Rachelle LeFevere Update 7/31

Just keeping everyone updated here, and that’s to say in the last 24 hours there has been no further comment from either Rachelle or Summit. Conspiracy theories abound on all angles.  Hard to know which have merit and which don’t.

As far as we can tell, Marc Malken on E! has a pretty good statement here as to where this is in all probability going:

“Rachelle Lefevre and Summit Entertainment’s fangs are retracting a little bit today—at least in public, that is.

I’m told the actress formerly known as Twilight’s Victoria isn’t planning on releasing any more statements like the one she sent me yesterday. Same for Summit—the corporate lips are sealed.

Why? Because now the bloody mess is apparently being hashed out by lawyers.”

In as much as neither side has issued anything in the last 24 hours, this thing, as we said in our position statement, is all going to boil down to what was in a contract and subsequent verbal/written agreements. In other words, bring in the lawyers. Now that doesn’t mean a court date, we are surmising phone calls, meetings, etc. which will probably result in some settlement with a nondisclosure clause. That tends to be how disputes like this go down.

Could it go to some sort of public trial if they don’t reach an agreement? Technically yes, but we would doubt it would come to that. In our opinion, it just wouldn’t make sense on at least two levels: 1) time 2) money. So, we would anticipate that the two parties will hash it out behind closed doors.

So what do we think will happen short term? Probably not a lot of communication on this specifically from either end. Again we are making an assumption here based on the facts as presented by each side in their respective public statements, but it would seem logical to us that if  there are legal teams involved, the first piece of advice any lawyer gives their client is “keep your mouth shut”.  The only thing that we feel safe in saying for sure here, is that the respective legal teams will be earning their keep.


  1. Do you think Rachelle will get the part back?

    • Filming starts next week, right? I’m definitely not sure what the schedule will be like, but I really doubt it. 🙁 Which is sad. Inconsistencies irritate me SO much, so no matter how well Bryce does, I’m going to be grumpy.

    • No I don’t think she will get the part back. I think her management is suing for the money she would have gotten if she were still paying Victoria.

    • Mama Cullen says:

      I certainely hope so, i’m also curious as to how Stephenie Meyer feels about this, she is after all Victoria’s ceator.

  2. Brittany says:

    Lol, I agree that grumpiness is going to be inevitable.

  3. Krissygal says:

    other people have been saying that Summit made the switch in order to scratch Ron Howard’s back in order to get him to Direct breaking dawn if he does end up being the director then everyone will know what the real reason to the last minute switch truly was until more press releases are done there are too many stories happening and most are pure BS this whole thing is a huge bash to Rachelle’s fans and even more so to summit neither side is happy right now and tempers are flaring all around I really do hope the fans can make Summit bring her back but I highly doubt summit will listen while it is fresh in the press

    • Luthien says:

      If Ron Howard ends up being the director for Breaking Dawn I will never watch another Summit film again.

      • It not the Howard’s Fault. Ron Howard is a great direct he makes box office movie world wide and his daughters make great movie too with her acting.

        It’s not even Rachelle fault she asked summit if she could do an Indie movie, which would last 10 days, that all. It not her fault that they changed the movie schedule date!

        I don’t know how a studio is run but I think it is the fault of summit and they are losing their heads with money. Summit let the other actors and actresses from the movie do other movie’s during the break they had e.g. Robert Pattinson made the movie Remember Me, Kristen Stewart and
        Dakota Fanning did the movie The Runaways, Jackson Rathbone is doing The Last Airbender and don’t for get Peter Facinelli is doing that TV show Nurse Jackie. I could go on but it would boring! as I was saying they let them do other thing and it look like a big case of boiling singing
        Rachelle out which it not on.

        As you can see I’m team Rachelle Lefevre.

        • Yeah, but their not doing those movies/TV shows the exact same time their shooting the Twilight pics. Their doing these things on their free time. And I’m sorry, but the whole “they changed production time” excuse is weak. Movie studios change production time all the time. That’s one of the reasons why you don’t shot another movie/TV show the exact same tame you’re working on something else because there is the possibility that their will be a conflict. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think that excuse is even legit. They have been saying for the longest time they were going to start in August.

    • I will bet the house that Summit did make the switch to kiss Ron Howard’s arse and to scratch is ballz in order for them to get him to direct BD. I guess they haven’t seen The Da Vinci Code by Ron Howard and his studio – Imagine Entertainment. SCUMmit! SLUMmit! It’s all a debacle waiting to crash & burn.

  4. its so sad that its come to that. personally i loved and still love Rachelle. I would love to see her back on twilight. but they need to work this out between Summit and Rachelle i think, that they both know that the fans want Rachelle as Victoria. and they need to realize that its the fans that make the movies popular. if they think Brice will bring more popular let her play a different roll in the movie.

  5. paulina says:

    i really hope she comes back im afraid of her not coming back and that makes me sad because to me and to the twilight community rachelle lefevre is OUR VICTORIA!!!! we love rachelle and always will..

  6. paulina says:

    summit needs to realize that when twilight fans get into something we dont back out and if we make decisions we keep them .if they think they can just recast someone without OUR approval it will be a living hell. i really hope rachelle comes back 🙁 WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU RACHELLE <3

  7. Reprisal says:

    solidarity! all fans should boycott eclipse unless rachelle is able to reprise her role

    • Mama Cullen says:

      I agree 100 percent! We need to send a loud and clear message to Summit that we the fans, the ones who are paying their ridiculous salaries by going to see these movies over and over again, are pissed as hell and that we are tired of their corporate bs!
      If it comes down to it I definately think we should all boycot Eclipse and let our voices be heard! Here Here!

  8. yeah.. this is pretty bad. i cant believe theyre pulling the switcharoo this late in the game like it’s just some tv soap opera. the only good thing about bryce playing victoria in eclipse is thats when she dies.

  9. oh.. there are a couple of facebook groups and a petition calling for the rehiring of rachelle lefavre as victoria.

  10. Roxanne Smarzcz says:

    I think Bryce Dallas Howard is a fine actress, but Rachelle has completed 2 of the 3 films for her character and both Summit and Rachelle should have kept the fans in mind. I do not want to see changes within a movie series. Please keep in mind that we do not want drama affecting the portrayal of the stories we love.

  11. Jennifer says:

    How sad that it has come to this. It kind of casts a shadow over the whole thing. I hope they can settle it amicably and the fans can get back to the very import role of being excited for the release of New Moon.

  12. I think that this was completely and 100% mishandled on the part of Summitt. Knowing how Rachelle is with respect to her part as Victoria, and how extremely professional she is, I seriously doubt that she would have done anything wrong. Especially since it is the last movie with Victoria. All the time and work she put into the role, I seriously doubt it.
    I was also stunned that Summitt would have recasted the role so quickly, without even sitting down with Rachelle and discussing it with her, and trying to work it out with her due to her history with the role and her professionalism.
    I think that Summitt should have the decensy to talk this out and return the role to Rachelle, as it should have remained in the first place. If it isn’t, chances are that how Eclipse is viewed by the fans may be in jeopardy. All I have to say is return the part to Rachelle.

  13. Bring back rachelle!!

  14. all we can do is watch and wait. Noone, not summit or Rachelle, has said anymore on the subject, so all we can so is wait and see what happens.

  15. Pretty sure Summit can do whatever they want, they don’t have to have the approval of the fans, that’s just ignorance talking. But ignorance is bliss they say. I’m a fan of Rachelle but if she can’t be there for the rehearsals and stuff then she can’t be there. It’s not that easy to just change a schedule to fit ONE person when there are so many other people in the cast to worry about.

  16. yeah! Eclipse will not be the same. I’m gonna miss Rachelle for me she always will be VICTORIA.

  17. Im on rachelle’s side. Scummit need to learn that they cant just mess people around. Hope Rachelle wins her case if lawyers are being brought in. Though it seems unlikely- I REALLY want racheele back.

    this is strike number 2 against david slade.

  18. They can’t hold back production for one person…they take a chance of losing one of the bigger stars if they did. They have other projects also. I’m sorry, but I rather lose Rachelle then Kristen, Rob or Taylor!

    And to boycott Eclipse would hurt Summit, but it would hurt the cast and the fans more!

  19. I would just like to thank this wonderful website for their neutral stand, and for their very objective journalism. It’s always refreshing to come here for Twilight news, which are reported professionally, no matter what is happening.

    I think we will never fully understand what happened with RL and Summit. Since it is impossible for us to have all the facts, I can’t really pick a side. Summit could have tried to accomodate RL, but if her contract stated that August was not a good month to take on other projects, and if she were passionately committed to Eclipse, perhaps she should have made better judgement. Like I said, I have no clue as to which statement is truer, or as to what really went down between the 2 parties. One can only hope that Eclipse will be well done, no matter which actress ends up with the role. Victoria has a big role in that film, but she isn’t the entire movie. This is in no way rude to RL, but if I look at it with sobered eyes, BDH has a much bigger acting experience and she will do well, I am certain.

    In the end, by the time Eclipse comes out, the storm should have blown over and there aren’t that many people that will resist going to see that movie. I doubt Summit will suffer much and I, for one, will definitely NOT boycott the movie. I want to go see it for the story, the action, the love triangle, and my guilty pleasure: Jasper and his kick-a^% fighting skills! I love Rachelle, but this whole story won’t stop me from enjoying Eclipse…

  20. Danielle says:

    I dont like the fact that they switched actresses. But the bottom line is, its business. We unfortunately dont see what goes on in the offices. The studio is a company first, and they have the money in mind. They dont care about feelings, its about the production moving forward. And as someone else said on here. She was a supporting role, not a major player in the film. I dont agree with what Summit did, but I understand how studios are.

  21. TeamAliceCullenxx says:

    i think this is so sad! i’ll always see Rachelle as victoria even if she’s replace because she IS victoria, she totally made that part and it doesn’t matter how well Bryce does because rachelle will always be victoria and cannot be replaced by even the best actress in th world. Also, eventhough this has nothing to do with this subject, i think Stephenie should write a book from Alice’s point of view, i think it would be really interesting to get inside her mind and see the visions properly!OK, i’m done! wheew

  22. BellaSeraph says:

    I am really saddened by what has happened and I hope by some chance that Rachelle gets recast as Victoria, back by popular demand!! I think she is a great actress and seems to be a truly genuine human being as well.

  23. How did all this get so messed up? Is there any way that we could just go back into the past and change everything? I feel so horribly sad. I wish there was something the fans could do. I’m not sure boycotting Eclipse would do any good. But I really want Rachelle to come back.

  24. Rachelle will always be the one with the wicked curve ball, but I’m feeling kinda bad for Bryce. The poor girl has some huge shoes to fill. What a negative way to have to go into it. She’s got to feel hated before she even did a thing. It’ll prove interesting but I don’t want any of this to give the fans a bad reputation. I’m a fan of Stephenie first, and everything else follows.

  25. Scummit Is Cruel! says:

    I find it cruel that scummit would let Rachelle go to comic con and then drop this bomb on her two days later. Obviously they had it planned for a long time otherwise Bryce would not be immediately available to take the role. Also, scummit allowed Cam and Jackson to shoot other movies while filming Twilight and New Moon so why can’t Rachelle do the same? Kicking Rachelle to the curb is the last straw for me and my friends and we’re not seeing any more Scummit movies and giving them more of our money. To do so would indicate we approve of their actions toward Rachelle, the shocking lack of security for Rob, meddling in the private lives of the cast, hiring David Slade (for Eclipse) who openly disses the Twi franchise and has said he will focus on Jacob’s history rather than on the love story between Edward and Bella, keeping Nikki Reed who can’t act, and other things. Enough is enough. I will not allow scummit to have any more control over me. I love Twilight but scummit seems to think they can do anything and I’ll just go along with it because I’m a fan. WRONG! I love Rob, Kristen and the rest of the cast and as soon as they’re free of this greedy and arrogant studio, I’ll watch all their projects but NOTHING else while they’re at scummit!

  26. Today it’s Rachelle and tomorrow it will be Rob, Kritsten or Taylor! Think I’m kidding…just wait!

  27. Krissygal says:

    Taylor can’t be filming Eclipse with the rest of the cast when it starts up this week because he is doing Valentine’s day so why was Rachelle made an example of when Taylor is in the movie more then she is

  28. ummm. Who the h-e double hockey sticks just said that they (Jackson, Rob, Kristen, Cam, Taylor…etc) were not filming other flicks at the same time as New Moon. Have you been watching tv or reading on the web at all? They have been filming two movie each the ENTIRE time. I am SICK of hearing about how Rachelle’s movie was in another country…SO THE EFF WHAT!? They could have flimed TONS of other shots in the mean time. They don’t even know what days her shots will be filmed due to timing, weather watching, accidents, illnesses, etc….. I agree with most on here that Summit is trying to kiss Opie’s butt to get him on BD. Major FAIL, Summit. Multi Billionaire LOSERS.

  29. Let me just say that it’s true that movie making is a business like anything else. Yes, it is ALL about the money….BUT…you DON’T make money in the movie industry without the fans, so every effort should be made to appease them. I’m sure EVERYONE has heard about them all saying they want to stay true to the book…because of the fans. They want to stay true to the characters….because of the fans. They want to portray the locale correctly….because of the fans. So what is this Rachelle B.S. about? What about the fans, now? Contract Schmontract…..what a load.

  30. I love Rachelle as Victoria, but part of me thinks she knew, or at least her management knew, that there was going to be a conflict. I mean she found out in June about the conflict and didn’t say anything to Summit until July 21st. Was the delay because she hoped that if she waited too long Summit would HAVE to accommodate her, or did mentioning it earlier just slip her mind? We will never know for sure. But her management had to have known that slipping in a 10 day European shoot in the middle of Eclipse rehearsal schedule would be a tough sell, especially when Eclipse is so much about Victoria and the battle.

  31. semperviren says:

    What about Stepanie Meyer? Does she realize the importance of keeping the original cast intact? Twilight is a series, after all, with continuing roles. I wonder if she has any say in all this? Rachelle IS Victoria. Summit is blowing it. They obviously don’t care about the fans, the actors, or Twilight for that matter, except for the money they are making off of it.

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