Videos from TwiCon Actor Panel


  1. yes! more shouting!!! well, let´s see the videos… 🙂

  2. OMG kellan, and peter, and jackson!!! they are hylarious! the cast is so nice with the fans!!! now I want to see more!!!

  3. Loved it. Who was the girl next to Billy Burke?

  4. I love watching these cast members…I struggle watching Kristen and Rob. Maybe if they left their hair alone when being interviewed!!;}}

  5. I love Peter. He’s hilarious. After the whole phone call with Jennie at the Atlanta convention, this just makes me love him more.

  6. Bahahaha! “If Emmett could eat a werewolf?” LOL! That is just too funny. Kellan is definitely my favorite. This group of cast members are so much fun to watch because they interact with the fans and smile and have fun with it all. I love it. 🙂

  7. Thats Christian Serratos! Angela Weber! She is so down to earth. Yet so unexpectedly funny. A pretty girl with good humor is rare!!!

  8. If we could only know what Billy and Christian were talking about. They were having fun!

  9. LOL!
    I love Peter and Kellan! They are tooo funny. =D

    OMG. Peter was in Atlanta? O_O

    *goes emo*

  10. Loved all the shouting! I mean all the videos.

  11. Its so funny how Peter loves the attention and Rob and Kristen shy away from it! Thats the difference between them I think…Peter and some of the others Kellen are comfortable with it.

  12. Umpteenth Twifan says

    Very good vids, and always great to see actors who seem like they want to be there. I don’t doubt Kristen’s talent, but WTH was wrong w/ her at Comic-Con? Dang that girl was fidgety! Another question/comment: If this convention was in Dallas, why are the video titles in Spanish?

  13. Because the girl who shoot it is from Mexico. She was invited by Revista 15 a 20 [a magazine] and well, that’s why xDD

    They’ll still uploading all the coberture from there ^^