Twilight Examiner Interviews Peter Facinelli

Amanda Bell, The Twilight Examiner, was able to sneak in a brief moment during TwiCon to speak with Peter Facinelli about Eclipse

“AB: What was your favorite part of Eclipse?

PF: I actually like that, in the book, a lot of the family members are talked about, and in the movie they’re in it a lot more. The books are all told from Bella’s perspective, so a lot of times, when she’s not in the scene and things are happening, you don’t actually get to see them, like the battle scene, for instance. In Eclipse when the whole family and the werewolves are fighting the newborn vampires, it’s talked about and through Edward you kind of get something, but in the movie you actually get to see it, you know, so I like that in the interpretations of the movies, it’s not always about Bella’s perspective. She isn’t always in the scene, and so that opens up the story a little bit. The Cullens are in it a lot more throughout.”

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  1. i really like peter as carlisle. fab!

  2. first one to comment

  3. im so glad that peter was cast for these movies. hes so down to earth! and i wanna see david slades interpretation of how they act…should be interesting

  4. So, Summit was willing to work around Peter’s schedule but not Rachelle’s? I can’t believe this. When you think about it, Carlisle and Victoria have probably about the same amount of screen time in the movies, why didn’t they just replace him? Oh yeah, because he’s a freaking Cullen! Nevermind the most important villain in the series.. I have nothing against Peter, he’s perfect for the role, but it just annoys me how Summit treated Rachelle.

  5. about the Rachelle vs Ms. Howard, i will wait and see on this issue. Although i am fond of Rachelle and her take on Victoria; I think in the 3rd movie the character Victoria is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the movie, besides Edward, Bella & Josh. I have NOT seen Ms. Howard’s work, but there are just a lot riding on this and Rachelle’s part prior to the 3rd movie was not as critical as it will be in the 3rd movie.

    so we will see if Ms. Howard can pull it off.

  6. YES!!! we are actually going to see the fight! that was one of the things i was wondering about. Glad to have it confirmed! gotta love peter.

  7. Great!:) thank u! Im glad that Eclipse is looking to be an even more 3 dimensional movie where it goes away from bella’s perspective a bit. Its a movie it needs to do that. As a book it works to just have it told through one person’s eyes,but as a movie it needs to show the action and the other aspects that we dont get to see. To all of those people that are always complaining and ranting and raving. Get over it and just enjoy the movies with the other interpretations. It makes it even more fun and exciting. And a well told story

    • CiRi, I couldn’t agree more! Very well said. 🙂 What makes the movies so exciting is that we get to see some things onscreen that Bella doesn’t. And I’m definitely looking forward to the battle scene the most! That’s going to be awesome. 😉

      As for the interview, nicely done on the reporter’s part! Great questions. And Peter is amazing for doing an interview after that crazy long day. I was exhausted just from standing in line!

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