Twilight Saga Going To The Dogs

We get all sorts of people who email in various stories about their personal reaction to Twilight, trips to Forks, encounters with actors, etc.  This one, was original, we’ve never seen photos quite like this before.

Lexiconer Rachel, whose family including her husband are fans, writes, “Thought you might enjoy these pics of our English bulldog Tucker  getting his Twilight fix.He is Team Jacob all the way!!! Eclipse is our favorite.”

Rachel’s family recently vacationed in the Vancouver area and visited film locations.


  1. lmao! so cute awww but hey why team jacob XD well I bet they would be good buddies^^

  2. He is a doll, gives new meaning to ‘something the ‘whole’ family can enjoy together!

  3. aww thats a cute picture

  4. AliceKikiCullen says:

    That is so CUTE!!!! Lol, wonder if I could get my cat to read it? LOL.

  5. Awww! ^_^

  6. Lauren Rodriguez says:

    haha this is my dog, my mom sent that picture in! lol but truly my whole family loves the series and Tucker (the dog) wants to be a werewolf when he grow up! :]

  7. mschicklet says:

    Daisy my poodle/cocker spaniel loves Jacob too 🙂 And Eclipse is the fave in our house as well.

  8. arazcal says:

    The Twilight Saga has gone to the dogs! Yay!
    What a cutie- just look at that face! And of course he’s a Team Jake fan- you can tell this dog has good taste and a sense of class- look at the title he’s reading 😉

  9. Go Tucker!

  10. Swan_16 says:

    Ohhh! He is just too precious!
    This is why I am a dog person. =]

  11. Shannon says:

    Too cute. I should get a pic of my 5 year old, or I should say a video of my 5 year old and how she reacts to anything Twilight. Most people think I’ve corrupted her. Oh well, she’s got good taste what can I say lol.

  12. Wasn’t it already “gone to the dogs”? or wolves rather?


  13. This is too cute! I have an English Bulldog who looks almost exactly like this one! What a coinkidink. 🙂

    But my Bulldog loves “New Moon.” That’s his favorite. What can I say? The dog loves drama, just like me. LOL 😀

  14. Oh, and I forgot to mention. My Bulldog is Team Edward all the way. He sees Jacob as competition for dominance(though we both know I’m the alpha in my house). Still, he says Jacob is not clasy enough for him. Hey, don’t hate me, it’s my bulldog who thinks that, not me. LOL 😀

  15. i don’t really believe that this is original.


  16. awww!! thats a cute picture xD

  17. He’s adorable! The only thing that would make him cuter would be a cute team jacob dog jacket! (they have them at the twilightlexicon store! i bught a team edward teddy bear there!

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