/makeup as well.If anyone wore that to my school they would have been ripped apart..But we must remember bellas character in a whole is not to be too showy or into fashion.ya know shes not the cullens they need an upgrade as well in that department.Cant wait to see what they do in new. moon.Still love the twisaga .Just thought i could have produced a better wardrobe for the actors LOLOL!!!

  5. I liked the way Bella looked at the prom. It makes sense that she’d wear a sweater, since it’s supposed to be very cold in Forks. I also liked the leggings. The look was very Bella. I’d rather she be different than look like every other girl at the prom. I also loved her makeup in the movie. Very natural and pretty. Too bad the rest of the Cullen siblings weren’t at the prom, though.

  6. Did any of you actually read the book, do you not remember where she told Edward, I’m not coming over anymore if Alice is going to treat me like a Guinea Pig Barbie when I do? If Alice had a hold of her she would not have looked like that, she would have been a lot more dressed up. She described the dress being deep blue, frilly and off the shoulders, with french tags and more suited for the runway. it was FORMAL attire and she had on stiletto heals not tennis shoes, this is all on page 482 in Twilight.

    So once again, another thing that Catherine totally screwed up and did wrong.

  7. She is wearing the sweater and leggings because it was like 3 degrees while filming. Gotta be realistic.

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