TwiCon Day 1

We’ve been following some of the various Tweets and posts around the Internet on TwiCon:

Blogger Maggie, who is the person who obtained the informal programming panels just filed her report on Day 1.

“Well, day one is in full swing at TwiCon 2009. There were a bunch of glitches planning, lots of little hurdles to overcome as we worked through the details, and tempers and patiences were getting tight… but honestly, now that the fans are all here, it’s been pretty rockin’. It’s hard not to get excited about what you’ve done when 2,500 people are all smiles, wearing home-made Twilight shirts, and are screaming at anything Twilight related…. and there’s a whole lotta Twilight related things around here at the morning, so there’s a lotta screaming!”

You can get her whole report on her blog.

So far, according to Maggie and from what we’ve picked up on various Twitters, high points seem to be Evil Iguana’s spoof, The Hillywood players, and the soloist musicians Sage Dill, Marcus Foster, Bobby Long, and Sam Bradley. Downside seems to be some long lines and that dues to illness Mike Welch had to back out.

Stand by for Day 2. We understand there was a lot of media present and they’ll probably start filing their reports today.