Peter Facinelli Phone Call From Jennie Garth

Creation Entertainment Finally uploaded a great quality video with clear sound so you can finally see the how the phone call in the middle of his Q&A in the middle of his Atlanta Twi-Tour went down.

You can find more info on Twi-Tour events here. The Lexicon staff is going to be at the ones in New Jersey and Phoenix.


  1. What a great family awesome video.


  2. He is so funny, lots laughs here.

  3. What did Jennie say?

  4. Jacob luver says:

    aww thats adorable! ik im, slow but i never knew who his wife was til now!! and i never knew it was jennie garth!

  5. Couldn’t hear Jennie but it was cute. Love him.

  6. Juliette says:

    Peter is absolutely adorable!!

  7. This was one of my favorite moments of the convention. I loved it when he forgot to hang up the phone and called Jenny out for not saying I love you and you heard her from the pocket saying I love you.

  8. ScarletRubie says:

    They are such an adorable couple, they are hilarious. I love when he thinks he hangs up and then she says “i love you!” This made my day.

  9. Hahahaha! I should’ve asked him about it when I met him during his signing here in Dublin! The is one of my favorite Peter moments!!!!

  10. He’s a true cutie! Great person and great family!!!

  11. For anyone that couldn’t make it out, here’s the transcript:
    Peter: “Hello? I’m really red right now. Hello?”
    Jennie: “I heard you”
    Peter: “Ahh… we can replay that on You Tube later. That’s gonna be so funny tomorrow.”
    Peter: “Did you say..”
    Jennie: “Love you honey, call me back later”
    Peter: “Okay. You love me?”
    Jennie: “What?”
    Peter: “Did you say you love me?”
    Jennie: “Okay, bye”

  12. LOL I love Peter! He’s such a funny guy, & I love how he talks to Jennie. It’s adorable!

    Can’t wait for him to unleash even more of his accidental yet hilarious moments 😀

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