Coupon For Borders

This just in from Borders:

Attention Twilight Nation – Coupon Alert: Get 50% off the 2010 New Moon Calendar (12″x12″ wall calendar) with the purchase of one Young Adult, Science Fiction, or Fantasy Book. Reminder that the purchase could be Eclipse in paperback or the Breaking Dawn Special Edition – both of which release Tuesday. Offer starts August 4. Click on the coupon link below.


  1. vamp_koi_girl says:

    wow… i never knew there would be a BD special edition… cool.
    but, since i already bought BD, there’s no use in buying a second 🙂

  2. Long Lost Cullen says:

    Oh no! I ordered the BD special edition the second I found out about it, a few months ago. I guess it’s too late now. I called my local borders, and had a calendar held for me. I know from personal experience that you need to have all things Twilight held for you. If you don’t, it’s a toss up if you’re ever gonna see it. LOL. It’s great that they did the coupon thing. It’s not often that they put a brand new item at half price right off the bat. Thanx for posting it!


    • No but they do always have awesome coupons if you sign up for their card thing and it costs you nothing, I have gotten 50% off a book or a few books (they’re always different) before. I love borders coupons.

  3. toxittie says:

    I teach high school English and as my whole set of hard covers and 2- Twilight paperbacks were not returned to me at the end of the year, the calendar will be a bonus when I rebuy the books 🙂 It doesn’t really upset me because I know they are being read and may pop back in my bookcase after school starts.

  4. we use big wall calendars on our offices, big wall calendars are easier to read ,.-

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